Stress Desirable And Undesirable Health And Social Attention Essay

We have to be aware that all stress is not negative. Selye a famous psychologist organised for two categories of stress, namely good or appealing stress (eustress) and bad or undesirable stress (distress). Eustress is nice, or at least challenging, and it always produced maximization of outcome. It is evident that without this positive interior stimuli no one can succeed in ones life. Problems is something negative and has no capacity to keep an eye on or control a stress loaded event in ones life. Here one fails to control oneself and become a slave to stress creating distress and damage to oneself and also to the organization he or she belongs. A physical or mental response is necessary that occurs stress in any living being. (Middleton, 2009).

Occupational stress among medical professionals has been a global problem for years now. It could have a detrimental mental and physical health consequences and can lead to diminished satisfaction with one's job. For a small group of employees it may also lead to a burnout and ill leaves. Job stress thus has not only negative repercussions on themselves, also for the business they work. Estimates are that 10% of the Gross Country wide Product in Europe is lost credited to stress related absenteeism and turnover. Although absenteeism' in healthcare is declining recent years, it is still high compared to other nerve-racking occupational options such as education, catering industry or move (Roy, 2010)

The researcher has completed this analysis in a private medical center in India called Jubilee Memorial Clinic Thiruvananthapuram. In this research the researcher has centered on the occupational stress of the nurses. This study is an attempt to identify the reason and repercussions of occupational stress of the nurses. This research will identify the need to have a powerful stress management technique to promote quality nursing care in the hospital.


Occupational stress can be discussed as 'a pain which is felt and identified at a personal level and brought about by instances that are too powerful and recurrent in nature so as to exceed someone's coping capacities and resources to handle them sufficiently'. (Perriwe and Gavoster, 2010) Information from researches shows that certain individuals in a number of occupations are progressively more exposed to unacceptable levels of job-related atmosphere it creates them burnout (Aamodt, 2009). Therefore, Occupational stress can be explained as 'a harmful physical and psychological response that occur when the requirements of a job do not match the functions of the staff member'. "This pressure at the job can maintain positivity, resulting in increased efficiency" (Baer, 2006). However, when this pressure becomes too much to handle, they have a negative impact. Here the individuals look themselves as being unable to deal and not to possess the necessary skills to task this example (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009),

Advancements in the professional medical industry combined with latest technologies in the medical research have increased the quantity of people being able to access the services of the healthcare industry today. The increased variety of nurses in nursing homes have proportionately increased their efforts to deliver their best services to the patients. Thus specialists like nurses employed in hospitals face significant amount of job stress. Therefore is having serious emotional and physical effects on those individuals as well to the patients who seek their services (Baer, 2006).


Generally there are many resources of occupational stress such as personal goals, employment decisions, sociable pressures, living preparations, relationships, physical health, information overload, etc (Olpin & Hesson, 2009). Apart from the factors mentioned above there are few important options that pertain directly to the research subject. The first one of them is Work Overload. It occurs when the job requires unnecessary work speed, result, or concentration. Second of all Work Under weight. It is having work that is too simple or is inadequate to fill one's talents. Third an example may be Underutilization that occurs when workers feel, the job does not use their work related knowledge (Gurung, 2010). Fourthly, Process demands that include the design of the individual's job, working conditions, and the physical work layout. Again, Role Needs are those stresses positioned on a person as a function of this role he or she plays in an business. (Irving et. , al. 2010). Role overload is a common grief that portrayed when the worker is expected to do more than time permits. Another cause of job stress is Job Ambiguity. It occurs when jobs and requirements are not clearly discussed ( Hales, 2009).

Role Discord is another important way to obtain occupational stress. For instance, a worker's job may require unnecessary overtime that issues with the worker's family roles of partner and parent or needing to play different jobs at work concurrently can cause stress. Another important source of work stress results form personnel sensing that they have little control over the work environment and over their own work tendencies. Research signifies that providing workers with a sense of control over their work place, through techniques such as providing them with a tone in decision making operations or allowing them to plan their own work jobs, reduces work stress and raises job satisfaction (Kavitha, 2009).

Stress can develop from issues in growing and marinating romantic relationships with other folks in the work setting up. Organisational Change is another way to obtain stress. Some typically common change situations that lead to worker stress include: changes in work system and work technology, change in company plan and managerial or employees changes. Some chief executive officers create culture characterized by tension, fear, and panic. They even force to establish unachievable to perform in the short run, impose too much restricted control. They even routinely fire employee who don't measure. Apart from these previously listed factors there can be other specific factors that can cause occupational stress (Middleton, 2009).


Occupational Stress is a significant ongoing issue out there of nursing. Lack of organizational support, increased technical developments, personal and family romantic relationship issues etc. , also can contribute to the mental exhaustion of the nurses. Aside from these, the very aspect of the career, the intense and rigid work routines, contact with pain and post distressing incidents of life, etc. also can lead them to stress ( Wicks, 2006).

