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Study and Analysis of an Multinational Organization Heineken


A multinational venture (MNE) also known as transnational company is business entities that operate in several country. (wiseGeek, 2010) Multinational business normally has head office in a single country, known as home country, while other facilities are located in locations in other countries, known as variety country.

Heineken is definitely a multinational organization. The company carries out creation and syndication activities in nations apart from its home country. In conditions of management orientation and strategy, the Heineken Firm does a lot of things that show it's the dynamics of multinational. First of all, the organization alters its operations to meet local needs. The company markets on a country by country basis. In addition, the Heineken Firm has professional companions who help run the operation, nor report right to the business on day to day matters. Furthermore, the business relies seriously on teamwork by all included parties.

2. 0 Company Background

Heineken is the next most significant brewery group on the globe and is focused on remaining impartial and strong. Heineken is available in approximately all country on the planet earth and it is the world's most valuable global premium ale brand. Heineken has relied on retaining a various brand collection, including more than 120 brands to keep a well balanced of international, regional, local and specialty ale brands around the world. Their famous brands include Amstel, Europe's third-largest selling beverage, Ochota, Tiger, Celebrity, Birra Moretti, Zywiec, Murphy's and Cruzcampo.

Heineken N. V headquartered is located at Netherlands. Netherlands is one of the top 5 beer brewers globally and the largest in Europe. Heineken brands are well setup in profitable and older markets, as the trustworthiness of the beers is rising daily in up-and-coming beer markets such as Russia, China, and Latin America and etc. At the end year of 2007, Heineken gets the widest existence of all international brewers in more than 65 countries in worldwide and also have 50 0004 employees (Heineken N. V. 2008). Heineken and Amstel have been developed as core. The business has make a decisions on each of its brand local, international and local integrated online marketing strategy and presentation product related technology (Heineken, 2008).

2. 1 SWOT Analysis

2. 1. 1 Strengths

Heineken is the next largest beer maker on the globe. They create 5. 6 billion liters of beverage every year. This gives them economies of level and a program for further expansion of these market capitalization.

The savor of Heineken beer is distinctive. In 1886, the yeast that is employed in the development of Heineken beverage till today was developed. Therefore, the savor and distinctiveness of it has been there for a hundred years.

Heineken brand is perceived as high grade brand and has generated a brand image successfully in some industry like USA and Hong Kong.

The brand was acknowledged as a superior quality or lighter beer indicated in attractive packaging across all market segments.

2. 1. 2 Weaknesses

The organization has constrained its reach to the Western european and the American countries. There still lies a range for scaling up in countries like India where the beer is merely imported and so making it impossible to get into profound down.

In some country, brand image of Heineken was too marrow which makes the brand seen like appropriate for special events only.

Difference in brand image across global market make the consumers mistake about marketers' characteristics, the products' attributes, benefits, and etc.

The local Heineken brand managers had the funds to develop their commercials that have been not always constant to the Heineken brand image that the managers of headquarters wanted to project.

2. 2. 3 Opportunities

Population in Russia and Asia increasing dramatically make Heineken have chance to earn great market talk about.

Hispanic consumers in U. S. industry are growing rapidly

Introduction of low calories from fat beer as the culture is pressing for a 'healthy' ale.

2. 1. 4 Threats

Mergers and acquisitions of other breweries get them to much bigger than Heineken's brewery.

Difficulty in maintain market show when competition increasing market talk about.

Increase in underage drinking alcohol and drunken driving a car laws.

PEST Analysis

PEST analysis has been used by Heineken to analyze external environment with their business. With simple research contain considerate the organization political, economic, sociable and technological, organization may take it indication when they planning an investment or business expand.


Government policies

For many countries, Heineken is international company, but they have to obey the government policies where they run their business activities. For instance, when they invest in Malaysia, Malaysia government will support them because Malaysia federal has welcomed investment by traditional western buyer with provides many bonuses for those companies working in Malaysia.

Political stability

Political stability will create chance for Heineken to broaden their business worldwide because it is innovator in the beverage industry in globally. Thus this is also an important political factor. For political stability companies, signifies an attractive extension opportunity. This will increase revenue of Heineken as well.



Income can be an important economical factor for Heineken. This factor makes a decision which category Heineken is going to target. In the first time of Heineken, they concentrating on the upper class but they introduce some beer through with different brand's name to target the center and the top level as well.

If there is economic growth in the country and per capital income is increasing credited to an increase in GDP will create an opportunity for Heineken. Purchasing vitality of people will increase plus they can spend more on purchasing. There is a down fall throughout the market of many countries. Growing inflation rate and unemployment rate has reduced the purchasing vitality of the clients.



