Summary ON THE Midnight Embrace English Literature Essay

In the storyline on the Midnight Embrace Lord Albert is a greedy, thoughtless, pig of a man when you can call him a guy by any means. He begins the storyplot with having who truly care for him and loves him not caring about his social and financial standings by any means. Lord Albert made Josephine fall in love with his beautiful words, empty promises of the future, and nights full of enthusiasm. To then have it all ripped away with Albert's lust and greed for the guarantee of worldly possessions of inheritance of a lovely maiden's father. In today's society and interpersonal world we try to have a reason and explanation for everything that happens. We use excuses saying God received you, or we call it Karma, just desserts, and many other nicknames however in the end what's the reason why? For each time there's a season and for each action a effect. Albert was eliminating Josephine because he found something "better". Guimilda desired Josephine looked after because she was fearful of her beauty would fade and Lord Albert would gain his ex - mistress. Then with the evident factor of Josephine being betrayed and employed by a guy she enjoyed then Lord Albert becoming her murderer by the order of Guimilda swearing she'd never be happy until she actually is gone just pieces he level for the outcome of destruction.

At the beginning our story explains to us that Lord Albert is not the upright and moral guiding type of man. He is merely with our fair Josephine because of her beautiful looks. Our men through record have sometimes gotten he shaft by the rules and regulations set by society, however Lord Albert was greedy not in riches exclusively but also with his women. He has the sweet, innocent Neglect Josephine altogether infatuation then he detects the, in his view more good, Guimilda and attempts to keep both under his wings so to speak, or a dual drop if you will. You can't have your cake and eat it as well, life just can not work like that just as much as so most of us would like for this to. So the double dipping of two women just is not occurring in regards to what we find out when Guimilda hears the news of her soon to be or just lately wedded hubby she throws a temper tantrum. So Lord Albert is the normal bad guy personality we see in tale lines that people all hope gets what they deserve in the end and who we love to hate. Assuming from what we realize in regards to Lord Albert, we can only just suppose that he would be done with this Mistress Josephine after that previous midnight hour visit. So maybe along with his new found investment in a better half, maybe he would straiten up and live his life. However, Guimilda being a typical woman, ever before for today wished substantiation that Lord Albert was never going to return to his Mistress. Her selection of making that decision final was just a little extreme but any woman of power would probably do the same for the reason that time age. So in the end Lord Albert's reasoning and desire for his actions, to begin with to make his wife happy rather than tick off her Daddy, secondly in the written text it says he was sick and tired of Josephine.

Now onto our partner Guimilda, she performs the jealous female role off to a hilt. Yet in reality she was the other girl in the picture, even if she did not see it totally because of the deceit inside our Lord Albert. Even when Albert was wedded to her, yes she have have room to be mad to some degree but not to the level that she was. The man she was wedded to got a mistress, past tense, but almost what man didn't for that point? Guimilda got it to a complete other level with revenge that was not ever necessary. She informed her new found hubby well if you need me you have to get rid of her and that means you will not be tempted for future years. Who really pulls that kind of methods to gain power and control of the problem? However, we do see this type of situation on a level in today's world, most women do not say ok go eliminate her so you can have me. Guimilda is a typical spoiled brat and looking her way, a small temper tantrum while stomping her feet. But of course like most women we have the energy of persuasion and the person will just about do anything he is able to for the girl he is with when he desires something from her.

Then lastly we've our pitied little country maiden Josephine. What woman has not thought of doing just what she did? The person she provided herself to in virtue and in center used her and wedded an other woman. Any woman that has have you been cheated on, myself being one of them, almost always would like revenge. I believe it is a part of the healing up process really, however the question is how far women are prepared to go. Josephine was murdered by the very man she cherished, if I possessed a choice to come back and make the person who killed me life's a living nightmare, I would in a pulse, she did that. On a festive evening when the grand place experienced a lot of company where the storms picked up and she let everyone know very well what awful human beings these were and needed her revenge, killed him with a kiss.

In conclusion, most of us have something that drives us as human beings. People today try to have reasons for everything even if it's not really needed. Lord Albert's determination and try out at reason was his own greed and wealth. The not lady like Guimilda justified her actions by acquiring her husbands lack of future promiscuity with Josephine by basically concluding her life. Then where I can't blame her, but Josephine's driving a car force was simply righting a wrong. So in this history the characters reason was their downfall and caused every single one of these problems. Yes Lord Albert and Guimilda deserved what they got but was it Josephine's spot to make that decision. That's that you should decide.

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