Strengths And Weaknesses Of Competition Marketing Essay

The product operating marketing mixture is intangible in aspect. Because of this intangibility, the company could find it difficult to comprehend how consumers understand their services. For creating a good customer support, the service marketing consultancy should stress on tangible cues and also create a strong organizational image. This can be done by conversing clearly to the clients the top features of the service being provided.

Ufone's cellular service excels its rivals at all levels. When a new product is launched it involves complete deal of design features, quality, brand and after sales service. Ufone understands and value its customers therefore its key emphasis is on U.

Post-Pay And Prepay Services Are Offered By Ufone In Telecom Sector:

Ufone Prepay

Ufone prepay service is segmented for the children. They can be divided based on their status and age group. They use pre-paid credit cards to recharge every time they need.

Ufone Post-Pay

Ufone post pay is meant for the business or executive category people who need making telephone calls on a regular basis for business goal. Special value added services receive to create pay customers.

U share

Other services of ufone include u show. Prepay consumers can now send their balance to the other person through a simple SMS in 3 easy steps.

Mobile Amount Portability

Ufone welcomes consumers to achieve their mobile phones to best service. Through the mobile amount portability (MNP), readers can keep mobile phone amounts when they change operators. It therefore 0300-xxxxxx xxxxxxx-0345 can be ufone customer in the MNP system.


Cellular companies are facing major competition in prices because customers consider price as primary of brand selection. Therefore ufone also consider price as major differentiation. It offers least call rates. Ufone projects to fully capture existing needs of customers utilize them well on timely basis. For example call rates offered on Eid days are very economical, in the same way hourly rates in Ramadan when they are less inclined to be utilized. It's an excellent strategy to boost the brand image in the minds of customers in charges conditions and also gain earnings in doing this. Ufone offer their services at lower prices and affordable.

Ufone post pay offers you unmatched call designs to suit your style and after contact. Use your backside ufone for business or leisure and stay connected on a regular basis.

Pricing method:

Because of the high quality of service call rates prices are established at cost plus a top quality price.

Pricing strategy

Pricing strategy plays an essential role for a show in market where competitors giant is already working and moving forward. Ufone implemented low pricing ways of reach their goals. Pakistan human population mostly contains the middle class and working category people. Within this view of low costs technique for ufone gets the attention of several customers. Ufone use energetic prices strategy and market penetration prices strategy to meet up with the needs of its customers also to face compotators.


Place is vital for the circulation and campaign of services. Competition are always looking to broaden their network atlanta divorce attorneys part of Pakistan. In cases like this Mobilink comes with an edge because it's the pioneer of mobile telephonic service.

Ufone has designed to broaden its coverage in all parts of Pakistan to meet the increasing demand of its customer foundation. Now ufone is expending its network in northern areas. Ufone has vast promotion in metropolitan areas, but it's considering increasing it in rural areas.

Ufone added 4. 0 million clients in 20011-12 compared with the addition of 6. 5 million in the last yr. Ufone added the largest range of cell sites in 20011-12. With the addition of these, total cell sites come to to 3471. Ufone is a network operator who works together with a network of more than 365 franchises and 25 company-owned customer support centers plus a distribution network of 150, 000 retailers nationwide. Ufone covers more than 5442 places.

Ufone keeps on adding new cities to grow superior network. Ufone covering all the major metropolitan areas in Pakistan now consumers can enjoy thorough coverage in areas including the GT highway, the highway super highway etc. And wherever they are simply in Pakistan, ufone continues them connected.

Geographical coverage:

Ufone aims to provide users with a wider coverage, superior connectivity, clear alerts and sound quality which covers more than 5442 destinations, ufone is the best way to stay static in touch.

It is split into four regions, which can be the following:






Ufone use mixture of different campaign tools which is called included marketing tools. Ufone is engaged in different programs and activities to provide value to consumers. These activities or programs are organized to increase communication outcome.

These stations includes:-


Through advertising people get consciousness about the product and have the ability to choose the best one to meet their needs in neuro-scientific mobile marketing communications.

Electronic Media

Ufone utilizes electronic digital media through television set advertising. Ufone is having a great deal of advertising on tv, with their clients about the offers and the latest products. Interesting part is that adheres to satisfy with its funny appeal and performing a really good job at that. Ufone is famous for its own design of humorous ads that really became the have a discussion of the city.

Print Media

Ufone offers positively its advertising in paper form as well. They are used in several ways as a means to market the brand. Ufone adverts is seen in magazines and magazines.


Paintings (including the skyscrapers) are the main sources to promote ufone. New collections are displayed or any updates about the product features. And you may see the different types of advertising on television set and billboards.

Word Of Oral cavity (Hype):

Ufone is typically the most popular of all companies in the telecom sector in Pakistan. Thanks to the advertising campaign, which remain in peoples brain for a long time. As ufone is typically the most popular in the young ones, youth is the reason that refers to their friends and relatives to use it proudly.

