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Strategic Management: An Introduction

Strategic management is the skill and knowledge of formulating, utilizing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will allow an organization to achieve its objectives. It consists of the systematic id of specifying the firm's targets, nurturing policies and ways of achieve these aims, and acquiring and making available these resources to put into action the procedures and ways of achieve the firm's aims.

Strategic management also integrates the activities of the various functional sectors of a business, such as marketing, sales, creation to accomplish organizational goals. It is generally the highest degree of managerial activity, usually imitated by the plank of directors and executive team. Strategic management dreams to provide overall route to the company has ties to the field of group studies.

Strategic planning is a management tool, period. In short, proper planning is a disciplined work to produce important decisions and actions that condition and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why it can it, with a concentrate on the future.

Strategic management also allocates the right amount of resources to the various elements of your business so that those designated to particular goals have what they need to meet their targets. This runs from providing your staff with the right supplies to enacting systems where employees receive the necessary training, all work procedures are tested, and everything information and data made is recorded. To effectively deal with your business strategically, every in. of your enterprise must have its needs met in these ways.

Furthermore, one must know that two businesses cannot be same and there should be some basic dissimilarities between them. Because of this, the goals and the ideas of action are different for each and every business. Plus, the strategies for long-term and short term development should vary and these need to be applied separately.

QUESTION 1: Describe how someone can be a manager however, not a leader, a leader however, not a manager, and both a administrator and a innovator.

A administrator is a person with employment of overseeing one or more employees or section to ensure these employees or departments do their job or designated responsibilities as required. A administrator helps others to get more done by motivating the employees, providing directions, ensuring the employees working along towards the goal, and providing opinions.

A new director may be in charge of a little team or a small job. Usually a senior administrator will watch over his or her work. The supervisor will have to learn the advantages and weaknesses of the team members, instruct a work to the associates, guiding team members to attain goals, provide the tools needed by the team and encourage these to do their task.

Usually, a fresh manager has limited responsibility for the money issues and little chances to approve or make an expenses. They need to review and approve timesheets because of their employees and could have the chances to approve charge accounts. The word of supervisor is not the same for leader since the two terms won't be the same. A manager must be sure the appropriate delivery of human resources and funding to meet the routine daily output objectives. The director is known as detailed focused.

Mangers don not see the overall picture and are less interested regarding the long-term corporate and business goals and quest. They are worried about details; because of this, they don't make sure they are a good head. Some managers may have certain command qualities nonetheless they remain too focused on their daily operations and cannot provide way and eyesight to the business. A manager ideas, organizes, leads, and controls whereas a innovator impact others through communication, desire, discipline, course and dynamics

Typically, the goals are arranged for a new manager by someone higher ranking in an organization. Here, the manager have to build up a plan to achieve the goal set. They have to provide feedbacks with their employees as they work with those ideas.

To be considered a manager, producing skills by any means level is important. At a beginning level, examples of two area where a manager need to focus their skill development are the ability to manage their conferences and growing their own planning tools such as to execute a list.

A leader is different from director. A head is a person who has perspective, a drive and a commitment for doing that vision, and the abilities to make it happen. A leader visit a problem that should be fixed or an objective that should be achieved.

A innovator is also somebody who guides others towards a standard goal, demonstrating the employees by example and creating an environment in which other team members feel productive and involved with any process or process. A leader is an excellent listener. Leaders have to keep their brain available to other's ideas. They can come up with new ways to accomplish the goal placed. It's the leaders job to make certain that everyone in the group has been heard. Market leaders have to listen to the associates ideas and hear their criticism for advancements.

Leaders need to be focus on a regular basis. They need to keep on remind themselves and the associates of the goals and objective. Staying on the right track and keep carefully the team members on track, the team will remain motivated and more productive. As head of the group, it's important that you schedule time to meet with your team to establish and check-in about the goals you desire to achieve.

Leaders also have to be organized. Leaders are dependable in a lot of things and might be very occupied sometimes. A leader can established the firmness for the team. A innovator who is organized helps motivate associates to be sorted out as well. As a leader, you're in charge of a great deal and you're likely to be very active sometimes. However, you nevertheless still need to find time to talk to your team. A sensible way to do that is to set frequent group meetings, so that no question or concern goes too long without attention.

