Study FOR THE Harvard Model Management Essay

1. 0 Introduction

Strategic human source of information management (SHRM) is the series of planned human reference activities which allow company to achieve its goals effectively and effectively (Dessler 2002). For the case study of Banksia, a SHRM Model - Harvard Model will be used to analyse Banksia. The Harvard model can be an open-system model that presents how business environment affects SHRM insurance policies which affects organisational functions and performance (Huczynski & Buchanan 2001). You will find six components to the model. The stakeholder passions recognise the importance of the compromising hobbies of different people while the situational factors discover the internal and exterior business environmental factors. Both become constrains to the formation of HR regulations. The model further categorise the HRM insurance policies options into four different topics. The procedures chosen are the result of management's decisions after conversation between constrains and selections. The results of the plans - HR effects are centred on the 4 'C's where highly devoted and performance employees will lead to cost-effective products and services. These results will the organisation in the long term. The long term consequences are categorized into three different levels. The last element is a responses loop where the outputs flow straight into the stakeholder interest and organisation (Bratton & Silver 2001).

2. 2 Banksia's Circumstance Study

2. 2. 1 Situational factors & stakeholder interests

They include the following:

There was pressure to respond to changing government policies continuously

There was no constant organisation strategy put into practice

Senior management team were employed in key useful areas

There was no clear HRM philosophy nor HR routines on the ground

Management team didn't understand the value of HR

The ceo (CEO) was hesitant to create a HR department

2. 2. 2 HR regulations choice

Because of the above mentioned factors, there is no HR department in Banksia. Hence, HR guidelines were either created out of reactive methodology towards industrial relations disputes or adopted from other medical organisations. The regulations were also not examined to keep up with Banksia's extension.

2. 2. 3 HR Outcome

Firstly, employees of Banksia were not committed to their job. Second of all, middle and first-line professionals lack the competence and training to use the HR procedures. Thirdly, it looked like that Banksia possessed experienced a number of industrial relationships dispute due to perceived unfairness. Hence the HRM polices was not cost-effective. Last but not least, since there is inconsistent organisational strategy and unclear HRM idea, there is no congruency between various HRM and functional practices.

2. 2. 4 Long-term consequences

In the long run, at the company level, Banksia will not be able to operate effectively and successfully. Long term of identified unfairness may lead to more professional disputes and high turnover rate which would be too costly for Banksia. At the average person well-being level, there is already recognized unfairness among employees. Such unfairness would only continue to build up if nothing is done.

2. 2. 5 Key Problem

In summary, the main problem is the lack of HR office which didn't have the support and understanding from CEO and older management. The CEO was hesitant to make a formal HR team. Furthermore, the older management did not recognise the importance of HRM functions for Banksia.

2. 2. 6 Secondary Problems

The inadequate HRM system led to ad hoc regulations. There was also nobody to judge the HR procedures when Banksia extended and designed to changing federal procedures. Thus, the HR strategies were not aligned with Banksia's aims. Hence, many first-line and middle managers were baffled about the organisational strategy and HR methods. Even the older HR team has little agreement on the HR procedures which were created.

Without a organised HRM system, communications of the HR policies were poor. There was inadequate HR training provided for the managers. Furthermore, the professionals are of different skill levels. Hence, there were inconsistent HR announcements. Thus, the HR techniques were interpreted and applied without any consistency.

As HR regulations were communicated, interpreted and applied in another way, it led to unfair syndication and insufficient transparency. Many middle and first-line managers recommended that the recognized unfairness was the primary cause of industrial relations dispute. The employees acquired also lost rely upon the management and were unwilling to commit to their jobs.

3. 0 Implementation

3. 1 Brief term

3. 1. 1 Review eye-sight and mission

Banksia should review and choose their objective and perspective. Although that they had a documented vision and mission, it was not followed. Vision and mission aren't only claims. They underpin the look process and can greatly accomplish the process of reaching contract on organisational, goals and guidelines (Booyens 2008). The success of organisation depends of the issues. Figure 2 illustrates how quest and vision influences the procedure of healthcare service. Only with a consistent organisational strategy, then your HR strategies can be align to Banksia's business objectives and achieve congruency.

There are a few steps to writing perspective and mission assertions. Firstly, Banksia must gain support and commitment from its older management as there are usually scepticisms when writing such claims (Dowling 2001). Hence, it is vital for support and dedication to be established.

Secondly, it is the development of the statements. The senior management or the CEO can write a draft and circulate around for reviews and additional type. The employees can even be involved to increase their contribution and sense of personality (Dowling 2001).

Lastly, it's the communication of the new perspective and objective. Communication can be delicate or remarkable or in both manners (Dowling 2001). For example, the claims can be produced noticeable such as placing on promotional materials and interior memos.

Possible vision assertion is to end up being the leading healthcare organisation in Australia. The objective statement is to offer comprehensive medical treatments in a compassionate and respectful manner with a committed action to provide proper care and constant services.