Heineken put a difficult work in doing research to comprehend customer's culture and tendencies to make a suitable beer to focus on customers. This creates a chance for them. There's always changing of customer needs such as changing of healthy life-style and increased in craze of healthy product. There's a drop in sales for beverage company recently because many people alert to importance of healthy.

Beer industry might create a huge affect for the variety societies in negative and positive side. Positive result includes growing friendships by understanding every culture and customs through positive behaviour towards one another.


Pace of change:

Pace of change means rate of change. Technology is vital for the success for every company. Heineken is using modern tools to produce beers to find the competitive advantage. High technology can help to produce high quality products.

Research and Development:

Research and development is also a key point I order to success in operating a corporation. Heineken is a lot give attention to research and development. Its market research is inefficiency. For instance, Heineken may easily going into the worldwide market due to understanding their culture, needs and pattern through technology information.


There is much legal laws in land or oversea countries that influence firms functioning. There is vital to obey legal laws in order to operate an enterprise. In Malaysia, legal changes make a difference beer industry in firm's cost (occasion: when new system or techniques is developed) and demand.

Below are the various categories of regulations:

Consumer laws are being used to protect consumers against unfair procedures such as misleading.

Competition law can be used to protect small companies from bullying by bigger firms and can not demoralize by other businesses with monopoly ability.

Health and protection legal ration can be used to ensuring office is safe for useful using with appropriate provision of security equipment.

Heineken Group is very wary of the steps it requires as a result of political environment which can land it in big trouble. Heineken has played out smart to make a public networking website so that its intent of marketing is also resolved and it didn't cross the type of the law as the laws will vary for different states.


Environmental factors include the weather and climate change. Heineken increases promotions during summer time as the environment is normally warm in country such as India.

4. 0 Impact of globalization

The impact of globalization is products become more standardized globally, which lead to a increase in the entire quality of alcoholic beverages available. Global syndication networks might become more efficient economically, develop opportunities for economies of range in development and in marketing. Furthermore, global products can benefit from the global section of labor, using the comparative advantage possessed by some countries to develop global marketing campaigns, locate creation, acquire substances, and develop new products. The forming of global networks boosts employment and diffuses scientific improvements from more to less developed countries, although used control over much of the technology tends to remain in the hands of the global businesses. (Room R. , Jernigan D. , 2000)

Globalization can guide to an increase in international trade even though most alcoholic beverages are used in the united states which they are produced, but this almost never benefits developing nations. Global trade statistics suggest that overpowering majority of global trade in alcohol consumption occurs among the developed countries themselves, with hardly any middle or low income countries (e. g. Chile, Mexico)breaking in to the ranks of the leading exporters. (Jernigan D. H. , 2001)

This degree of globalization and attention also lead to extraction of monopoly profits and monopoly costs, as well as creating much superior political and economic actors within every national context. The actual fact that the company is also major advertisers increases their visibility at the national level. Heineken rates among 100 greatest promoters in global. Globalization also brings about quick copy of innovation from one market to another. These inventions can be in the world of production technology, marketing, open public connection, product design and syndication. The role of global liquor producers as main promoters points to the vital disparity among globalized and other types of liquor. Global alcoholic beverages is marketed, and this is the dominating feature of its global development network. (Jernigan D. H. , 2000) Fabrication of alcohol consumption, and especially of beverage, is delegated easily. In Malaysia, for example, a jv between Guinness and Heineken produces both beers under the guidance of your Heineken brew get good at.

Globalization of marketing and creation networks has permitted Heineken to improve global integration of marketing and production, as well concerning spread sophisticated systems for marketing and producing its products quickly around the world. It has additionally formed a tiny group of huge companies who have the capability to promote their tips of view effectively in global community forums, like the World Health Organization and the globe Trade Corporation.

Another impact of globalization is on branding and marketing. Companies in brewery industry progressively more compete with the other person on a global scale. They end up having to commune their products to global audience. Heineken's obstacle is that being a global brand it has to have communication strategy that maintain steadily its consistency so as to ensure a concept is conveyed yet it must look at the local culture and gradation of different market segments. The goal and the task of communication for Heineken is to convey the center ideals of the brand and adjust the message concerning plead to its different marketplaces, patter into local movements and leveraging that information to create a connection with the audience in order that they build an mental tie with Heineken.

Political factors might have immediate or indirect factor on the performance of the organization. Several resolutions created by the government of the U. S. have influence negatively on the business enterprise of Heineken. For instance, legal suits helped bring against in 2001 and made a decision to reduce production and marketing of high performance computers is considered a menace to U. S. nationwide security. These experienced substantial impact to the corporation. Every company is afflicted by economic factors such as currency exchange rates, fiscal policy rates, consumers' factors, interest policy, etc. It is likely that the U. S. economy's climate dominates the way the customer behaves in the culture. The self-confidence of the customer will automatically change if the overall economy is recessing, flourishing or recovering.