The impact of stress in the life span of Nurses needs to be dealt with almost importance. Stress of nurses has strong effects on important work results especially in the grade of health care in a hospital. Stress always triggered decreased work performance and increased absenteeism and turnover in medical care industry. The consequence of occupational stress that results from overwork is seen in the condition called burnout among the nurses (Scott, 2009). A nurse experiencing burnout became less full of energy and less considering her jobs. He or she will be psychologically exhausted, apathetic, frustrated, irritable and weary. They tend to find fault with all aspects in their work environment, including co-workers, and respond adversely to the recommendations of others even to the patients of the care. Here the quality of their work deteriorates but not necessarily the number. (Thomas, 2009) The fast change in medication protocols and the introduction of new procedures and instruments may frustrate nursing staff when they are not given adequate training and time to incorporate these changes to their profession and work habits (Middleton, 2009).


Nursing is a highly stressful profession as they deliver uncompromising services to the patients in an exceedingly highly stressful job environment. It combines lots of highly specialized tasks necessitating expert knowledge and personal engagements with patients necessitating empathy and compassion. The nursing profession is now very advanced and complicated. Increased job stress is prevalent among the list of nurses and therefore the recognition of way to obtain stress and effective coping device is very important for health of nurses as well as the vocation itself. It can have undesirable mental and physical health consequences and can result in lowered satisfaction with one's job (Weiner & Craighead, 2010).

The hospital decided on for the study is a 250 bedded multi niche hospital that was proven in the entire year 1975. It had been given the prize to discover the best Health Care provider honor by the State government in 2002. The organization received the Citizen Award in 2004. A couple of 115 nurses used in the hospital. It has different departments like Basic Medicine, Basic & Minimal invasive Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetric, Pediatric Orthopedic, ENT, Dental, Eye, Skin Clear plastic& PLASTIC SURGERY, Cardiology, Neurology, Chest Medicine, Urology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Pathology and Anesthesiology. There's a Nursing School mounted on a healthcare facility that helps bring about quality nursing education. A healthcare facility thus educates more than 200 students annually through its Nursing and Para- medical education companies. A healthcare facility has facilities to perform a wide variety of surgeries. The Hospital comes with an average quantity of 200 inpatients and 750 outpatients per day. A healthcare facility conducts health, immunization, and understanding program in the rural regions of the state rewarding its public responsibility.

Occupational stress among the list of Nurses has been a global problem for a long time now. The researcher has selected Jubilee Memorial hospital for conducting the study because the researcher is a field work trainee as of this organization during his prior studies. Main observation of the researcher is that there are visible known reasons for stress one of the nurses in this hospital such as, Primary responsibility and heavy work insert, Depleting interpersonal connections, Conflicts with health professionals and other medical personnel, Unable to maintain a balance between work and home demand, Continual witness to serious accidental injuries and deaths and so forth. Though there are several other stress related issues existing in a healthcare facility, they seem to be to be oblivious of the of the impact from it. A research in this area will provide good awareness of the present situation to the Nurses and a healthcare facility management. The tips will be a key to the near future interventions to possess an improved coping mechanism to market quality attention in the hospital.

1. 12. Limits OF THE STUDY

Since the researcher has limited respondents for his review the generalisation of the analysis is limited therefore it can't be applied to the complete of Nursing professionals. The prefixed time of the completion of the research is another restriction of the study. The use of self prepared questionnaire and the interview schedule each one of these were tied to time and availability. It consumed lots of time, energy and money. The appearance through the questionnaire can even be biased and limited.


The review on Occupational stress of the nurses and its own impact is vividly detailed in five chapters.

Chapter - 1: This chapter is an release of the research topic itself. A short justification of stress, occupational stress, it's triggers and it's impact out there of nurses, a short description of the organizational account, research question, purpose and objectives and need for the analysis is explained here.

Chapter - 2: The next section is the review of literature examining the existing body of literature on stress and occupational stress.

Chapter -3: The 3rd chapter will clarify the methodology used in the research. Different techniques used to assemble data for the purpose of research and its relevance, the problems encountered by the researcher to obtain relevant data etc are described in this chapter.

Chapter -4: The fourth chapter deals with the analysis of the data collected and the studies are included. On this section the researcher will strongly examine the bond between the aims, reviewed books and the studies.

Chapter -5: The past portion of this research statement is advice and relevant conclusion.


In the modern era, nursing profession is a difficult occupation. This analysis will critically analyse various resources of the occupational stress of the Nurses and its own negative impact on their profession. It really is certain that future interventions to prevent stress in nurses will be offered as a typical part of an advantage offer within all healthcare organizations. The researcher is optimistic that the Nursing profession will have lowered amount of stress and a well toned increased coping device which will subsequently increase job satisfaction and increased quality work performance in Medical Care.

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