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Structure, methodologies and procedure towards employee satisfaction and motivation

  1. TABLE OF Material:
  3. 1. Release 1
  1. 2. 1 Introduction 1
  2. 2. 2 VW''s Behavioural Management Practice 1
  3. (i) In Context of Behavioural Management Theories 2
  4. 2. 3 VW's Organizational Environment Practice 2
  5. (i) In Framework of Organizational Environment Ideas 3
  6. 3. Determination 3
  7. 3. 1 Theories of Inspiration 4
  8. 3. 2 Analyzing VW's Employee Drive Strategy 5
  9. (i) Structuring Remuneration Program and Benefits 5
  10. (ii) Stipulating Fundamental Equipment 6
  11. (iii) Command Training and Development 6
  12. (iv) Open Lines of Communication 7
  13. (v) Professional Content and Indemnity 7
  14. (vi) Company Beliefs 8
  15. (vii) Service Superiority Culture 8
  16. 4. Definition of a Proficient Team 9
  17. 4. 1 Team Contribution to Enhance Productivity 9
  18. (i) Credence on the Leadership 9
  19. (ii) Solidarity of the Associates 10
  20. (iv) Articulate Target 10
  21. (vi) Dissolving Perplexity 10
  22. (vii) Constructive Criticism 10
  23. 5. Solutions to Ensure VW's (SA) Labour Efficiency 10
  24. 5. 1 Appropriate Selection 11
  25. 5. 2 Specifying Rules of Conduct 11
  26. 5. 3 Establish Substantial Goals 11
  27. 5. 4 Reward and Gratitude 11
  28. 5. 5 Growing Sense of Path 11
  29. 5. 6 Building Team Nature 11
  30. 5. 7 Worker Empowerment 12
  31. 6. Conclusive Remarks 12
  32. 7. Bibliography 13
  33. 8. Appendices 14
  34. (i) Appendix A 14
  35. (ii) Appendix B 14
  36. (iii) Appendix C 15
  37. 1. Launch:
  38. 2. 1 Guide:
  39. 2. 2 VW's Behavioural Management Practice:
  40. 2. 3 VW's Organizational Environment Practice:
  41. 3. Drive:
  42. 3. 1 Ideas of Determination:
  43. 3. 2 Analysing VWs Staff Motivation Strategy:
  44. (i) Structuring Remuneration Package and Benefits:
  45. (ii) Stipulating Fundamental Equipment:
  46. (iii) Management Training and Development:
  47. (iv) Open up Lines of Communication:
  48. (v) Professional Content and Indemnity:
  49. (vi) Company Beliefs:
  50. (vii) Service Quality Culture:

The case study traces over Volkswagen, (South Africa's) firm overview highlighting the composition, methodologies and approach towards employee satisfaction and drive. The complete backdrop of the research study is approximately Volkswagen's interior organizational behaviour, management tactics and their effective implementation. In this framework, the project is focussed initially on the innovatory procedures suggesting right way to retain workforce allegiance and devotion towards a business. Volkswagen is between the few organizations thought to produce world class automobiles, and sticks out distinguish, hence the duty and related amount of anticipations are higher. Considering the competitive environment, today's employee is smart yet demanding and therefore it is becoming more difficult to meet their target anticipations. The management of VW (SA) is diligently engaged to resolve the difficulties pertaining to employee's financial steadiness, professional development, compensations and benefits, challenging and highly prepared surrounding. In extension to this the business has tremendously altered its cultural worth. The introductory part elaborates the management and organizational behavior techniques of VW (SA), discussing the primary goals, present situation and future leads determining specific goals. Worker motivation is vital to keep progressive functioning of an organization. The intermediate portion of the assignment is emphasized on the importance of worker incitement and motivational steps by talking about four substantial ideas of workforce determination and critical evaluation of Volkswagen (SA's) initiatives towards staff desire strategies. The later part concentrates on the importance of co-workers to amalgamate and function as a single product. Team work presents a healthy culture that values collaborative efforts and the team tightly thinks in thinking, planning, discussing, deciding and operating together with assistance. Team initiatives with positive attitudes and correct journey are inevitable to achieve success. Critical discussion is based after the conceptions and progressive ideas where VW (SA) can ensure their clubs to produce effective synergy and higher output.

