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In order to achieve a sustained competitive advantage available environment companies must try to align their real human learning resource strategies with the business enterprise strategies of the company. This strategic positioning provides company a futuristic visioning into the growth of the business and the capability to modify itself to the contingencies emerging in the foreseeable future. Strategic Human Source of information Management is done by linking of HRM with proper goals and targets in order to boost business performance and expanding organizational ethnicities that foster invention and flexibility

ITC, being a pioneer in the Indian business area, is aware of the value of people to the success of the business and for that reason it aptly has a strategic approach to real human resource management. People resource department at ITC practices a proactive method of future proper issues rather than being only a Hire and Flame function. The vision and objective of ITC performs a crucial role for designing the total annual business strategy that assists as a construction for the entire year s focuses on and goals for the company s multiple divisions. The HR strategy for the coming year is also prepared simultaneously combined with the business strategy.

Business level strategies were created with a motive to fulfill the company s long term corporate and business strategies which determine the way and power of action at the various business units to realize superior results.

At ITC, People Tool activities such as recruitment, selection, training and rewarding staff are done by keeping because the business's goals and objectives. Alignment of the People Tool system with the proper goals and goals of the organization has facilitated ITC to accomplish its fast development.

ITC feels that their objective to improve value creation for the stakeholder can only be achieved through the quality and commitment with their people. Therefore to achieve this, they continuously strive to unleash the of each individual. They claim to do this by nurturing knowledge, entrepreneurship and creativeness. ITC also values ideas and provides people the area to implement them. The ability to manage change proactively also to reinvent consistently without compromising the ideals and ideals, ITC has were able to become one of the leading business conglomerates in the united states.

ITC, through it s people coverage, employs some of the most proficient people in the country and outside, this strategy offers it the advantage over others to attain it s quest. At ITC the following human qualities are highly reputed.

? ? Integrity ? ? Ability to think strategically

? ? Intellectual rigour ? ? High energy

? ? A 'will do' frame of mind ? ? Creativity

? ? Team skills ? ? Leadership

The durability and weaknesses of the company's human learning resource can have a identifying influence on the viability of the firm's proper options. Organization's employees are its human being capital because they are assets of the company, that have lone term value for the company. There should a Proper approach to Individual Capital planning. The acquiring and developing of staff should be relating with their skills in order to meet critical needs and therefore company culture should be performance focused.

Create distributed control within the organization by nurturing talented and concentrated top management clubs for each and every of the businesses

Nurturing talent is one of the major targets for organizations following a SHRM strategy towards business, which same perspective manuals the organization strategy of ITC.

To create a people centric, competitive corporation ITC's Core Worth are also aimed at developing a customer-focused, high-performance organization which creates value for any its stakeholders. While selecting recruiting for the business it is essential that the beliefs that define the foundation of the company are matched with the principles cherished by the potential employee.

SWOT Analysis

This SWOT research shows ITC s inner talents such as their experienced management team, a competitive product line vis- -vis a few weaknesses they inherit. Some of the possible opportunities determined as part of SWOT analysis will be the emergent marketplaces for packaged ethnic foods and healthier food products made by the company. Another opportunity is the disposable income of Indian consumers.

Although ITC has several talents, limitation lies in the actual fact that the company is large and may possibly lose concentration or have internal conflict problems. Some of the hazards ITC must stay aware of are the simple replication of its product line, the almost 100 % pure competition in charges because of its products, and the quickness of scientific advances.

Analysis of ITC through VRIO approach

The VRIO method of human resources was given by Jay Barney in 1991. VRIO framework is resource-based view or an economic tool used to look for the strategic resources open to a firm. The essential principle of the approach is the fact competitive good thing about a firm is situated primarily in the use of the package of valuable resources at the organization s disposal

If we consider the VRIO framework in ITC s perspective we shall be able to connect the success of ITC based on the VRIO approach. For this study, we shall only consider the resources in terms of RECRUITING.

