Stereotyping and prejudice in the workplace

The complete world urbanized daily because of globalization. Everyone can go one status to some other simply moreover the reason why of work, or review. While a person in one different environment or country work together with another people from a different environment, that time they both calls for their own cultural status, culture, character, believes with them, that are dissimilarity between the other person (Google question) Because of this, discrimination arises within a people in their working place because every folks have different frame of mind towards the person which might be positive or may be negative. The purpose of this project is to discover the problem occur in male dominating office which especially faced by women and also analyse the problems and build suggestion when planning on taking action by company as well as provide better solution. This briefing newspaper focuses the case study of Ms. Rosina Chamar, worker of Dynamic Power Supply International Pvt. Ltd. The business of this company connected never to only in Nepal also operating in European countries too. After overview the situation of circumstance, SWOT and Infestations research has been talked about to solve the trouble. Finally of the newspaper, final results plus forecasts has been awarded for better suggestion.

In this briefing paper, to explain the down sides on place of work, Hofstede Cultural Theory and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) research could support too much to overcome the problems or to meet the best results. Also exterior factors Infestations (Politics, Economic, Public and Techie) really helps to analyse the problem and find suited result.

Terms of Reference

There are numerous people round the world, who think they are more powerful and superior than other people. This is not result of today's condition because this happened right from the start when there were kings and servant, where the very strong individuals were respected and worshipped as the weakened ones were became servant ( Lisa Gayagay, 2009:1). The purpose of the assignment is dependant on the issues which face by the individual especially women who will work in place in a guy dominating country like Nepal. At first, we all must have to learn that stereotypes absorb years about the typical features of the people. Identical to prejudice is a manner of the people which is often positive or negative that they show without knowing of the fact. Regarding the sex stereotyping which occurs when persons are judged corresponding to traditional typecast predicated on gender. Either developed countries or undeveloped counties folks have to cope with these kinds of problems (Prejudice, section: 5).

Who I am:

I am a older counsellor Kritika Gautam. I am working in BK LEGAL SERVICES Consultant Pvt. Ltd since 2005. During my working period I've acquired many knowledge and experience every day. I've got level from University of Bedfordshire, England in Regulation and Human Reference Management. So my level and my working experience help me to get right decision and solve problems. As an advisor, my work is to obtain her for the reason that situation. It's very essential an advisor have to solve the client's problems. During my experience, I've received chance to learn the various problems encountered by people because of ethnic dominating, traditional dominating. And terribly have to say that women are the main target of those varieties of problems.

Who my client is:

My customer is Ms. Rosina Chamar. She is working as a financial official in Dynamic Power Supply International Company in Nepal. She actually is approaching to a multinational company to work from rural community. Because of her skill and graduation level educational license she acquired an chance to utilize a multinational company. In our Hindu culture, women were blessed as 'Shakti / Devi' or capacity to achieve everything. People were worshipped her perspective, sympathy electricity and even her justice. I've serious difference of opinion with Rosina Chamar's issues. After hearing her words once, her words struck me. Matching to my customer, in our culture we weather cared for women like goddess or servants. There are so many examples which show that women have been demoralized, neglected and exploited since the days of caveman. In her circumstance, the first concern is that she's to battle to stand in male dominated culture where bad dialects and sexist jokes which might be norm of man and she must consider those types of things. Next point is that a male ego also makes difficult for him to accept a female from lower cast as his older even she's the right educational background and credentials (Pushya S, 2009).

What helps my client wishes?

She has come to me for support because she has faced many problems. My customer Ms. Chamar, she needs to get relieve of the problems. To get a guy dominating world, she must have to settle in her company. That is why after facing many problems she still working in that company. Either my consumer is a proper educated girl and has 3 years experience in relevant field but regrettably she has to face problems in her work. And lastly she has to come to me to get idea and advice to resolve the problems.

Overview of the situation

In the present situation of your country Nepal, the culture and behaviour of individuals of town is totally different from countryside. Town turn into a more modernized and sensible. Working in an office is more pressured and also have to useful knowledge to do. Also people of the city are totally different from their behaviour, language, view and attitude. They may have given more goal in group assignment but she's problems to interact with men. Because she is from low ensemble and medium family record, her co-workers have negative thinking toward her culture and consider and main thing she is girl. Even town is a location of informed people however the behaviour and thinking about their still same like an early period. So, this is a essential problem she has to face. My customer first should have to be awake each one of these situations before taking decision that she will do continue the work or not.

After understanding her all problems, the key problems she confronted each day in her place of work are like the given below and she must be prepare to get rid from these trouble.

Attitude: - The problem of frame of mind of men about her is very negative because she actually is middle income women and she always like to be reserve. That is why may be her workmates thought that she actually is unfriendly and self-righteous.

Wages distance: - Atlanta divorce attorneys enterprise, women still generating less than their male co-workers. Not merely my client, a lot of women around the world had hardly any rights and also could be sacked from job simply because of their family and communal problem like: women needed to are likely involved of mother, housewife. So they have to problem to be a full professional. That's why even they work hard and active still they get less salary than other similar men. Ms. Chamar also faced same problem of less salary.

Cultural difficulty: - When a woman comes in several society to take action for her future she's to face many problems and the ethnic difficulty is one of them. In village almost all of the families are not allowing to women to work outside the own culture, but while coming in town she has to utilize different kinds of men where they have open up thinking, culture and environment.