TABLE OF Material:


1. Release 1

2. 1 Introduction 1

2. 2 VW''s Behavioural Management Practice 1

(i) In Context of Behavioural Management Theories 2

2. 3 VW's Organizational Environment Practice 2

(i) In Framework of Organizational Environment Ideas 3

3. Determination 3

3. 1 Theories of Inspiration 4

3. 2 Analyzing VW's Employee Drive Strategy 5

(i) Structuring Remuneration Program and Benefits 5

(ii) Stipulating Fundamental Equipment 6

(iii) Command Training and Development 6

(iv) Open Lines of Communication 7

(v) Professional Content and Indemnity 7

(vi) Company Beliefs 8

(vii) Service Superiority Culture 8

4. Definition of a Proficient Team 9

4. 1 Team Contribution to Enhance Productivity 9

(i) Credence on the Leadership 9

(ii) Solidarity of the Associates 10

(iv) Articulate Target 10

(vi) Dissolving Perplexity 10

(vii) Constructive Criticism 10

5. Solutions to Ensure VW's (SA) Labour Efficiency 10

5. 1 Appropriate Selection 11

5. 2 Specifying Rules of Conduct 11

5. 3 Establish Substantial Goals 11

5. 4 Reward and Gratitude 11

5. 5 Growing Sense of Path 11

5. 6 Building Team Nature 11

5. 7 Worker Empowerment 12

6. Conclusive Remarks 12

7. Bibliography 13

8. Appendices 14

(i) Appendix A 14

(ii) Appendix B 14

(iii) Appendix C 15

Page # 1

1. Launch:

Modern global world is comprised companies and corporations having highly skilled, knowledgeable, complex and decisive workforce, with considerably increasing role. Organization's performance and efficiency is directly influenced by the determination and loyalty of its employees. Today's competitive professional atmosphere has compelled the interest of the organizations to apprehend the importance of staff retention and thereby constrained them to build up strategies designed to fulfil worker satisfaction. The sustainability of a business is put through the overall periphery and circumstances which influence its progress and development. The exemplary staff oriented culture represents correct environment, troubles, individual development, reputation and accurate motivating artifice. Reconciliation of effective control and consistent workforce while making use of the positive behaviour and correct mind set accounts for higher output of a business.

2. 1 Guide:

Volkswagen of South Africa was founded in 1946, which is owned subsidiary of VW Aktiengessellschaft (VWAG) in Germany, positioned in Uitenhage. VW group is the world's fourth-largest automobile company, and the greatest car manufacturer in European countries, consisting eight brands and operates 44 creation facilities within 12 European and 6 other countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Being aware of its prestigious affirmation in the motor vehicle industry, the organization is focused and consistently engaged to heighten its account. To be able to achieve the desired level of efficiency, internal and exterior client satisfaction and indemnification must be prioritised. VW's brilliant strategy manufacturers have apprehended the situation and are continually involved in expanding guidelines for the inducement of employees to ensure their retention.

2. 2 VW's Behavioural Management Practice:

Employee positive or negative conversation with its corporation and its own management is dependant on the amount of satisfaction. An individual is determined to work proficiently when given appropriate

Page # 2

work environment with sufficient equipment. The behavior at work is directly affected by the overall atmosphere, the relationship with co-workers, job conditions and requirements, the remuneration deal and professional steadiness. The management must habitually practice to evaluate and treat constructively the needs and demands of its employees to get satisfactory and beneficial employee behaviour.

(i) In Context of Behavioural Management Ideas: Behaviour research is the analysis of individual conversation with the environment and management of such behavior is an essential component characterised to create direct effect on the success of an organization. The frustrating behaviour of an employee is an obvious indication of the machine failure as the overall worker's behavior is the representation of the management regulations. Sound policies responding to employee's needs including job security, peaceful atmosphere, stipulated necessary equipment, equality and professional progression is more likely to produce the breed of workforce needed for an ongoing profitable corporation. Mary Parker's behavioural management theory focuses on the fact that influential command is the main element to encourage employees as well as for that assessment with their job improvement capacity will gain. A Hawthorne study highlights the value of watching the rate of recurrence of behaviours and their outputs. An instantaneous responses on performance with sufficient information for personal correction is necessary to improve functioning. VW's methodology towards team development time is appreciable and is also in correct way. However, employees of today aren't limited to information instead ready to participate, talk about and discuss their own views and creative ideas for implementation. The worker is aware of the strengths and weaknesses highly relevant to the job and it is the one who may have increased knowledge and command over it and therefore knows how to control and increase the task.

