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The adventure filled world of writing commences early and lasts a lifetime for many professional writers, editors and researchers. While the basic grammar, vocabulary, formatting and planning procedures are common knowledge, an intensification of motivation and purpose would be necessary to excel.

A variety of writing assignments come your way during the prolonged years of school and college education. Reflective and expressive, informative, expository and argumentative are some common slants with their own particular requirements and approaches. First, you learn the general essay writing skills that apply to most types. Essays are merely attempts at depicting a subject cursorily while case studies, critiques and research would be more formal, sustained pieces of writing of high seriousness where some problem is taken up and solutions found for intrinsic purposes. Critiques or reviews serve no such altruistic purpose built test the analytical skills, opinions and understanding of a book, film or drama, perhaps, even music and painting, art and sculptures.

Like the sun that shines universally, everything can essentially be written about and creativity, analysis, description and arguments are some of the weapons wielded by writers. A basic love for language and an awareness of the technicalities would be essential to reach far in the writing process. The strengths and weaknesses essay also adopts a variety of methods and reveals character and personality. Mature adults hardly write such things. Analysis of the self is crucial to development, recommended by religious principles too.

The case study method forms a particularly effective weapon. Taking up a person, group or infrastructure for study and analysis reveals a lot that is not obvious at first glance. In fact the purpose of such a study is to get at the root of things, revealed through surveys for instance. Nowadays the digital media has become a mighty ally. The different facets of the study reveal naked truths. What originally looked like an elephant is now revealed to be a cow.

Perhaps a few case study topics would aid a deeper appreciation. Case studies of environmental, digital culture, depression and suicide, eating disorders, homesickness and alcohol problems are some examples. We identify the ifs and buts like writing a strengths and weaknesses essay on a particular phenomenon.

Getting into more serious researched writing processes

Applying the same principles, the task to how to critique an article would be more elaborate, an evaluation of quality. Passing judgment on the quality of the writing would naturally compare with other articles on a similar subject like if the article was about movies. The internet would reveal other articles that form a mirror like approach. The sources cited in the article can also be looked into for relevance and good standing. References would need to be carefully studied. The article must have positive approaches and trey range of thoughts and ideas should impress. Original arguments have a ring of truth like genuine metals. Look out for plagiarism and that is easily done with online software. Finally the language qualities of correctness and grammar, the range of expression and fluency would matter.

In some senses, a writing a critical essay looks at similar qualities in a piece of writing and even a book, a phenomenon, a work of art or plans and policies. Analysis lies at the core of the writing and various factors come into play. The relevance, topicality, intrinsic value, applicable to the needs of society are some considerations. The approach is not all that difficult because we are constantly passing judgments. Whenever you witness a movie, watch a game, go shopping or attend parties or picnics, analysis, appreciation, opinions, and comparisons are being mooted. Some of the same skills would apply to criticism, but with more serious approaches. Comparing with similar things would be essential since we understand better by comparison. If budgets and prices are involved, they do form an important part of the agenda. If it’s a book, the quality of printing and the attractiveness of the cover are surely crucial besides the price.

What happens while discussing academic strengths and weaknesses essay? The merit of a piece of writing or a book can be interpreted with many approaches, political, social, religious, economic and racial, to name a few. Academic refers to the study and systematic analysis. The power of observation, search for deeper meanings, cause and effect, impact upon society and clarity of language and argument are some salient factors. Learning to point out academic pros and cons is a specialized activity and teachers would excel at such approaches. Research forms the core of our intellectual existence.

While we have seen that the strengths and weaknesses essay could apply in general to lots of things, the personal strengths and weaknesses essay could be more specific to an individual. Though the idea could be applied to any contemporary or historical figure and biographies and autobiographies exist by the hundred, it could refer to you. Is it possible to analyze oneself? Quite certainly and it is quite necessary, even at a young age. Know thyself is a mighty truth. Thus you know what you are good at and also aware of the deficiencies and there are bound to be some since we are no gods. Knowing weaknesses may help in the process of getting rid of them. Management of the problem would help sooner or later in getting rid of the handicap.

Give a lot of attention to the my strengths and weaknesses essay! Every child has written it and if every citizen wrote that, it would profoundly impact humanity. Many problems arise because we do not really know who we are. Spiritual concerns apart, delineating our roles in the social situation or family and professional duties would go a long way in establishing identity.

The time has come to brainstorm some topics:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of my writing portfolio
  • The doctor’s professional strengths and weaknesses
  • How would you rate the strengths and weaknesses of the environmental augmentation plan?
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