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Supermarket database-computer coursework Essay

Intro There are many supermarkets around all of us, but generally there do you know how it works. In this coursework., we all will anyalsis the problem with the old superstore system and the way to solve this problem. Besides, from this coursework, it will introduce a brand new supermarket program, introduce it is advantage, how to set up, using it and what is its' advantages. Older supermarket system Disadvantage: loads of papers are used to keep your records it is difficult to back up the records, if you really do so , the cost of the ink plus the papers can make you bankrupt the payments will be calculated by men, if your mathematics is usually poor, you will bankrupt again you need to dedicate nights following nights to choose the web pages by your hands in order to search the data in the customers and supplier snail mail is utilized, which means time and money is thrown away your customers are unable to immediately get the most update information of your product, simply the million-dollar contract will fly to other companies the piles of paper won't remind you when your product is expired, it is advisable to search through the papers it can be difficult to comunicate to your branch stores. Many workers happen to be needed to look into the store Remedy of the difficulty To solve the problem in the aged supermarket system, setup up a data source system that will control local retailer-store inventory, and cover the ordering of stock from your customers.

Features of the new program Digital record is used. An incredible number of information are stored in a 6-inch hard-dish. The information can be backed up inside a DVD or a hard dish travel. the obligations are worked out by laptop, which decreases the human error In order to search the data of the customers and supplier, to relax and play type the name, or tel. number. email is employed, your customers could get the most revise news of your product, at the same time the computer can remind you when your product is expired, so that you can make arrangements you can communicate the computer kind one branch store to another. Information may be transferred instantly computer may do the majority of the jobs.

Much less workers are employed Old program Computer system Space needed to keep the records even more Much less Back up Very difficult Easy error High possibility Low probability Search data Very complicated Very practical mail Gradual and pricey Quick and free Verify expired stock By hand instantly Communication Gradual and inconvenient Quick and easy Number of employees more less Requirement of the system. It really is consider the fact that supermarket has original program which has only one computer with the following equirement. Working system Windows 2150, standard edition Processor Pentium III 733Mhz, RAM 256MB recommended Drive space 20GB Video 32MB shared ram In order to reach the requirement of the newest system, the computers have to replace new ones and connected because the following recommendations.

Requirement of the server. Working system Windows server the year 2003, standard release Processor Pentium 4 3. 0Ghz, 550+ MHz suggested RAM 1024MB/1G recommended Drive space 250GB Video 128MB shared memory or better This pc is highly security. It necessary the voice check and the password of the three greatest manager to open the report of the earnings and also to wide open the economy condition of the superstore. Besides, the server is usually connected to a internet machine with domain name.

This is because this may convenient the customers to shopping or buy products on the internet. Requirement of the other pcs The various other four computres is used to save lots of data. They have to have the next requirement.

Doing work system Windows XP, Professional Processor Pentium some 3. 0Ghz, 550+ MHz recommended RAM MEMORY 512 MB advised Drive space 80 GB Video 128MB shared memory or better. Software with the programme The supermarket can use "Microsoft Access" or " Visual Basic" The advantages of using MS Access happen to be:  It is known as a relational databases, which makes your data management less difficult.  It integrates easily with other Microsoft deals such as Phrase and Exceed.  It is relatively cheap.  It is a flexible item that cab be used for any kind of databases.

 It can be used to build extensive databases applications.  All the information can be held in 1 place as well as the information only needs to be up-to-date once.  It can access and update info quickly and easily.  Reports, standard words can be very easily produced.

Backup and archiving is easy. The disadvantages of using MS Access will be:  It lacks in excessive volume capability. It is limited to a low transaction rate.

It could bring down the whole servers in case it is not utilized properly. The advantages of using Visual Fundamental are: It provides a user-friendly interface. The flip structure in visual basic program allows the programmer to develop a huge program not knowing all the parameters and their human relationships.

 It is usually provided by a great integrate advancement environment that helps the programmer in debugging syntax errors. The drawbacks of applying Visual Fundamental are:  It is limited inside the kind of software that image basic can easily code. �

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