In addition, the way Heineken has sold its products was affected by the powers within the contemporary society such as friends, mass media and family. Most the clients have been given the incorrect impression about products created from America are high quality. This means that company such as Heineken have benefited a lot. Social factors affect customer interests, frame of mind, and opinions along the way they view products from certain firms. As technology changes, just how Heineken manages its business has transformed. For example, the internet has helped organizations such as Heineken to meet up new market segments and widen its global outreach. It has had a profound affect on the marketing blend strategies of numerous companies. In this particular ever changing world, every business supposed to keep in touch with modernization and changing technology.

The globalization of Heineken has negative effects to small breweries in countries where it choose to make breweries. The small companies have found it hard to compete with large multinational companies such as Heineken. Globalization also pushed Heineken to change their products and brands, that happen to be their legacy to products that will be accepted worldwide.

5. 0 Strategies use to respond to the impact of globalization

As a global corporation, Heineken try to operate more affiliate marketing since the world move into 21 century. The corporation's lasting development is the integration of the new method of 'inexperienced' vision of most areas of its business. Heineken identify the role it will play and has attending to on several areas:

5. 1 Constant development of its environmental impact

Amongst the goals the business has established is a loss of indirect and direct carbon dioxide emission in the sectors by at least 40 per cent and intake of normal water by at least 25 % in 2020. In addition, Heineken has also developed initiatives to lessen the carbon footprint throughout the worthiness chain. As an initial step, all substitute refrigerators given to customers would be predicated on 'renewable' technology starting from 2010. (Sustainability Report 2009)

5. 2 Empowerment of communities and people

The Heineken Company will bring in some initiatives. For instance, the investment of yet another EUR 10 million (total of EUR 20 million) during the Heineken Africa Groundwork, allowing up to EUR 1 million per 12 months to be straightforwardly invested in local projects in 2010 2010. Besides, they focus on to enlarge the neighborhood basis of raw materials within Africa to 60 per cent by 2020. In addition, they set a goal to make sure all dependents and employees have admission to basic and free of charge healthcare. The others initiatives of Heineken Company will be the foreword and audit of new worker rights insurance plan. (Sustainability Statement 2009)

5. 3 Continuing to make a positive impact on the role of ale in society

Heineken Company will reinforce its acknowledged, positive approach to responsible intake by increasing its programmes to on and off premise. Furthermore, Heineken plan to be sure that all markets have partnership that assist the business play its part in plummeting liquor abuse. Moreover, the business will increase its brand related responsibility messaging and amplify its efforts dealing with the industry upon this key concern. (Sustainability Statement 2009)

5. 4 Resource chain responsibility

In conditions of ethics and the environment, advancements in value chain are having a good outcome on the cost bottom as well as on the aims they place within sustainability plan. A recognised and important approach inside Heineken is working with suppliers to help build improvements in their value chain. They interact to handle both ethical factors and the surroundings. It's the key constituent in establishing a joint determination to sustainability with their suppliers. They imagine their approach to supply chain responsibility help out with distinguish Heineken from its opponents. (Sustainability Survey 2009)

5. 5 Quality plants at a good price

Heineken brew ale with 100 % natural ingredients. They use the mostly barley, highest cereals, for making, and hops for taste and bitterness. They have to access to high quality, enough raw materials at an acceptable price. Their partners, maltsters that malt the barley and the farmers that expand the crops need to be convinced that Heineken disburse them at a good price and support them over the future. Making a dedication towards superior local sourcing and providing agricultural training and support, authorizes local farmers economically (greater guaranteed sales and better crop produce) and reduce both cost and environmental impact for Heineken. (Sustainability Report 2009)

5. 6 Dependable consumption

When it is abused or misused, population is usually met with the negative areas of alcohol. They are dedicated to playing their part in dipping alcohol-related harm. Wherever they can, they do so in coincidence with NGOs, authorities forces, industry groups, retailers, government authorities, Horeca owners, third get-togethers, legislators and community groups - each one of that have their role to experiment with. They believe that working together to deal with specific aspects and incident of maltreatment is the only method to effectively handle the negative impact that has on individuals and world. (Sustainability Article 2009)

6. 0 Conclusion

Heineiken products are available worldwide. Nonetheless they still have a space to increase their business. Most of the individuals are concerns about green environment. Heineken can come out with new tastes of ale with environmental friendly product packaging to focus on customers and contribute to environmental protection obligations. In addition, science and technology is more advanced compare with last time. Heineken may use technology development to come out with good marketing communication to target consumers and settle the negative drive of problems in their business. With excellent business management, Heineken can create more well know brand name internationally and generating more profit for its company.

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