2. 3 VW's Organizational Environment Practice:

Workforce of a business is actually compelled to work within groups where behaviour of employees may vary in line with the relevant circumstances, work conditions physical or state of mind. Provided the situation the environment of a business is rooted in the behavior of its employees. Organizational environment must be friendly, supportive and constructive by allowing the management and the common employees to go over and talk about their viewpoints.

Page # 3

Progressive organizations are inclined towards building excellent work position and appreciated atmosphere because of their workforce to be able to achieve desired results.

(i) In Framework of Organizational Environment Theories: An organization is made up of a group of people and resources helped bring mutually essentially for connections and conscious coordination to get a common goal or a target. The survival of exemplary environment is put through its equilibrium. There are many processes ongoing simultaneously within an business and the major difficulty is with proposing any change of composition because once the composition is developed it deters to adjust to environmental changes. Understanding the difference between formal and casual communication becomes a difficult task for command. The organizational environment theories underline the internal and external relationships; external resources serve as inputs which are further refined into goods and services leading to finished outputs in the environment. An available system is usually interacts with the surroundings while the sealed system is self centred and usually does not be accepted. VW's management is regularly working to develop a culture of quality where flexibility of speech, casual relationship, and service quality meetings can be executed as casual tactics. The idea is commendable yet challenging. The contingency theory emphasizes that the management must be adaptable to respond to environmental changes. Modern and scientific organizations have likelihood to alter the conventional strategies rapidly, therefore the management must adjust to change with positive behaviour. There may be mechanistic structured company where management is centralized at the very top monitoring its employees and it is stable, on the other hands organic composition of a business is decentralized and calling employees with a lesser control. Reasonable environment ensures the motivated and useful employees and causes the higher efficiency of the organization.

3. Drive:

There could be a single or a couple of reasons for individual behaviour, engaged in certain activity for the desired outcomes, the bottom for such activity is referred as Desire. Every person has needs and specific goals and human life is employed in satisfying those needs and to acquire the goals. To attain the sense of fulfilment and sense of achievement can be the best motivating factors. "Motivation identifies the initiation, path, depth and persistence of

Page # 4

human behaviour" Geen, (1994). Human being characteristics can be simple yet too intricate at once. Understanding of individuals characteristics is a pre-requisite for effective worker motivation which accounts for higher output.

Regimentation of aims, purpose and beliefs amongst the personnel, teams and organization is the most important aspect of drive. The better the positioning and personal relationship with organizational aims, the better the system for inspiration. Work organizations give you a amount of satisfaction for an individual which might include financial support, public engagements, mental and physical problems, self development, and sense of belonging and intellectual arousal. It is said to believe "Best businesses contain the best determined workers". It has been observed that the overall productivity of a business is increased with highly motivated employees compared to the business with poorly motivated workers.

3. 1 Ideas of Determination:

Motivation theories are the combo of needs, inducement, goals and reinforces.

Need Hierarchy Theory was put forth by Abraham Maslow, which is one of the most highly acclaimed and extensively mentioned theories of desire. He envisioned human needs relating to a hierarchical structure worth focusing on, from the lowest to highest, highlighting the five basic physiological needs, sense of security, sociable drives, self-confidence and need of self actualization. The management must pay huge amount of attention to the needs of employees and since the needs may vary from individual to individual, hence it is essential to implement an efficient system to evaluate employee's needs and furnish feasible solutions.

Herzberg's two factor ideas in accordance with Maslow's theory, suggested an idea that certain factors such as challenging work, sensible position and sense of acceptance may contribute as primary motivators but on the other side certain factors including desired salary, fringe benefits and appropriate environment, if absent may result as de-motivators. Regarding to his theory as multiple goals and benefits serve as precursor of drive, probability of de-motivation develops when perks and privileges do not can be found.

Page # 5

Hawthorne experiments of Elton Mayo focused on bonuses, pay-cheques and financial satisfaction to be the primary motivation factor. Folks are determined by pay and work conditions at more impressive range. Furthermore he presumed that attitude of individuals at work are highly inspired by the communities and work place. His theory concluded that human relations and the cultural needs of workers are crucial areas of business management.