Leaders also need to be decisive. Although an important part of being a leader requires listening to individuals surrounding, they need to remember that they aren't always heading to be able to reach a compromise. At these times, don't be scared to help make the ultimate decision, even if some team members disagree with the ideas.

Confident is the most crucial characteristics of your leader, leaders have to trust themselves and the success of the team members. Show others that you are dedicated, intelligent, and proud of what you are doing.

A manager fundamentally directs resources to complete predetermined goals or jobs. For example, a administrator may take part in employing, training, and scheduling employees to be able to perform work in the most efficient and affordable manner possible. A administrator is considered a failure if they are not able to complete the project or goals with efficiency. .

On the other hands, a leader in a company evolves individuals to be able to complete predetermined goals and jobs. A leader produces relationships with their workers by building communication, exampling images of success, and by demonstrating loyalty.

As an example of a manager, A company CEO directs Wong, one of the companies becoming more popular managers, to hire enough new employees to provide the company with a person service department. Wong undertakes his project with excitement. He hires only those employees who can work the assigned time, will accept the moderate pay, and also have experience working in customer support. He trains his new employees to execute the work to his expectations and assigns the employees with their new positions. Wong steps his success in conditions of efficiency, calling handled per hour, and cost success, for example performed he meet his budget?. However, Wong did not anticipate that of the employees he appointed, only a few would continue to be working half a year later.

Moreover, for example of a head, Ahmed obtains the same project as Wong. Ahmed hires employees that he feels he can form a working romantic relationship with, versus just those employees who will worked the assigned time and take the humble pay. Ahmed's goal is to employ a diverse band of employees, a few of who don't have any customer support experience, who he feels he can form a personal connection. A big part of Ahmed's training involves team building, sharing with successful testimonies, and listening to each employee's own needs for what constitutes a fulfilling job. Ahmed still assigns his employees their job duties and schedules by the end of training, and he also steps success in conditions of productive and cost performance, but he also actions success in terms of low employee turnover, staff morale, and staff development. Ahmed feels proud when one of his employees obtains an move forward level position a couple of years after being hired.

The skills to be always a leader or a administrator aren't exclusive in nature. A leader who only shows management skills will be ineffective when it comes to looking at time cards, concluding employee reviews, and scheduling employee holiday time; things that employers require their managers to do on timely bases. Likewise, a manager who spends all his/her time concluding paperwork and reading reports; only creates more problems for him or her because they lack a producing relationship with their employees.

Many companies, one individual may play the role of both leader and administrator. In others, these functions are completed by differing people. And in many cases, the assignments overlap and leaders need to control and professionals need to lead. However, it is important that both tasks are performed effectively for a business to succeed, especially an organization with employees. Without a vision for the future, a company does not have any direction no goals for which to strive. Good leaders are created not born. When you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective innovator. Good market leaders develop by using a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. Like a manager who want to become an improved leader to inspire your employees into higher degrees of teamwork, there are certain things you must be, know, and, do. These do not come in a natural way, but are obtained through continual work and research. Good leaders are constantly working and studying to improve their leadership skills. Market leaders and managers also have much different conceptions of work itself. Leaders develop new methods to long-standing problems. Leaders work in high-risk positions due to a strong aversion to mundane work. Conversely, managers view are an permitting process. Professionals tolerate practical, mundane work due to a strong success instinct that makes them risk-averse. They are really good at attaining compromises and mediating issues between opposing perspectives, but lack the influence to avoid future issues.

QUESTION 2: Identify two completely different organizations that compete on the cost authority strategy and make clear how they do this, i. e. uncover what they do that enables these to keep their prices low.

The cost control strategic is to gain a competitive gain. Make it into a simple word, cost leadership is decrease the cost to battle with their competition in same industry. The organization who need to earn much more profit, must decrease the cost to ensure they are not waste any source of information. The cost who has reduce more, the business will gain more earnings and easy to endure in the market share.


Anakku as famous is offering the baby product. The business is celebrated 38th anniversary in Malaysia in 2011. Therefore, the company has their edge to survive in the forex market. Anakku produce the baby products obtain it the mission is made on a strong, solid base of top quality, safety and trustworthiness. The product have been sell by Anakku are fashion-wear for very young children, feeding equipment, toiletries, diapers, accessories, strollers, playpens plus more.