Those statements are applicable to all organisational functions and are powerful in creating the basis of assumptions and beliefs for the employees. However, the claims must be constant and integrated into organisation norms to form desired behaviours (Keyton 2005).

3. 1. 2 Engage exterior HR consultants

The older HR team has little HR knowledge. Thus it is strongly advised for Banksia to hire external consultants to evaluate HR procedures and accomplish possible change. The specialists gives their views objectively and articulate your options available.

Before Banksia requires external consultants, there are many things they need to take note (Dalhouse University or college 2010). Firstly, they have to identify their needs. In cases like this, maybe it's to diagnose the issues and ease the situation. Subsequently, while sourcing for consultants, it is necessary to learn if they contain the skills and experience and when their philosophy is similar to Banksia's desired culture. Thirdly, it is to select a suitable time frame and fees. Last but not least, it is to evaluate the effectiveness of the function and choose the follow-up procedures to ensure that the changes are reinforced.

The biggest restriction is that exterior consultants unfamiliar with the culture, formal or casual vitality systems and communication networks (Cummings & Worley 2008). Hence, they could face great obstacle when collecting information. Nevertheless, the older management can be teamed up with the specialists to help the process. Furthermore, the management can study from them.

3. 2 Long Term

3. 2. 1 Set up a HR department

The key problem in Banksia is based on the absence of HR department. Which has a HR department, you will see people taking complete responsibility for HR. Most of all, this department can help Banksia to align HRM strategies with organisational goals and better performance. Physique 3 illustrates how HR procedures can affect organisational performance.

However, to ensure that the section will work effectively and proficiently, the candidates must possess the necessary skills and skills and well-defined responsibilities. Hence, Banksia may use job evaluation - a organized procedure for studying jobs to ascertain their various elements and requirements (Satisfaction et al. 2009). The job analysis for a particular position typically includes two parts - job description and job standards. The position of the HR director will be used for example for talk.

The first step of job evaluation is planning where objectives of job examination are revealed. In Banksia's circumstance, the objective could be to identify the skills, skills and experiences needed for HR manager Other objectives may include outlining the tasks, obligations and job well worth of the work.

Secondly, it is to get ready for and expose job analysis. In this step, technique for job evaluation is discovered. Common ways of job evaluation include questionnaire, observation and interview (Dessler 2002). Each method has its characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Hence, it is strongly recommended to use more than one method and choose the ones that are suited to Banksia to be able to get accurate information. Banksia can use a checklist to ensure that the questions cover major regions of the job (Business & Legal Information, Inc. 2003) At this time, it is also important to identify the persons included and talk to them about the reason(s) (Jackson & Mathis 2007). For instance, Banksia may perform job research on the older HR team. Communication with the team will prevent unnecessary misunderstanding.

Next, it is performing the job evaluation which includes gathering, reviewing and compiling the work evaluation data. As the HR team got little HR knowledge, information accumulated from them may be inaccurate. Hence, the analyst suggests for Banksia to accumulate some information from similar healthcare organisations that have a recognised HR division.

The next step is producing job explanations and job standards. It offers drafting of job explanation and specifications, researching the merchandise and finalising them. Job information is a written assertion that represents the obligations and activities of the work as well as its important feature such as working conditions and protection threat (Dessler 2002). Job specification is about the personal characteristics, skills and record necessary for getting the job done. It might be in the same record as job description (Dessler 2002).

Lastly, job explanation and specification have to be maintained and modified as it means that the employee is performing the tasks that are vital for organisational success (Jackson & Mathis 2007). It is usually done when the duties in the document do not indicate the work or during twelve-monthly performance review process (Marquette College or university 2010).

The job evaluation then can be repeated for other HR staff such as recruiting executive, training and development exec and payroll official. Following the job examination, from the job description and specification, Banksia could make a decision if there were any suitable individuals off their management team or other employees. If there are appropriate incumbents, they can be dispatched for training and take up tasks in the HR section. However, when there is none, Banksia must prepare for recruitment, selection and orientation programmes for the new employees.


To ensure that the HR section are working both effectively and successfully, it's important to monitor and measure the progress. Banksia might use HR Balanced Scorecard - a measurement tool and a process to measure the performance of HR team and its folks from different perspectives namely, finance, customers, inside process and learning and development (Ulrich et al. 2001). However, the goals targeted should be specific, measurable, achievable, and natural and timely (Bellingham & Campanello 2004).


With reference to the Harvard model, the key problem is Banksia is the lack of HR department which induced other secondary problems such as inconsistency interpretation and request of ad hoc HR policies to occur. The long-term strategy of setting up the HR section signifies that you will see people taking up obligations of HR functions. However, for such strategy to be successful, the CEO and management must have the ability to understand the value HR and present them their support and determination. In applying the strategies, cost such as money, time and manpower will be incurred. However, the benefits will outweigh the price over time and once the HR office is operational, the secondary problems will be little by little resolved.

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