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Summary Of Career Aspirations Goals Information Technology Essay

As the name itself signifies Personal Development Plan is a organised and reinforced process undertaken by an individual to reflect after their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to arrange for their personal, educational and profession development also to encourage critically reflective practice.


My career plan is to be an Information Technology (IT) Consultant functioning across nations. I like to work in organizations of management consultants, software and systems houses within large manufacturers of computing equipment, or occasionally internally in major commercial companies. The above said areas are a few of the places IT Consultants work. For I wish to work in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology to be able to meet their business goals or beat problems. Consultants work to increase the framework and efficiency of organization's IT systems. Common job responsibilities IT Consultants do which I see within my career aspirations and goals include:

Analyze IT requirements within companies and give self-employed and objective advice on the use of computer.

Provide specialist support and back-up to experts within consumer companies.

Advise on tactical planning and functional efficiency.

May run facilities for clients.

Design, develop and test new systems.

Train staff in new systems.

Part of my job goals/dreams is to gain expansion in resources, that is changing my knowledge and resources to expand as a specialist, better salary, job satisfaction, experience such as studying the cultures of different countries, meeting new people and fundamentally becoming familiarized with customs and practices worldwide. This may enable me to increase my tolerance level and change perspectives and job steadiness.

Accomplishing this goal is an extended journey since I am still an undergraduate pupil but every long journey commences with a step. It is a challenging and technological aspiration though I have a passion for it because it is my goal and there when i want to have my very own software incorporation with several professionals where I am overseeing as a CEO of my to be company called Eyi's Software Inc.


Success as a specialist requires the following skill models:

Technical skills such as coding languages

Analytical skills such as problem solving expertise

Networking skills

Database knowledge

Interpersonal skills

Communications skills

Business management skills and

Some professional certifications

Some other skill collections required aren't limited by:

Leadership ability

Teamwork skills

Ability to learn quickly

Confidence when making decisions

Excellent customer support skills

Good organizational skills to manage heavy work load

Ability to communicate complex information to a non-technical clients and colleagues

Flexibility and adaptability

Time management skills

Technical Skills

Technical skill set includes good coding knowledge that is having understanding of programming dialects such as C, C++, JAVA, VB. NET etc and encoding methodologies.

Analytical Skills

Good knowledge and logical method of problem dealing with. Mathematically analyzing the problem and dealing with it.

Networking Skills

IT Expert should possess a knowledge of network devices, topologies, network protocols and data communication across sites such as LAN, WAN, Intranets, Extranet, MAN, CAN etc.

Database Knowledge

It needs Repository knowledge including Data Manipulation Dialect (DML) claims, Data Definition Dialect (DDL) statements, Transaction Control (TC) statements and Data Control Dialect (DCL) statements. It needs knowledge of data source systems such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, and repository administration.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

As an IT Specialist, interpersonal and communications skills are required:

Interpersonal skills to be able to close sales, and even persuade your consumer to do something on your advice.

Communications skills such as making presentations and writing documents so as to present your value as well as your result to the client, so that the client can see what they have bought.

Business Management Skills

As an IT advisor business management skills are needed so as to keep an eye on your possessions, cash, accounts receivable and bills and a simple level of organization so as to package with few recurring jobs (such as getting those charges out every month). After that, you must plan to give attention to marketing and it must systematic and repeatable.

Professional Certifications

To be at the cut advantage as an IT Consultant obtain professional qualifications from the sellers such as MCSE from Microsoft, CCNA, CCNP from Cisco and OCA, OCP from Oracle College or university etc.

Skills/Knowledge Gained

These will be the skill packages and knowledge I now have that are required skill packages and knowledge necessary for my career aspiration and goals and exactly how and where I bought them are tabulated follows:







Technical such as programming

Programming languages such as VB. NET, PHP MySQL, C and C++

Through my level studies, private lessons, and personal studies.

In college and at home


Networking Skills

Network+ and CCNA, though they are simply professional

Through my state government scholarship

Gates Intense IT Network and Security Trainings, India



MS Access, Oracle SQL*Plus

Through my degree studies.

In college



Effective communication

Through my IT training session




Effective communication

Through my IT training



Professional Certifications


Hardware anatomist course

Gates Intense IT Network and Security Trainings, India

Skill packages/Knowledge Not Gained

The table below shows the skills/knowledge required for my career dreams/goals Personally i think that are needed that I have not yet possessed:





Technical such as programming

Programming languages such Perl, C#, JAVA



Further mathematics and primary logical problem solving



CCNP though it is professional



Microsoft SQL Server



Ascent, traditions and cultures


Business Management



Professional certifications


Explanation of Steps

The following will be the necessary steps and time frame I have arranged or planned to get the skill/knowledge I've not bought:

Educational qualification:

I am still an undergraduate university student in the field of software executive but I highly assumed that maximum by Dec 2011 I am through with my first degree and to me only first degree is not enough, I am going to continue my second level which is my Get good at level in the related field and which will be a maximum of 2 years. The glad tidings are I'll not stop at masters and if I have a sponsor I will do my regular doctorate degree and it will take like another three years.

The technical coding skills such as C# and JAVA will be attained through my holiday break durations and a set time of a least one year will be adequate for each.

I organized to work as a programmer in a software house for at least 2 or 3 3 years in order to acquire good programming skill and knowledge.

Analytical skills will be obtained predicated on working on big assignments, internships and center programming and a maximum of 4 to 5 years will be needed for me to get it. It really is by several methods and doing which I must do every possible time that I've.

Networking/Professional qualifications such as CCNP by Cisco, OCA, and OCP by Sun Microsystems etc. will be obtained through the process. I am going to go one following the other to get them and it'll take like 2 years.

I planned to acquire the data of Microsoft SQL Server prior to my first degree graduation that i will be learning it without any help.

Interpersonal/Communication areas such as increasing my ascent, learning people traditions and cultures will be obtained through various presentations, documentations and accounts, going along with the people, making essential friendships, self willpower, techniques and learning within a period group of at least 4 to 5 years and during life process as life itself is a process of learning and nobody can be an island or paragon of knowledge.

Business Management skills such as marketing and business strategies are needed as an IT advisor. I planned to use part-time studies running a business related field so as to gain business knowledge, liaising and negotiating with clients and that will take me at least three years.


Having a job as an IT consultant is interesting and specialized and one takes a huge set of skills and knowledge. The field from it industry is diversified and IT consultants carry out such a number of tasks that certain IT consultant career may develop into a quantity of different industries and sectors. For me and my profession I must reach my ultimate goals and I must perform my set out ideas. For I anticipate achieve it and beyond becoming even as a CEO.

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