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Studying Management Information System Of Starbucks IT Essay

In this thrilling subject, i would be concentrating on the Management Information System of Starbucks. It really is no doubt that firm in question, is one popular and well patronised firm amongst many. That said, i'd be doing justice to the very background of this organization involved and i would elucidate in tangible details their IT systems, plans and practices and lastly, i would be suggesting what i see fit to suite the organisation even in this time of technology. But before i carry on, i'd like to briefly define MIS(Management Information System)

MIS (Management Information System)

This may be defined as a general term for computer systems in an organization or organisation which provides information or details on firm's business businesses. It's also refers to the individuals who manage and keep maintaining these systems. Furthermore, in a huge firm, "MIS" or the "MIS division" refers to a central or centrally-coordinated system of computer competence and management, and complete network of computer resources in a business organization (firm).

Starbucks was initially presented in Seattle's Pike Place Market in 1971. In the past, the business was called Starbucks Espresso, Tea ans Spices before change into what we've known today, Starbucks Coffee Company. Today, there are around 16, 706 Starbucks stores in 50 countries.

The first ever before Srabucks store in Malaysia opened on December 1998, located at KL Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Later, there tend to be than 115 Starbacks stores in Malaysia. Basically, their potential buyers will travel to Africa, Asia and Latin America to choose only the very best quality of arabica beans. These high quality coffee beans will be delivered for roasting and creation. Starbucks experts then only incorporate the roasted coffee beans with Italian style expresso beverages to create different kind of chilly and hot caffeine beverages. The famous products released by Starbucks company and mainly can be found in all of it's stores include more than 30 blends single-origin top arabica coffees.

As for his or her own signature of handcrafted drinks such as hot and iced expresso drink, coffee and non-coffee blended beverages Vivanno smoothies, Frappuccino bottled espresso or blended and premium glaciers lotions with the and brewed coffee and also tea product, Tazo Tea. Merchandises are also made available from Starbucks are coffee mugs and accessories. Customers not only can enjoy sipping their high quality espresso drink but also indulging on cooked pastries, sandwiches and cakes. The company centers in providing a relax, comfortable atmosphere with modern fixtures. It is a great place for hanging out with friends and individuals, with entertainment periodicals to read. A lot of the Starbucks company offer free wi-fi because of their customers, so it is a great advantage to business people discussing on the work or students doing some research for tasks/ tasks.


P. O. S which stands for Point of Sale is a front-of-the-house system use by Starbucks company. Only employees with given authorization can access to this system such as Assistant Manager, Move Supervisor, and Store Supervisor. Types of transactions can be produced by the manager include paid in, paid in the cases of emergencies or using the money to buy materials needed by the store. Besides that, making amendments for business deal mistakes in a form of refund. Very important to inventory control as well. List of all food and drinks and items sold are noted in the P. O. S system. Wastage cost may as well be stored. All these essential information of daily's procedure are used in a Management Work Place system to be analysed and assessed. The info will be change into a measurable data for decision making purposes.

Manager Work Station (MWS)

Manager Work train station is the trunk of house computer system which prepares and transmits all store information to properly manage all elements of the store business. It brings access to real-time system wide reporting at store level. It shows all the various functions provided on the Intelligent Restaurant Information System (IRIS), of which some are just usable by lovers with the correct security. It can help the store administrator to manage the store and also help the franchisees manage their entire market chain. It can be used in any office where there is a pc connected to the intranet of which is an exclusive link channel for staffs to make use of the organization network that resembles the internet. It is required to sign on with a passkey and Identification to use the system. The system detects security level and allows using the technique assigned to the security level.

The staff can only just use enough time button option, which is a method that will save you personnel clock in and out for lunch break and shifts. A begining of day and end of day is also preserved into the very system over a daily bases. Shift professionals may use cash control methods that are being used to count cashboxes, change or fix trades also to make ready everyday bank first deposit. A menu of available studies is provided on a written report menu.

The Store director can use these reports to follow sales, check customer transactions within various hours range, to view sale by product category, to save lots of wastage, to transport finance audit. Each one of these information's are relevant to Store Managers for them to pin out business requirements and customer needs, to check peak amount of time in the store, to increase or change product ordering, to control wastage and keep an eye on stock and choose whether it is necessary to reduce labour. Professionals can use staff information and personal files in the work station, they can place new partners, cut off lovers, manage employee details, watch employee's training and process payroll. The payroll process bears over details to the support centre in order to pay associates. Store Manager and the change supervisors may use the IRIS System to process electric purchasing for food, stationery, presentation.


Example of hardware used for the computer system in Starbucks company include ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) modem and quickness touch cable modem. These two are connect the Starbuck's computer system to it's retail network system. Wireless internet connection by T-mobile allows consumers to have the access of the available cellular network. Cisco Cordless and Cisco Routers are the type of equipment used as well. Other hardware output devices used include printers to process receipts. For security purposes, potato chips and pins for the repayment made by mastercard or debit greeting card. A private security amount (Pin amount ) is required when making repayment by either of the two credit cards. No signing is necessary.

Further more, the Starbucks company, uses Intel centered systems and fast Personal computers. In conditions of features, the Starbucks organization is bent on getting hardwares(PC) that have great and exceptional requirements to avoid decelerate on business.