For ITC to set-up and maintain competitive advantage in the market, it must use talented and skilled work pool who will be experienced enough to execute the business enterprise level strategies by handling the operations. This is looked after by the Human Resources office, which through its regulations and practices, means that the human tool employed is fit for the work and is able to create VALUE for the company. Only value-adding resources can lead to competitive benefit, whereas non-value-adding features can lead to competitive disadvantage. To split up the value adding employees from others companies like ITC have a excellence performance monitoring system set up paired with a reward for performance plan.

The second question which occurs is this is the Human Capital available to ITC rare? For an degree is is, since ITC in itself offers the kind of experience making all its employees rare on the market. The company also visits the best management classes every year to pick up the rarest tool in the country Expertise. It trains and evolves it s personnel in any way hierarchical levels to foster capable leaders who'll be able to undertake more responsibility in the foreseeable future, this makes it s HR a unique resource.

Then develops the question of Imitability. Valuable and rare resources and capabilities include competitive advantage only if competitors have a hard time imitating them. Indeed, ITC has were able to build a work culture and knowledge capital which is very difficult for other organizations to imitate. Last but not least we discuss the last factor of VRIO i. e the business. For folks to provide competitive advantage, organizations systems and routines must be exploited to the utmost. This calls for a complex task of creating synergies between different departments and systems in order to exploit the resources available to the business. The organizational composition of ITC is not the simplest, as they have multiple devices across companies and regions. This does lead to misunderstanding and wastage of resources. It is a location where there is room for improvisation as more synergies and harmonies between different business units can create more wealth for the company and its own stakeholders.


Traditionally, the role of the Individuals Source of information professional in many organizations has been to serve as the systematizing, policing arm of exec management. With this role, the HR professional dished up executive agendas well, but was frequently viewed as a road block by much of all of those other organization. In today s organizations, to ensure their viability and potential to add, HR managers need to think of themselves as strategic partners. In such a role, the HR person contributes to the introduction of and the success of the organization-wide business plan and goals. Strategic partnership effects HR services including the design of work positions; hiring; prize, recognition and strategic pay; performance development and appraisal systems; profession and succession planning; and employee development.

The role of human resources has been changing for quite a while. The switch from "personnel" to "human resources, " was along with a call for HR to become strategic partner with the leaders of the business-to contribute to significant business decisions, advice on critical transitions, and develop the worthiness of the employees-in short, to have a seating at the stand.

So the changing role of HR can be summed up as below:

Employee Advocate

As an employee sponsor or advocate, the HR administrator plays an intrinsic role in organizational success via his understanding of and advocacy of individuals. This advocacy includes knowledge in how to make a work environment where people will choose to be motivated, adding, and happy.

Change Champion

The constant analysis of the effectiveness of the organization ends in the necessity for the HR professional to frequently champion change. Both understanding of and the capability to do successful change strategies make the HR professional extremely valued. Knowing how to web page link change to the tactical needs of the organization will minimize worker dissatisfaction and resistance

Strategic method of HR in the recession

The recession is an chance for HR specialists to step and add strategically. HR Professionals in large organizations in today s business weather have to begin at the very top of the strategic process. Being proactive can be an important element to succeed in the powerful environment. The recent slowdown has position the human reference in the forefront of most issues. Human resource s responsibility lies in the constant determination of people who are worried about the ill effects of the slowdown in their lives. It must give reassurance that the business will value the contributions with their inputs at all times.

Effective HRM : key to effective procedure of the ITC:

Most of the business s budget is allocated to its people (or their associated costs- accommodation, travel etc. ) At exactly the same time, the people are the only thing that ITC has that brings value: all of its activities are dependent on the effective choice, allocation, deployment and determination of ready people. Effective HRM means that the regulations and practices related to the management of HR must be completely included with the strategic quest and future of the organization, which is the truth at ITC.

Effective HRM is an activity carried out by all managers with HR section that delivers enabling and supporting systems for them to carry out their work.

HRM includes all HR: permanent staff in any way grades, short-term staff and consultants

Although ITC operates within the US (UN) Common System guidelines, Which both provides benefits in terms of clear concepts and procedures and provides troubles in aligning HRM to the precise quest and future of ITC, it is clear that the business has more range than is presumed in the way that HRM may be managed within those rules.

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