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Strategies to provide Service Quality in Healthcare





First we have to define what service quality is, service quality that's where we determine either the delivered service is doing well on your client expectations. We have been doing the diagnosis method for us to determine our quality service we offer to our loved customers to make improve to your service and immediately realize the problems for the sake of client's satisfaction (service quality, 2015).

In order to attain service quality we have to use the 6 service sizes, what exactly are those? They are the individual centeredness, equity, safety, efficiency, success, and timeliness. First is safety, safety means we do no injury to our client with our care exemplory case of this is the New Zealand Red Cross, there are promoting medical training so that when someone experiencing cardiac arrest, heart attack or even drowned they know how to do the right way of presenting CPR to the victim hence promoting safe safe rescue.

Second effectiveness this means corresponding science to care so if science said if that this drug can help up within this health problems or disorder of course we use that drug but when science said this can't help we will not use that drug, in conclusion averting overuse of things that can't help and assuming using the things that do help avoiding under use, that's success learning science with care.

Third patient centeredness our customer have the power to regulate of his own attention, they have your choice on what influences in their health, so giving these they have the choice on what to do in their own attention.

Fourth timeliness, Air New Zealand have a system build to east enough time waste of their clients in consequence many of their passengers come again to them for their good services they provide. So we must follow the footsteps of Air New Zealand by evading delays people are familiar with waiting, we waiting for an appointment to see the doctor or we hang on a long time into see the doctor in emergency room, timeliness is important measurements of service quality, you don't want a put it off everywhere on the health care and attention service so timeliness is decreasing delays.

Fifth efficiency like Caltex they doing improvement for his or her fuel to produce a high grade fuel efficiency for their much loved customer that's is the reason why they will be the leading gasoline supplier more recently. Efficiency is just how we stop squandering unnecessary method or stuff so that the time need on that care is been serve well in the fullness and timely.

Sixth equity which means closing the distance in justice of healthcare in essence right now the biggest predictor of your health status in our country continue to be is your race, you know someone race someone find out about their future in health you do not know most anything I could inform you of them, a dark baby given birth to in the location lower part more this years has a life expectancy of a guy it's a seven or eight years significantly less than white baby that's the quality aspect to equity (Defining Quality: Aiming for a Better HEALTHCARE System, 2012).

Patient centeredness, equity, safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness those will be the names of proportions of quality that the Auckland Region Health Mother board should focus on.

Servqual Model


Gap 5


Gap 3 Difference 4

Gap 1 (Quality) (Design)


Gap 2



Gap 1 (Consumer) this is between what your client expect and what CEO think client's expect, for example am your client and I visit a 5 star hotel therefore i expect as i came there is a parking space available for me, a free of charge movie solution or a solution with a best show, a high fast rate free Wi-Fi internet so when I don't get all this thing whatever good experience is there is a difference because I do not get what I expected to have which disappointed me so what must the CEO do, do a market research, evaluate yourself and your service, put your shoes to client which means you will really know what is there wanting with your service provides to allow them to satisfied there expectation.

Gap 2 (Management) this is gap between what HEALTHCARE Staff perception what kind of service they offer for the client and the particular CEO conception what his Health Care Staff likely to do. For example give of the individual to another health care staff, this is actually the scenario I night nurse switch is waiting for her give change because her time of treatment is over then your morning nurse transfer came and she just advised the patient name and where his room amount and she walk away, so there is a gap of incorrect hand over so this is exactly what the nurse perception, just what exactly the CEO do, do a meeting therefore the address of incorrect give is solve.

Gap 3 (Quality) the comparison between what expectations a firm is supposed to deliver and the work actually gets supplied. For example vital signs procedure, a nurse is checking out the vital indicators of the patient without the proper equipment's he simply using his clinical eyesight for example he touched the forehead of the individual and all of a sudden said your temperature is 37 degree Celsius so there is the gap about service quality, so how do we solve it by using the proper equipment using to check the vital signs like thermometer.

Gap 4 (Design) the difference between what external clients conception and what it actually does indeed for them, example is there is a program for weight damage and it said you can loss 20 kilos for just 2 weeks and there is the difference, just how we solve it notify the most correct result like loss 3 kilos per week by the use of participating in to dietician and physiotherapy experts.

Gap 5 (Futuristic) the difference between clients expectation and belief, now if we solve this a myriad of gaps I promise you all our consumer/patient experience our service should come back again to us seek medical assistance (The Space Model for Service Quality Improvement, 2012).

I also want to implement Kanban inside our medical center, Kanban is a scheduling system it can help us to control our time in working with our patient. How do have an effect on us? It planned our time by doing the 3 process to do, in process, and done. By this it will help us to list what the things to do example because of this day, what are the things that are in process, and what are the things that are done. So that it help us to simply understand what we will priorities to diminish the chance of forgetting it.

Also we have to implement the lean system inside our clinic it is a process of eliminating useless waste material, like overproduction of pointless supply. What exactly are the features of this first decrease the unwanted way to obtain medical equipment like gloves, mask, disposable gown, etc. , second reduce the unnecessary treatments that usual don't use. third gain is we can maximize our revenue using this technique because were reducing the useless things inside our hospital, means we can concentrate the money on other activities that pays to to prevent scarcity of equipment's, tools, medicines, etc.

10 Ideas of Good BPM,

  1. First context-awareness example the task must be specific exactly like to orient someday new so that the rules or process he'll do are obvious.
  2. Second continuity monitoring of method that is up to date or current.
  3. Third enablement all the staff must require of the organization or in involvement in committee
  4. Fourth holism every ward or department have the same idea or theory about the task of what they are doing.
  5. Fifth institutionalization the guidelines and responsibility of the organization must be use and practice, it can't make at that moment the task unless it was turmoil.
  6. Sixth involvement sharing of thoughts and ideas of everybody exactly like brainstorming it can benefit promoting good teamwork.
  7. Seventh joint understanding, vocabulary is the common tool we use to communicate with one another, especially English terminology because this is actually the universal vocabulary we use internationally.
  8. Eight purpose, what's the reason why we doing something, something that people can help our clients/patient in their healing up process.
  9. Ninth simpleness, the service quality must not compromise by the expense of healthcare.
  10. Tenth technology strategy, using technology more recently are great it made our job easier to do, for example using IT in our database it help us to find the data of the individual more easier as opposed to the old one of looking for a papers or products.
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