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Study to judge the effectiveness of Self Instructional Module

"A man too active to care for his health

is just like a mechanic too active to manage his tools. "

Seizure is a neurological disorder characterised by unprovoked electronic discharges that disrupt the nervous system and can cause abnormalities such as irregular blood levels of calcium, magnesium, sugar which can result in one or more seizure conditions that aggravate the mind. (Christensen and Vestergaard, 2007)

Most people with seizure business lead outwardly normal lives. Around 80% can be aided by modern therapies, and some might take weeks or years between each seizure harm. However, this condition can affect lifestyle of people with seizure, their family and their friends. People with seizures who disregard treatment have, a shorter life expectancy and increased risk of cognitive impairment. People who have seizure offer an higher threat of poor do it yourself -esteem, unhappiness and suicide tendency. These problems may by the reaction which may bring about cruelty and avoidance by other folks. (http\\www. nih. gov)

Based on the full total projected society of India, the estimated number of people with seizure would be 5. 5 million. Based on a single analysis on the occurrence of seizure, the amount of new cases of seizure in each year would be close to half a million (Epilepsy status 2009). The common incidence rate was greater than many developed countries, but lower than the developing countries. (Shankar Saha, and Shyamal Das, 2008)

Seizure becomes a medical crisis, when seizure can last longer than 5 minutes or whenever a person has many seizures and will not awaken between them. Good healthy habits may help to regulate seizure such nearly as good sleep practices, stress lowering, proper exercise, good diet, regular consumption of drugs etc. (Rubin and Kornblau, 2009)


Many people who have seizure also live with ever before present concern with getting another attack. The chance of seizure functions as a hurdle for their freedom; In USA people who have seizure or other handicaps can't be denied work or access to many educational, recreational or other activities because of their seizure. However one study in India exhibited that about 56% of men and women with seizure end high school education in support of 15% finish college or university education. These rates are located less than those of the general population. These quantities signify that some important obstacles still exist for people with seizure.

The threat of seizures becomes a hurdle for people's recreational options; sports is a good factor in life which is most beneficial for the individual to take part. Women with seizure are often concerned about if they may become pregnant and also have a wholesome child. Normally, this is a possible situation. Probably 90% women with seizure have the opportunity of bearing a normal healthy baby and the chance of birth problems is merely associated with being pregnant and delivery.

The researcher personally thought that seizure shows are common and frequently recurrent if the patient does not maintain well being habits. The data level regarding safety precautions on management of seizure is essential for people. Therefore the researcher received interested to get ready a Self Instructional Component regarding promotion of safety measures among patients with seizure.


The study to judge the potency of Self Instructional Module (SIM) on knowledge regarding campaign of safety precautions among patients with seizure and major attention givers in picked Private hospitals at Salem.


To develop and validate Self Instructional Module regarding advertising of safety measures for patients with seizure and primary care givers.

To assess the data score on Safety measures regarding seizure management before and after exposed to SIM among patients with seizure and main health care givers.

To find out the connection between pre-test degree of knowledge with decided on demographic factors (Era in years, Educational status)

RESEARCH HYPOTHESES: (Degree of relevance p<0. 05)

H1: The mean post-test knowledge credit score after exposed to SIM will be greater than the mean pre-test knowledge report among patients with seizure.

H2: The mean post-test knowledge credit score after subjected to SIM will be higher than mean pre-test knowledge credit score among primary treatment givers of patients with seizure.

H3: You will see significant association between your pre-test knowledge level on advertising of safety measures among seizure patients using their selected demographic parameters.

H3(a): You will see significant association between the pre-test knowledge level on promotion of safety precautions among seizure patients with how old they are.

H3(b): You will see significant association between the pre-test knowledge level on advertising of safety measures among seizure patients using their educational status.


1. Performance:

In this research Effectiveness refers to the factor in mean pre ensure that you post test knowledge report regarding promotion of safety measures on management of seizure among the samples.

a). Knowledge of patients with seizure :

In this analysis, it refers to the level of information which is well known by the patients with seizure regarding campaign of safety measures which includes medication regimen; relationship and pregnancy ; leisure therapy and safety precautions on management of seizure which is assessed by utilizing a set up questionnaire, with Multiple choice questions. The results will be interpreted as below 50% - Inadequate knowledge; 50% - 75% moderate knowledge and above 75% - enough knowledge.

b). Knowledge of primary health care givers of patients with seizure:

In this review; it refers to the level of information regarding advertising of safety precautions which includes care and attention of patient during and after seizure by the primary attention giver which is assessed by organized questionnaire that contains multiple choice questions. The scores will be interpreted as below 50% - Inadequate knowledge; 50% - 75% - moderate knowledge; above 75% - satisfactory knowledge.

2. Most important Caregiver:

In this analysis; it refers to someone who has been with the individual and giving attention before, after and during a seizure episode.

3. Personal Instructional Component:

Section-1: For patients with seizure:

In this research; it refers to a home explanatory guide regarding the promotion of safety measures on management of seizure. It gives information regarding so this means of seizure, its causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, problems, and management of seizure.

Section - 2: For principal good care givers of patients with seizure:

In this analysis; it refers to set of rules regarding advertising on care and attention of patients with seizure for the primary care givers. It offers information about the attention of patient during after seizure.

4. Patients with Seizure:

In this analysis, it identifies those who are diagnosed as patients with seizure for days gone by one year and who enroll in the out- patient team for regular treatment in decided on Hospitals at Salem.

5. Safety Measures on Management of Seizure:

In this research it refers to the information regarding safety precautions on drug program; relaxation therapy; health care during and after seizure that ought to be followed by the patient to avoid physical as well as mental damage.

6. Demographic Factors:

a) Era in years:

In this research this group from 20 to 60 years was included.

b) Gender:

It identifies the intimacy of the individual with seizure and most important care and attention giver (man and feminine).

c) Educational position:

In this research primary school to create graduate level were included.

d) Relative in health job:

In this research; it refers to the individual in the family who is working as doctor, nurse, physiotherapist or other health employees.


The knowledge on seizure and care and attention during seizure is vital for individuals to lead a healthy life and also to promote psychosocial wellbeing.

The improved upon knowledge will help in preventing the further assault of seizure.


Formal permission will be obtained from the concern authority from the Neuro Hospital OPD where the study is conducted.

Written educated consent will be extracted from the samples after detailing the usefulness of study.


Sample size is delimited to 30 patients on regular treatment and their key health care givers who be present at OPD.

Patients with seizure who are combined with primary health care giver.

Study is delimited to people who will be available for post test.


This chapter handled the introduction, need for the study; assertion of the problem; objectives; hypotheses; operational definitions; assumption; honest factor and delimitations.

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