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Stress And Pain In Labour HEALTH INSURANCE AND Social Health care Essay

Labour is some events that occurs in the genital organs in order to expel the practical products of conception through the vagina in to outside world. During labour, the women experience some extent of stress, irritation and severe pain as her system responds to the consequences of physical changes that make her to provide labor and birth. Labour process is a real phenomenon. Through the labour period mother have stress, stress and anxiety, uncomfortableness and severe pain. A medical meaning of pain is an upsetting sensory and mental experience associated with genuine or potential injury. The investigator experienced seen several primigravida moms during first level of labour with severe pain and discomfort. During the professional medical experience. So that minimizing maternal discomfort and severe pain perception poor result of labour. And promoting the maternal comfort the nurse can help the mom to get rest from pain and fighting.

The medical management with ambulation has significant effect on improve maternal comfort, outcome of labour and reduce pain perception which really helps to promote the comfort of the mother and its use is simple and comes with an significant therapeutic care and attention.

The main analysis was conducted at Maternal and child healthy GOSHA hospital, vizianagaram district Andhra Pradesh. The 60 primi gravida moms who satisfied the inclusive and exclusive criteria were picked for the study, out which 30 mothers were experimental group and 30 of them control group and sample selected by using simple arbitrary sampling method by lottery method. Mom who emerged under group A lottery should come under the experimental group and mother who came up under group B lottery will come under control group. After evaluating the pre test level of maternal comfort, pain conception the investigator provided ambulation technique for experimental group. Ambulation is a gradual walking for 15mts with the interval of 15mts analysis of each primi gravida moms in experimental group. Program hospital involvement for control group. Following the third program the post test level of maternal comfort, pain conception and away come of labour was evaluated by using maternal comfort analysis tool and visual rating range and have scored.

The studies of the analysis revealed that the determined 't' value was The 't' value of the amount of maternal comfort between experimental and control group is8. 13. The 't' value of the amount of pain understanding between experimental and control group is15. 1. The't' value of the results of labour between experimental and control group is 8. 63 which confirmed low statistical significant at (p<0. 05) in the comparability of degree of maternal comfort, pain perception and outcome of labour of experimental group and control group.

Association of post analysis level of maternal comfort, pain understanding and result of labour with preferred demographic parameters of experimental group with experimental and control group confirmed that there was no statistical significance.


The present review assessed the potency of ambulation to boost maternal comfort, result of labour and reduction of pain understanding during first level of labour among primi gravida moms in Mch gosha hospital vizianagaram area, Andhra Pradesh. The results of the study concluded that making the ambulation during first level of labour to the primi gravida moms was effective to improve maternal comfort, results of labour and reducing the labour pain belief. The ambulation is easy to use, not painful and can boost comfort in mother with first level of labour. So, could easy to adopt a regular treatment. Therefore, the investigator thought that more importance should be given to the assessment of labour pain using standard scale following the treatment of ambulation can get as non-pharmacological measures to improve improvement of maternal comfort, result of labour and reduced amount of labour pain understanding.


The investigator has derived from the study, the following implications, that happen to be of vital, concern in neuro-scientific medical practice, nursing education, nursing supervision and nursing research.


The midwives who will work in maternity device have a essential role to experiment with in providing secure and efficient nursing good care to the labouring mom. Enhance to boost maternal comfort, out come of labour and reduction of labour pain perception. This is facilitated by motivating the nurse midwives to

Have a detailed knowledge on physiological changes during labour and management during labour.

Learn about correct assessment of maternal comfort, result of labour and pain by using standard and appropriate analysis and pain scales.

Develop skill in providing useful nursing care for effective pain management during labour and promote comfort.

Teach the primi moms during antenatal period about the potency of various non pharmacological options for reduction of pain during labour.


Ensure that the students learn the normal physiological changes during labor and its management.

Provide adequate scientific visibility for the students to provide secure and efficient nursing care and attention in reduced amount of labour pain conception. and promotes maternal comfort and improve end result of labour.

Make use of available literatures and studies related to non-pharmacological methods for pain relief and maternal comfort during labour.

Educate the students about various complementary and different therapies for pain management in labour, maternal comfort and end result of labour.

Encourage the students for effective usage of research based methods.


Collaborative with regulating body to formulate standard plans and protocols to point out nursing care and attention during labour.

Conduct in-service program and continuing education program for effective pain management and promote comfort during labour

Ensure and conduct workshops, conferences, seminars on non-pharmacological methods to reduce labour pain conception during first level of labor.


As a nurse researcher, promote more research on effective pain management and promote maternal comfort during labour

Disseminate the finding of the research through conferences, training seminars and posting in nursing journal.

Promote effective usage of research conclusions on labour pain management.


The study recommends the next future research. . .

The similar study can be conducted with much larger examples for better generalization.

A comparative research can be conducted to evaluate the maternal comfort labour pain belief and results of labour between primi and multi moms.

A review to assess the knowledge and practice of nurse midwives with regard ambulation for maternal comfort, labour pain management.

A review to assess the data and attitude of nurse midwives on complementary and substitute therapies for labour pain management.

A study can be conducted to assess the effectiveness of other nursing steps such as rub, music, hot water bath, inhaling exercise on maternal comfort, pain understanding and end result labour. During first level of labour.


Only limited literatures and studies was from the Indian context.

The study would have been better if large samples for better generalization.

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