Mc Roger's theory greatly emphasized on two basic sorts of managements which he categorised theoretically X and Theory Y. The management which comes under Theory X is thought to have a poor approach for the employees considering them untrustworthy and incapable. Theory Y addresses the sort of management having faith in their workers and thereby recognising their needs positively. He concluded that manager's view of the real human nature is dependant on a certain grouping of assumptions and tends to mold their behaviour towards subordinates according to these assumptions. Numerous ideas has been help with addressing the huge benefits and moral value of any altruistic method of treat acquaintances and workforce as human beings and respecting their dignity in all its forms, developing a phenomenon to comprehend that people can never be required to work, they'll work positively only if they would like to or otherwise if they are motivated. It's been observed that whenever an obvious likelihood is set up between performance and reinforcement, it brings about and keeps high levels of motivation.

3. 2 Analysing VWs Staff Motivation Strategy:

VW is a German supplier of automobiles which is the 3rd largest car company of the world. The name by itself indicates the worthiness for people as Volkswagen means "people's car" in German, (more virtually, folk's wagon). Within recent years the intricacy and dynamics within and outside organisations have dramatically altered. In this particular context, it has become prime concern of organisations to handle future-oriented, lively development which pursues an elementary goal i. e. , Stick out as a winner. The organization must propose additional benefits for employees, clients and stakeholders because only then will its culture, prices and products be taken care of immediately with dedication and interest.

(i) Structuring Remuneration Package and Benefits:

Volkswagen approach towards pay and benefits is commendable as it entails market research

Page # 6

and salary research. There is a continuous work behind structuring the salary deals and fringe benefits. However, there can be an important aspect just a bit ignored during the practice which is to require the workforce by itself to touch upon the remuneration structure thereby, visualising the basic desires and needs within the employees which in-turn will serve as a assisting tool for growing effective payroll strategy by keeping in view of employee's physiological needs as everyone really wants to be financially secure. Payroll must be structured such that the income level of an individual well addresses the living standard. Pay size must be determined by analysing certification, experience and skills of the staff and must be examined according to the efficiency level as reported by the relevant team. While worthwhile high performers, average and below average performers might feel neglected hence it is vital not just to discover the efforts by high performers but to concern certificate of contribution and non-monetary rewards to the others, recognising their efforts and to keep them within the string.

(ii) Stipulating Fundamental Equipment:

Ceaseless review of the budget for essential materials and equipment is strongly suggested. Necessary equipment is a pre-requisite as it enhances the work efficiency and performance degree of employees therefore promoting professional satisfaction and rewarding appreciation. In lack of the required material it is imbecilic to anticipate efficient service by the labor force. It really is appreciative that essential equipment can be furnished in accordance to a particular budget but smart management plan maintains control of the gear handling and propose for a budget review where necessary.

(iii) Management Training and Development:

Leadership training is vigorous only once sensibly articulated into the corporate culture with its positive intents and ideals. Development of a leader is only concentrated upon an individual personal attributes, behavior and strategy whereas, control development is emphasized on the process unfolding interpersonal associations, social affect process and team kinetics amidst leader and the team at the conjugation level. Volkswagen's strong organizational composition do not require just managers but desire for smart management which is essential for workforce desire and infusing energy in the team members. True leadership is what an ordinary employee can look up to, in order to adhere to success and efficiency. A powerful leader supports

Page # 7

trains and advances his staff, while increasing job satisfaction and genuine interest to do the job, within his team. Trustworthy leaders will probably produce splendid motivating spirits. "To help keep people motivated, you will need to display strong control, and make they feel they will work with you and not for you. " Corelli

(iv) Open up Lines of Communication:

Employees feel self-confident and equally dependable when they imagine they are respected. It stimulates a sense of incitement within the employees, producing a propitious work environment. "When a supervisor or team innovator approaches the place of work with a good, upbeat attitude about the work projects, that excitement should transfer to affiliates, thus creating a much better work environment for those. Leaders and supervisors, who are serious about maintaining a profitable work environment and motivating their staff to do their finest, need to talk to the associates to learn what is important to them. For example, some associates may well not appreciate public forms of recognition, while others will". Howell, (2000)

(v) Professional Content and Indemnity:

