Study On Self Representation Business Essay

This chapter handles the researcher's experience through the dissertation. Reflection is very important to the self development of an individual. Refection plays a major role in expanding as it can help in learning from experience. Reflection helps in looking at the work constantly from the learning and the experiences. Moon (2004, p. 82) defines reflection as "Reflection is a form of mental control- such as a form of considering - that we may use to fulfil a purpose or to achieve some expected outcome or we may simply "be reflective" and then an final result can be unexpected".

Reflection can also be related to problems which does not have any possible solution which are based on the knowledge and the knowing that we curently have.

6. 2 Kolb's reflective learning theory:

A model for an experimental learning originated by Kolb (1984b) called as Kolb's learning circuit. This model is very helpful in understanding and it can help in expanding reflective learning. Kolb says that learning can be of two ways some may be "abstract- concrete" and "active-reflective". A couple of four stages in a cyclic manner in the Kolb routine. They can be "abstract conceptualization", "active experimentation", "concrete experience" and "reflective observation". That is shown in the diagram below

Entry into one of the four stages can be produced whenever and the model assists with producing when all the phases are fallowed in a collection manner to learn effectively. Experience only does not account in the Kolb's learning pattern but it is highly essential the way the reflection is made from the experience to create generalizations. These generalisations help formulate new ideas that'll be very useful a thought in a new situation. The theory can be related to the action by proper planning and acting out and reflecting onto it and then relating back to the theory. This completes the cyclic process. The cyclic commences when the average person relates the knowledge which he has gained and pertains to other things, and this experience forms the starting point for reflective observation.

6. 3 Learning achievements from research:

The researcher have his undergraduate in India where the teaching system is totally different. Originally the researcher encountered plenty of problem with the coaching system and the assessment system at Liverpool John Moores University. The assignment system are new in the Liverpool John Moores University. Initially confronted many problems while doing the assignments since it was not used to do this sort of assignments. The knowledge which is gained by submitting projects from the first and second semester has helped in increasing the writing skills and so the experiences that are gained while submitting the tasks helped on paper the dissertation.

The research methods component which attended for almost 90 days in the next semester has helped in getting a clear knowledge about how exactly to do continue with the dissertation. It helped in knowing the idea of the research, how to do research, what exactly are the several ways in doing the study, how to shape the questionnaire, how to acquire the data. The methodology component helped in gaining a theoretical idea about how the dissertation can be carried out in different ways. However when it comes to practical it was different and confronted problem with the questionnaire and the teacher has helped in correcting the questionnaire.

Time management is very important because things that are not done on time will be throw away. While doing dissertation the researcher learned how to use time effectively and how to plan the things in the given period of time.

Communication plays a main role to become an effective in professional life. Communication skills has been increased when it comes speaking English fluently. Without proper communication it is difficult to convey the message plainly. Group work and regularly ending up in teacher has helped in increasing communication skills.

Group work has educated so a lot of things especially confidence and inspiration. While interacting with co-workers when doing group work and pointing out the problems and appreciating the best work has increased whole lot of confidence.

The subject of analysing the performance appraisal of employee at KFC has been chosen because of the interest in Man Resource Management. The theory to do research upon this topic emerged in second semester while joining human reference management classes as one of main modules in the second semester. The individual resource management component helped in critically think and assessing the issues encompassing on this subject. Because of the knowledge gained while employed in this company it helped in knowing that the problems the employees faces as it pertains to the performance appraisal. This is an attempt to look at one of the issues which the employee faces when it comes to performance appraisal.

The process of research started out with the literature review. Books review is very helpful and it is beneficial to the researcher as it helped to identify the possible causes and issue regarding the performance appraisal of employee in the organisation. The researcher work is to recognize the most and minimal significant factors for this study. Through the literature review the researcher emerged to learn that from an effective training the performance of the employee can be increased

While doing the dissertation the researcher encountered many problems. Dr. Karim Menacere helped in clearing all the concerns patiently and recommended how to write the dissertation. With the nice guidance from teacher the researcher gained knowledge about how to create the dissertation. Continuously meeting with the tutor helped in increasing the communication skills. Effective communication played an integral role in concluding the dissertation.

6. 4 Reflection on MBA:

The modules in the first and the second semester helped in getting the knowledge about them. By doing the group tasks in the first semester with the acquaintances who are from different ethnic, social background helped in critically considering on the topic. When it comes to second semester while reflecting from the knowledge gained from the first semester, the researcher writing skills and critical thinking has better a whole lot.

6. 5 Conclusion:

In depth has been gained on the subject of the performance appraisal while doing research. How the employee perception on the responses, pay and training process will modify the potency of the performance appraisal in the organisation. Communication skills that happen to be developed while interacting with professors, fellow workers and friends can help in career. Referring to many text booklet and journals possessed helped in critical thinking on the performance appraisal and helped to build up a detailed knowledge on the subject and the analytical skill that have been developed during the research will help in the future professional life. This theoretical and sensible knowledge can help the researcher in the foreseeable future.

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