A sample spec would be:

A PC with 512 Memory space or 1GB. And A set screen screen and processor swiftness of 2. 40GHZ and a HDD of 150GB to 200GB. The company has a nac for greater heights that why its no surprise that Starbucks does greatly well in terms of their potential to keep up their benchmarks.



As we all know, the I. T time is springing forth with a lot of softwares and technology all with the target of bettering the lives of humans in all ramification of life. Having said that, the Starbucks company employs Windows established softwares because of their computer systems which is grouped in the hardware section. They run applications that help their business. Example POS, Excel and more. Excel is often used because of their spreadsheet needs. When it comes to system software for driving their hardwares, they run or windows 7 or 7.

Current styles and practices

This Starbucks new idea of POS was created earlier this year in support of available in all 6, 800 Starbucks stores in america. This technique only suitable to consumers with Blackberry or iPhone. The first steps will require consumers to download the Starbucks Cards Mobile Application to their phones. Once they enters their registered Starbucks gift card's number into their phone so when they obtained the application, the card number is automatically kept. Consumer upon arriving at Starbucks counter-top can just advise the employee to make obligations because of their order via cellular phone. He / she then opens up the Starbucks Cards Mobile Applications, choose the payment screen in the application where the 2D club code appear exhibiting the consumer's Starbucks card. When this technique is completed, Starbucks employee will key in payments made by mobile phone in the P. O. S system and asked the consumer to place their devices under the customer facing imager for scanning. The 2D bar-code is detected and cured the ventures in the likes of a giftcard, predicated on the normal payment verification methods. Consumer can just enjoy their espresso once the business deal is performed. However, there are some setbacks of the new P. O. S strategy executed by Starbucks. First, not absolutely all retailers practice the utilization of stored value card or known as giftcard. Secondly, Starbucks focuses on potential users with key smart mobile phones, such as iPhone and Blackberry. It only addresses the buyer demographic of savvy consumers at the U. S where most individuals are iPhones and Blackberry users in comparison to consumers in Malaysia. Not absolutely all Starbucks's mobile payments scheme is negative since this methods of payment can actually help Starbucks to hide the price tag on operational system, able to record commitment data of consumers and balance of cash as well. Since repayments are incurred on the consumer's giftcard, means that the 2D bar-code repayment system is in fact linked to the greeting card. Besides, repayment made this way differs compared to the legislation for repayment made by mastercard or debit credit card.


4). Starbucks also operates a high range of management in handling their I. T related issues. They are I. T aware in a way that, they have got good network services. An example would be, Starbucks offers free WIFI Area. An interest for a person on the move. The organization has VOIP services for communication with other chains around the globe. As we stay in a net centric age group, Starbucks has managed to get a perfect fit, to include most I. T business related techniques to their business.

A good analyses upon this company, would however show us that Starbucks uses the I. T based what to build their customer range. It is however no key that most competitors have structured their illustrations on companies in the likes of Starbucks.

Some techniques in Starbucks, include some discount sales issued by the management. A customer however views this as a grand opportunity to have a 50%(Percent) discount on whatever he purchases and also enjoys free internet. This indeed is a wise practice. The ManagementInformation system has in many ways, made things possible for staffs. Most communications to staffs are communicated via the network. As fore stated, Starbucks uses intranets and internet(Voip). This can help in forwarding swift announcements to employees in the company. As well as the newest development of MIS, obligations made via mobile phones currently unveiled in the Unites States is also one of the best P. O. S ways of reduce the expense of operation.

This company also makes judicious use of the MIS by operating web based adverts and all. The firm keeps its customers continuously alert to products and new formulas that could be tried in confirmed time. Thus, their market bottom part increases undoubtedly.

Marketing Examination:



In my judgment having patronised Starbucks every once in awhile, i recommend the next:

Starbucks should try in investing in a moderately fast internet with low traffic.

They should try to maintain their hardwares and try improvements every once in awhile, to you shouldn't be left out in the dark age of poor computing.

They should utilize staffs that are usually more I. T discovered to avoid difficulty in system operations.

They should accept more of touchscreen services. And why is, buying gadgets(hardwares) offering self service for each customer.

The MIS should constantly ensure that customers are intrigued by the amazing I. T based mostly services that Starbucks provide thus giving the customers spell bound to return and purchase more items.

They could also provide on display advertising for new generation hardwares this alone, could be an avenue for Starbucks to receives a commission for advertising for I. T firms in the cities and wherever.

They may possibly also make a web based system, that could permit customers to order online to ease driving out of the office at lunch time.


At this juncture, it is important that we reiterate that it is of immense importance that the MIS in Starbucks embraces more heightened technology hardwares to help ease the work load and the amount of staffs. Most of us on earth are aware of the era of personal computers. This claims to be huge and extraordinary submit every industry especially industries like Starbucks.

As we see Managements enhance their information systems, it might be an important part for Starbucks to experience in their MIS. With an improved and well balanced MIS, Starbucks has what it takes to fight up for the future even rivals. Time is of the fact for companies like Starbucks this is because every day slips away plus more upgrades are made to databases.

To this end, i would beseech Starbucks, to keep up the good work and accept a new period of superior management systems. Thus increasing their revenue base and clientele.

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