Highly trained and seasoned employee is an advantage to a corporation. Remnant of today's face paced work place is the increasing rate of job churn or employees turning one job to another within short time frames. Staff turnover is costly, triggering workforce instability, reduced efficiency, lower performance, and negative impact of the business. There could be variety of reasons in the background describing the boredom, frustrated, discontented and least interested behavior of the employees. Another essential requirement is the rewarding job offers which have a tendency to gratify the needs and basic requirements but occasionally employees want for more than simply compensation and rewards and tend to be inclined towards their visions and problems. The root cause might change due to the fact that humans respond, think, react and respond diversely relative to the relevant circumstances, however, the problem remains unchanged. Volkswagen as one of the giants in the auto business world is relentlessly involved in determining possible solutions to this emergence. In order to hold on to employees it must offer a package deal that satisfies financial, intellectual and the profession aspirations of a person.

Page # 8

(vi) Company Beliefs:

The value of your company presents culture, shared values, attitudes, companies, and behaviour patterns that characterize the users of a business. Values of an company naturally emphasize constant improvement of operations, transformation into a healthy office, satisfied customers, and an evergrowing, profitable business. The amount of employee's commitment with their work is directly associated with the degree to which the company beliefs are practiced. Ensure that the ideals of the business are strongly understood and equally treasured by the management and specific employee. Demonstrate professionalism, esteem, integrity and obligation as the primary values of the company. According to an integral estimate of Harvard Business Review "Companies that enjoy long lasting success have center values and a core purpose that stay set while their business strategies and routines endlessly adjust to a changing world. "

(vii) Service Quality Culture:

Volkswagen is among the very few corporation which thinks through, work diligently and proactively to generate the culture that will allow the company to succeed lasting. Culture is the distinctive personality of the business which indicates its strength, where it recognizes the needs of the workforce and affects the value created for the clients. Therefore, organizations make effort to comprehend what motivates their workforce and give them what they need to perform well by providing them clear mandates, working principles, resources, power, knowledge, and tools to allow them to fulfil their duties to draw out the best of their abilities and understand by rewarding them with techniques they value. Volkswagen is among such high calibre companies demonstrating successful conceptual thinking and having the ability to see habits among relatively diverse phenomena and thereby strengthening their employees and motivating them with good attitude. A highly effective organisational culture permits a two way process that occurs where employees help to influence the course of the organization prices system, through their individual beliefs and solutions they adopt. Something brilliance culture is whatever develops a feeling of responsibility and accomplishment collectively within employees, recognising their efforts and considering themselves as an integral part of the entire reputation and success of the company.

Motivation can either produce success to an organization or improve efficiency if it is

Page # 9

positive, on the other hand if employees are de - encouraged it is more likely to reduce profit margin and will impede overall productivity. The core eye-sight is to encompass human being behaviours, needs, behaviour and needs, as machines can operate in line with the desired level and largely produce exact results, but considering where humans act as a major workforce it will involve a thought process based on shared understanding in between the management and the employees. It really is highly recommended to understand associates yearn and needs and fulfilling them to some degree and in so doing motivating them to produce required results in the best interest of the business. The summation makes up about the fact that if appropriate inspiration level is taken care of within an firm, the management will gain beneficial associates.


A couple of individuals possessing particular knowledge, collectively attempting to attain a goal or goal; by collaborating and consolidating their knowledge and positively participating in healthy discussions. The essence of a team work is togetherness and the success lies within its concrete management, which accounts for the output of an organization. It is well resolved that "If you break down barriers, misunderstandings, prejudices, insecurities, divisions, territories and hierarchies - you commence to create teams".

4. 1 Team Contribution to improve Productivity: Firm belief in the consistency and trust upon the integrity of the members will be the prerequisites of your productive team. The level of co-operation and understanding builds strong bondage between individuals. Every person in an efficient and beneficial team is available to support and encourage the co-workers for the conclusion of required process. Following will be the characteristics by which teams can contribute effectively in the success of a business.

(i) Credence on the Management: It is vital that a high level of trust and confidence is present within the associates upon the command. True leader ensure that every individual of the team is similarly supported, respected, privileged and noticed. The quantity of persistence and credible efforts for keeping the team members within the string enhances approval and faith of the members which results in high performance.

Page # 10

(ii) Solidarity of the Users: Every team member must positively participate to explicitly discuss the team method and functioning to attain the goal or a exclusive objective. The entire team will share mutually arranged approach, mechanics, norms, goals and rules to follow. The unity of team pledge because of its success.

