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Subway Conditions of Performance Management

Keywords: subway vision, subway objective, subway pm

In this task, I have talked about all the aspects of Subway restaurant. I have explained the release, history, strategy, quest statement and aim of the Subway. I've described the criteria of performance management and quite issues of the business. And how Subway can meet their future needs adopting new strategies ideas and feedback distributed by the people is included in this report.

Introduction of the business:

The Subway restaurant chain is the world's biggest submarine sandwich company, with more than 32, 200 locations in 90 countries. Headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, and with local office buildings in Amsterdam, Beirut, Brisbane, Miami, and Singapore, the Subway string was co-oriented by Fred DeLuca and Dr. peter Buck in 1965. The Subway brand was ranked the number one Franchise Opportunity and the number one Global Franchise Opportunity in the 2010 model of Business owner magazine's "Annual Franchise 500" study, an honor that the Subway chain has received 17 times before 23 years. For more information about the Subway restaurant chain, please visit www. subway. com. Subway is a registered trademark of Franchise World Headquarters. It had been the mainly release of the Subway restaurants which discussed that the way they get started. (1)

SUBWAY's Strategy:

Subway is only a franchise operation, and does not own or operate any commercial restaurants. The Subway chain was built on the idea of franchising products to indie owner. In 1992, Subway launched a new co-branding strategy, arranging to set up smaller Subway items inside convenience stores and other retail locations. The co-branding notion also included partnerships on local levels with 3rd party grocery store chains, clinics, and school and high school food service operations.

Mission of SUBWAY:

At the key of an organization is its purpose or quest. The mission supplies the guiding course for developing strategy, determining critical success factors, searching out key opportunities, making resources allocation options and pleasing customers or stakeholders.

"To provide the tools and knowledge to permit entrepreneurs to successfully compete in the QSR industry worldwide by constantly offering value to consumers through providing nice tasting food that is wonderful for them and made just how they like it. " (3)

We assume that the only path to eat is fresh, when it's made in leading of you by real people in a place that you want to go to.


Values are sources of strength, because they give people the energy to do this. Values are deep and emotional and often difficult to change. There are a few beliefs of Subway are as follows:

  • Subway would like to customer satisfaction through offering best value food with exceptional service and value.
  • They be mindful in serving one another, their customers and their areas.
  • They seek regularly improvement in every that they do.
  • They expect fairness and mutual respect in all their activities.
  • They know their accomplishment depends upon the initiative
  • They have capability to are a team.


Every group has some targets. If that organization is able to achieve these targets then it will be successful on the market. There is very difficult to make a good image because, there is a lot of rivals on the market. Objective is basically a powerful mental image of what you want to create in the future. They are rooted in reality, but concentrate on the future. They permit us to explore options, desired realities. Because of this, they turn into a platform for what you want to create, which courses us in making choices and commitments for action.

To be the number 1 in the submarine sandwich category, there are a few aims of Subway which can be as follows:

  • Subway want to help make the good quality
  • It aims to focus on teens
  • Wants to raise the sale by offering in the products
  • It aims to produce a good customer support in the market
  • Subway desires to conquer their competition by better quality, tastes and make cheaper than the others
  • It seeks to present itself in other countries

Performance Management:

Performance management is the fact that, how can we manage our performance in the business. We must check, are we entering the right direction or no. When there is any problem in anywhere of the business then we have to remove this issue and should be in the right way. Armstrong and Baron define performance management as

"an activity which plays a part in the effective management of individuals and teams in order to attain high levels of organizational performance. Therefore, it develops distributed understanding in what is usually to be achieved and a procedure for leading and developing people which will ensure that it is achieved. " (4)

Performance management relies after management system and people working together to make sure the right things happen. It really is worried about the boarder issues facing a business if that business is to function effectively in its environment, and the general direction in which the business intends to visit achieve its long term goals.

There are a number of areas of the performance management which cover the whole system:

  • Vision or review goals
  • Define a performance management
  • Planning of performance management
  • The performance way of measuring framework
  • Human resource
  • Reporting performance
  • Taking action for improvement
  • Feedback

First of all there should be a vision in front of us. We take a supplementary care about perspective, vision is the fact, where we want to be seen our company or group. Visions are the result of brain and heart working together. We ought to know which goal we have to achieve or which area we must target. When the complete sketch of eye-sight in our brain then we can perform that goal through performance management. Eye-sight of performance management offers assembling your project focused organization a robust business learning tool which helps you to convert business data into knowledge.

Define a performance management is not as hard as it looks. All we need to do is specify overall performance targets and processes necessary to providing a good service. Not merely the goal must be defined evidently but based on the business of the organization, its business aims also need to be defined apparently so that the employees of the organization really know what the targets of the business are. Clearly establish and file them so anyone in the group can do them.

Planning is essential to our life's success. Whether we could running a business or doing another job, planning works an important role for this success. Planning is the start produces better conclusion. Nothing is impossible without the proper planning. Planning makes things easy to implement. If the planning is performed in the business it needs to look after some of the needs of the employees and the employees must also be involved in the planning somewhat. In other words, including employees in the planning process improves assurance. Business ideas are a keystone of the successful performance management. A highly effective plan provides a solid base for achievement. Everyone knows how they contribute to obtaining the business's improvement targets. The service planning process is the opportunity to make well-balanced and co-ordinate decisions. Planning process is the right destination to identify areas where performance can be reduced, must be upgraded. After the planning stage, everybody should have a clear idea of what's expected from them.

Customer and market concentration is vital step in the performance management. We should stay our customers and continue to be close to them. We ought to know their full range of demand also to understand what they want to us. We must look for opportunities to better provide our customer and give them concern,

"To create performance management effectively, every individuals of the organization ought to know on what basis their performance will be measured. The way of measuring should be clear and implement pretty across the business. The options might be suggestions and output of each specific or as a team. Some tips of performance steps are highly contextual, which are as follows

Individual output measures:

  • Objectives achievement
  • Achievement against decided standards of performance
  • Specific cases of performance

Input options:

  • Ability and skill
  • Experience
  • Potential to build up new skills and get to next career level
  • Communication skill which enhance team assignments.

Team methods:

  • Individual contribution to the team
  • Support for others to attain their objectives
  • Understanding of team role" (5)

Human resource office performs an important role in the performance management. This office makes a decision that whether this worker is ideal for this job or not. In every successful business, right person doing their right job. The HR team should have the capability to decision making because this section is very effective for just about any organization. If individuals source is not performing well then you will see some weaknesses. There are some weaknesses points are the following:

  • "Unclear score method
  • Performance standards aren't clearly described
  • There is not any objectivity to make value judgment on performance
  • Rating aren't given adequate training to supply them with performance management skills
  • Results are modified by senior management
  • Recent event, whether positive or negative, are given undue weight
  • The evaluation results are not used in management decision" (6)

So what we should do? We accumulate the info to ensure that we can achieve a higher amount of efficiency and efficiency in managing the machine of managing staff performance. To ensure that there's a linkage of employee performance to your organizational output.


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