Baby Kiko

Creating style & glamour, fun & comfort for the little ones. May be the brand name of Baby Kiko. Baby Kiko is a brand extention from KIKO. Baby Kiko is establishing in Malaysia for over 20 years. Baby Kiko is one of the very most widely recognized baby brand in Malaysia, known for quality, trendy style, and marketing imagination. The product which have been sell are toddler clothing, nourishing accessories to weaning products, baby detoxification to baby skincare products.

Cost Leadership Strategic

Both companies have completed their cost management strategic, therefore, both company can survive on the market taking a long period time. Each of them has the plan to reduce the cost and increase their income.

Not even thought, both companies also using the Michael Site 5 force to operate the companies. And they no using too much of advertising to market their product, so that, the price will follow decrease.

Next, the majority of the products like fabric or accessories are make by them. The style and the design have been created, so, the firms will produce it with their own manufactory. Follow by this, both companies will try to reduce the harm of the product. They will make sure the merchandise is good. The after-sales service is one of the parts they can do, and receive the feedback from the clients, and move on to improve better to the clients need.

Within the Michael Website 5 forces, First of all, the bargaining power of company. For the Baby Kiko Company, all the merchandise are make by own, so that, the fresh materials of they used is immediate from the manufactory, so the price of the product can easy to in order.

An opposite, about the Anakku Company, some if the merchandise like car seat or gadgets are produce from the products. Mainly, the Anakku Company will control by the supplier. But, for the Anakku Company, the key product for sell is clothing and the accessories like containers, teethers, feeding accessories and etc. When the supplies increase the price, so they'll change the provider to receive the raw material and try to product good product for their customers.

Next, the bargaining electricity of customer or buyer is one of the pushes that both companies used. The purchase price had been set and the customers no have too much or no have capacity to argue to lessen the price. The entire product had been fix price, unless the business does the campaign like discount, so the customer will get the lower price of the product. Both companies have provided onsite service and after-sale service. And some of the merchandise will give about a week to 1 1 year of warranty rely upon the merchandise.

The dangers of the entry of new competitor will also affect the price. If got new competitor join into this industry, the business will spend more money to do campaign as like discount or adverting to get people. This sort of money will improve the cost, so the revenue will been lower. Usually, both company had been survive in Malaysia going for a long period time, they have got their own recognition in this country.

For the Anakku Company, they usually are produce the protection and useful product. The merchandise no easy to affect plus some of the merchandise have the guarantee to attract the customer to buy it. This is actually the advantages for them no need scare about the new rival to attempt to attack them.

Besides that, the infant Kiko Company more is based on the creative and innovative product to appeal to customers. The look and the style are new and look nicely. Predicated on the customers, they'll take opinions and have the new the info to produce the merchandise. Those are the good thing about the both companies; the new competition does not have too much electricity and cost to make it through.

Other than that, the depth of competitor rivalry it could also influence the price. Take a basic phrase, 'who can get the lower cost, who will win in the market. ' Therefore, the company must have the energy and the capability to run the business enterprise.

For Anakku Company, they may have many branches in the Malaysia. It'll easy to focus on market and the customers. Anakku Company as a wholesaler normally as a merchant. They retail the merchandise directly to the client, so that, the price will never be too much to be taken. The technology of Anakku Company use is high-tech machine. According the above affirmation, the Anakku Company doesn't have too much of advertising. Running the business enterprise around 30 years, the attractiveness has the value on the customers.

For Baby Kiko, they are low cost to the stores that are actually preferred to sales. Some hypermarket like Partson or The Store, we can easily see Baby Kiko product. Low cost to other store, it can deduct the price of employee no need looking the location to run over the business. The clients who are choose to sell the item, they'll delivery it. It may decrease the cost with it. Not even that, Baby Kiko Company also although internet to promote the product. One of the major website is 'Facebook' to promote. It is cost-free and also can attract more people to know the new product.

Other than that, the labour drive it may influence the cost available. Anakku Company is more focus on the retail deal, so that, the employee will taking increasingly more, therefore the cost relative increase. From the manufactory to the store, they are simply too many employees to work. But, the Baby Kiko no taking an excessive amount of employee, because they have got using the technology like machine or general to other vendor. The cost taking is the travel fee.

At last, which companies keep the lower cost; it may easy and develop the business enterprise. Besides that, properly using the fresh material and do not simply squander too much. Because the waste will guide influence the cost. Have a good plan of cost management, the company more easy to survive in the market share.

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