SMS Marketing

Ufone not only employ the electronic multimedia and promotional activities. But Ufone is also marketing new plans and updates independently, that is, through Text message. Ufone is focused on hold on to existing customers to get on the network operator considered another. Marketing through Text message, Ufone makes consumers aware, with new elements that are launched.

Internet Marketing

There are users who are productive users. They hook up and communicate through the internet. These users try to find alternatives through the internet. Ufone site (www. ufone. com) has a assortment of information about the product, services and coverage, positioning, and value-added services.

Personal Selling

Ufone also uses per reselling techniques for its post pay links targeting businessmen and well to do individuals.

Public Relations

Ufone less considers its general public relation. But it has recently released "Hajj Guide" service.

Direct Marketing

Ufone has umbrella in-road franchises were they immediately sell their Sims and interconnection.

We can say that ufone has gained where it is now through excellent special offers.


There is hard main competition between the cellular companies in Pakistan. Ufone is a competition in the market in its competitive position, where Mobilink is the leading company in the market. Warid, Telenor, Zong recently introduced in this field. Ufone gets the following four direct opponents: -





Competitive Strategy:

Competitive strategies are ufone customer intimacy and differentiation. Ufone seeks to move the business lead of Mobilink in the competitive competition.

Market Styles:

Latest upgrade of PTA number of subscribers reveals very interesting results. The characters showed the total subscriber basic of mobile services to attain 95, 500, 000. Previous update requires this amount up to 95900000 shows the cheapest progress rate of 0. 13% this year. Telenor and Mobilink both revealed an increase in the number of subscribers, almost neck of the guitar to throat in the numbers. More interesting statistics are Ufone, which has gained hardly any in July and lost a great deal in two months. Warid and Zong also do not visit a significant upsurge in the period from July to September.

Market Show:

Business screen international (BMI) rated Pakistan as a significant vacation spot for the expansion of telecommunications. BMI ratings considers a number of factors, including the position and industry, and the expansion potential, competitive landscaping, economy and political risks, therefore mobile providers want to avoid competition on price simply, they will have to contend for superior service, and innovative features and simplicity.

Mobilink -Reshaping Lives

Mobilink entered the market in 1994 as the first choice on the market both in conditions of growth as well as greater joint customers for more than 30 million and growing.

Telenor- Smart Call

Telenor, a recent entrant with about one billion U. S. us dollars investment in Pakistan is okay, on the basis of its recent earnings record. Have about 24% of the marketplace.

Ufone -It's ABOUT You

Ufone, a wholly possessed subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL), is currently under the control of Etisalat band of United Arab Emirates. It offers more than 8. 8 million subscribers.

Warid -We Care

Warid Telecom is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Group & SingTel Group. Warid Telecom is backed by the Abu Dhabi Group, a big business conglomerate in the Middle East and a significant entrepreneur in Pakistan. With 5. 9 million customers on the market, which handles 17% of the marketplace.

Zong -Say It All

Zong is the first international brand of China mobile being launched in Pakistan. It really is meant to permit and liberate the people of Pakistan. Zong subscribers are 3, 146, 763.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Competitors


At the very best of the set of Pakistani mobile companies Mobilink. With an increase of than 30 million clients has the greatest market show. Its shares are stated in London and Egyptian stock marketplaces (OTLD).

Strengths and weaknesses in Mobilink (major rival):


Extensive network

International brand

Network capacity

Leading Telecommunications Company in Pakistan.

Strong brand name

Good coverage



Rising prices

Foreign brand

Less known in the culture


High tax rates

Competition basic Ufone and Mobilink has been quality, price and delivery to customers.


Telenor Pakistan is the country's solitary largest European overseas direct investor, with investments more than $2 billion. It attained a GSM certificate in 2004 and began commercial procedures on March 15, 2005.

At the end of Dec 2011 it possessed a reported customer base of 28. 11 million, and a market talk about of 24%.


Network quality and design

Superior customer care

Financial strength

Excellent coverage and distribution

Contract with Siemens and Nokia

Brand image of quality.


Relatively low market share

Low revenue margins

Negative cash flows in the first years.


Warid premiered in Pakistan 23 May 2005. Warid telecom is supported by the Abu Dhabi group, a big business conglomerate in the centre East and a significant buyer in Pakistan.


Experienced higher management

Compatible prices

Effective marketing strategy


High degrees of fees and fees minutes

Delayed activities


Zong is an integral part of china mobile Pakistan (CMPAK), a 100% subsidiary of china mobile. The session of major overseas involves china mobile through the acquisition of a certificate from Millicom to operate a GSM network in Pakistan.


Operators, if unchecked, could impede market expansion.

Transport network


Government deal

High progress rate

The first company that made mobile.



Mobile of china, and the understanding of men and women around china mobile not good. So a low resale value.

Weak signals

Old Staff

Sustainable Competitive Advantage:

Ufone gets the advantage over competitors gained by offering higher value to consumers. Ufone strategy is to obtain additional and more competitive edge. Ufone currently is enjoying the following competitive advantages: -

Lowest overall call rates

Value-added services (VAS)

Call stop service

Corporate color

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