(iii) Articulate Purpose: The team must arranged clear and concentrated objectives and translate into well-defined concrete milestones against any measured road blocks. Much larger goals and targets are often accessible accompanied by a habit of practicing a series of small wins.

(iv) Colloquial Mood & Group Involvement: Environment to function effectively as a team requires being informal, homely and comfortable enough for every member to open up lines of communication with ease, but must remain pertinent to the goal of the team. This promotes bringing about creative ideas and unique concepts and gives equal freedom of conversation to all or any. Another essential requirement would be that the associates become easygoing with the other person and feels that everybody is equally listened to and reputed.

(v) Dissolving Perplexity: Where there is liberty of speech confusions and disagreements are likely to occur. Agile and wise groups welcome disagreements and complexities to test their brilliance and understanding. Reasons are carefully evaluated and a midway is figured out to resolve the issues. In case of an opposition to a general agreement, an obvious consensus is utilized for a good outcome.

(vi) Constructive Criticism: Healthy and positive criticism is highly valued as it provides pivotal grounds to review and evaluate critical decisions. Criticism must be arbitrary and benefaction focused toward eliminating an obstacle that is hindering the way of a team to achieve goals.


Intellectual management serves as a catalyst to amplify work level and overall performance of the apprentice. Volkswagen approach towards lowering maximum doing from their teams is remarkably good. However, there are multiple actions which can add value to the existing strategy of the business to ensure high amount of performance and matchless effectuation.

Page # 11

5. 1 Appropriate Selection: While selecting a candidate it is ideal to analyse the characteristics complementing the work mother nature. Selection must be based on the relevant skills, a mixture of technical, problem handling and social skills take into account effective performance. A right set of folks at the right put on the right time are the key for an effective team and productive organization.

5. 2 Specifying Codes of Carry out: Identifying guidelines is necessary for developing emphasis, receptivity, dedication and trust. Guidelines must be well-defined and firmly governed without discriminating position and genders. The most crucial guidelines may pertain to attendance, behavior, confidentiality, contributions, positive confrontation and end product orientation which must be establish as a code of carry out.

5. 3 Establish Large Goals: The basic starts from the actual fact that each and every team member has an activity to achieve. It is necessary to make every specific believe that the team has significant purposes and jobs and there is high level of expectation associated using their performance. There has to be a feeling of worth from the tasks apart from being easy or difficult. A solid team is build when every member recognizes that they are a vital part of a substantial accomplishment.

5. 4 Praise and Understanding: That is a natural need within humans to be praised and rewarded upon successful completion of a job or a great accomplishment. Intelligent organizations never ignore this fact and develop ways of encourage their labor force by appreciating their initiatives.

5. 5 Producing Sense of Direction: That is another important aspect of team building to build up sense of course amongst the users. The team head or the supervisor must efficiently spread tasks and offer sufficient guidance by defining tasks and adopting clear direction towards the common goal.

5. 6 Building Team Heart: Assign performance oriented small tasks that allows the subordinates to increase and undertake additional responsibilities. The idea generated by such challenging but possible goals is not limited by overall output but to judge the

Page # 12

mobility of potential team. This will in return improve the heart of the team and build a powerful bond of togetherness.

5. 7 Staff Empowerment: A technique which permits employees to decide for themselves will probably be worth giving as it evolves a sense of responsibility and helps those to take charge with their work and study from their mistakes. It is a reliable process for permitting people to add effectively in the continuous improvement and ongoing success of the organization.


Positive and reinforcement and appropriate motivational strategies are the compulsion of modern firm where employees are completely alert to their rights and understand the importance of their tasks in the output and profitability of a business. The progress level heightens when the structure of the business is concrete and is based upon specific ideals and contemporary culture, where a worker is empowered and actively participating in the development of the company. Volkswagen (South Africa) has effectively managed to create a intensifying atmosphere and the management has comprehended the necessity to focus on retaining employees' loyalty and determination. The initiatives and strategies of the business towards maintain their internal environment is customized with excellence and absolutely amazing. However, the underlying simple truth is still unaltered as your competition is rising and workforce has variety of options to choose from potential opportunities hence the problem to retain determined and loyal workforce has become complexes. The concept is perfect for employers to understand the significance of skilful employees and also to ensure their satisfaction.

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