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How to start a Steve Jobs essay

Writing an essay about a famous person is always challenging and inspiring at the same time. However, some students don't have an opportunity to write it on their own. They may be busy with other educational assignments and have no time for everything simultaneously. On the other hand, writing an essay requires specific skills, such as writing, creative writing, analyzing, researching, etc. Fortunately, our team of professional writers designed a service that helps students al over the world overcome challenges they face when getting education in school or a college. Here, you will find tips and guidelines that will help you deal with your writing assignment.

When you write a bibliography essay, it is important to use relevant sources for gathering information and mention them in the reference list of your paper. As a matter of fact, you may start working on your paper by means of searching for sources of information that you want to use. This will save your time in further writing, because you will already have what to write about.

The best way to start any kind of essay, as well as the Steve Jobs essay, is to use a hook. A good literary hook will grab the attention of your potential audience and provoke their interest in your paper. As an attention grabber, you can use a quotation from one of your information sources or the person's citation, who you write about. In this case, you may use a famous citation of Steve Jobs. However, the citation doesn't have to be famous, it only needs to attract you, first of all.

Anyway, your Steve Jobs biography essay is going to start with the introduction, as any other essay. It will serve as a map to the overall content of your paper. The introduction part will give your reader understanding, whether he is interested in further reading of the essay. Also, it will give essential background or the context of the topic you cover in your paper. An effective introduction answers the main questions of your paper and presents the issues that are going to be discussed. However, the main characteristic of an introduction is that it presents your main idea, that you are going to prove in your essay.

Considering the topics for your paper

As a rule, Steve Jobs essays are all concentrated on the two points concerning Jobs: the way he changed the world and his difficult childhood and challenging life, full of raises, falls, heights and glories. Sometimes students use one of the famous speeches of Steve Jobs to develop their essay. The following topics are provided to give you an idea what to write your essay about.

  • The accomplishments and the life of Steve Jobs. Here, you may write about significant accomplishments of the outstanding programmer, beginning from the time when he dropped the college and finishing with his last years of life.
  • The genius of Steve Jobs. His ideas and the way he managed to implement his ideas are the evidence of the genius of Jobs. He made a computer seem friendly to the user, and developed his idea in a garage.
  • Write about the influence of Steve Jobs. As a matter of fact, the life and achievements of Steve Jobs made a significant impact on the world, young generation and modern technologies. Evaluate this impact and make it the main idea of your essay.
  • Write about the story of success of the programmer. It is widely know that before he became famous and rich, Steve Jobs had to overcome considerable difficulties in his life and face many challenges. You can write about his story as an example of how people should never give up on their dreams and purposes.
  • Consider writing a paper about the Apple Incorporation. As its creator, the company itself had a huge history. How did it develop?
  • Write a comparative essay about Steve Jobs and another famous programmer. For example, Mark Zuckerberg. At the end of the day, your essay on Steve Jobs life may include interesting facts about other outstanding personalities.
  • Write an essay about the personal life of Steve Jobs. Here, it is acceptable to analyze his personal life and career in the light of his moral values, attitudes, tastes, believes and so on.
  • Another comparative essay that you may write can provide comparison of two companies, one of which would be, of course, Apple, and the second is up to you. However, the most relevant choice in this case would be Microsoft Incorporation.
  • Write about the role of a family in the life of Steve Jobs. It is known that in the end of his life he claimed that he had spent not enough time with his family. Look for his latest interview and use quotations from there to support your point.
  • Write about the creative approach of Steve Jobs to everything that he did. As a matter of fact, he considered to be one of the most creative people in the history of the United States and the World as a whole.
  • Write about love in the life of Steve Jobs. Did his wife play a significant role in his life? In fact, people do not know almost anything about woman that was loved by Steve Jobs. Therefore, you audience may find new interesting facts in your essay if you write on this topic.
  • Write an essay providing your own opinion on the following: whether someone could ever replace Steve Jobs? What technologies would people use if he didn't invent Apple and devices that are used by people all over the world?

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