Male dominate: - For better organizational future, company will need to have to use many type of strategy to work. And male and feminine both are part of great decision making. So my consumer has to come to work in male dominated population where the male consider as a superior as compare to the feminine. So it is very hard for man to utilize the gifted and active female staff. She's a good work experience and knowledge however the man who have top position in the world so they may have comparatively hard to check out behind the feminine.

Social and family connection: - In our Nepalese contemporary society women has many communal barriers and restricted. She will need to have to follow cultural guideline and morals. However in city life all have liberty to do anything. And she has problem to accept suddenly this problem in her life because it takes few additional time to comprehend.

Harassment: - The last and serious problem she faced is harassment either erotic or languages. About the cases of intimate harassment (Farler, 1978), it mentions types of many groups of working women: young/old, professional/labour, and rich/poor. It really is endemic but very critical issue to workplace. Regarding my consumer her co-workers and mature managers wanted to take sexual connection with her and they always make an effort to behave badly and mislead. So she is always afraid from that situation and tried out to keep safe home from them.

Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimension:

This prejudice problem is not specific problem because the whole population and world confronted these types of problems. Not merely got women from Nepalese society, all women surrounding the world directly or indirectly beard this problem. Geert Hofstede advises a theory to understand the cultural differences between peoples, genders and countries (Prentice Hall-Financial tine, 2002). You can find five aspects that assist to clear the dissimilarities between male and female discrimination in work area and society.

1. Power Distance Index (PDI)

2. Individualism (IDV)

3. Masculinity (MAS)

4. Doubt Avoidance Index (UAI)

5. LASTING Orientation (LTO)

To demonstrate above phases of cultural variations the graph of Asian and Europe show these briefly:

Five dimension theories of Professor Geert Hofstede

Power Distance Index:

PDI illustrate the imbalanced allocation of ability between the people. This is an even towards which the less powerful associates of company have to simply accept and seniors of company allocated this unequally. In this graph, Parts of asia have highest PDI with a standing of 70% compare to Europe average of 40%. The energy distance between Asia and Europe indicate the high of inequality of ability and wealth between genders within the world and culture and even in organizations.


IDV will depend on self applied ego. In above graph, Asian countries have 55% individualism while Europe have 80%. These massive difference figures indicate that European people were free minded and do it yourself centered than others. Asian people and Western people both have different culture, feels, ethnic and behaviour. Women have interpersonal boundaries in Asian countries.


MAS represents the space between your men`s value and women`s value. In above graph Parts of asia have MAS as the lower Hofstede dimensions of culture with a rating of 60% and Western average just just a little higher at 70%. It remarkably demonstrates not only Parts of asia have more men's value because women of Europe also faced this situation. There is not an enormous dissimilarity between Asia and European countries.

Uncertainty avoidance Index:

UAI handles a people and modern culture towards tolerance for uncertainty and question. It represents a traditional program its affiliates to think both comfortable and unpleasant in open conditions. Where uncertainty is escaping in people of those countries has filled with power. In above graph, the doubt in Parts of asia is 50% and in Europe, it is within 40%.

Long Term Orientation:

A higher LTO could be indicative of the culture that is inexpensive and perseverant on the other side the short-term orientations are deference for believes, worthwhile cultural commitments. The LTO score of Asian countries is 60% and Western european is 30%. That's shows the result is Asian are brief orientated and Western european are long-term orientated.

Analysis of the situation

SWOT Analysis

After the summary of the situation, it is better to analysis the case through strength, weakness, opportunity and threats condition of my customer. Starting from evaluation of inside factors:


- Positive sense on skills and attitude

- Work hard in any situation and strong emphasis on decision

- Capacity to choose own profession path

- Experience on work and optimistic

Weaknesses (W):

- Lack of patient

- Vulnerable communication and fearful mind

-Too trustworthy and always shy

-Soft hearted and never say 'no' to others

Other exterior factors:

Opportunity (O):

-Power of leading staffs and company

-Promotion in high position

-International working

-Possibility of being example of successful women in society

Threat (T):

-Dissimilarities between genders

-Traditional mind of men and women and social cultural barriers

-Criticism and prejudice in work

-Issues of cast and concern with self identity

All above point out details clear that she has a good possibility to take defence on prejudice but her weaknesses ended her to face challenges. Lack of power and support influence her. That is why after analysis her inner and external disadvantages and possibilities, she's more positive factors which help to aid in her future success and are a symbol of defence of imbalance condition of work environment.

PEST Analysis

It is usually used to make the strategies to search external environment. It can help to evaluate the problems created by external surrounding issues. PEST identifies Political, Economic, Friendly and Technological factors of macro environment.

Political area has an enormous influence upon the legislation of business, culture and countries as well. Administration has many policies regarding the circumstance like more information and consciousness about harassment, gender space, wages facilities in place of work. Federal government reinforce and update the systems for monitoring equality in career (Eurofound, 2009). So, my consumer must clear understanding of government insurance policies and rules.

Economic Factor (E):

In present, women are a sizable area of the employment. They are involving atlanta divorce attorneys kind of work identical to men. Either they both work same kind of work or also women do better than men but women get less advantage and income than men. But today many individuals rights- national and international companies and government plans came alert to that situation. They made privileges against discrimination and also awarded other minorities cover in the workplace. Therefore, she has to talk to her directors about her problem.

Social Factor (S):

In our Nepalese world, women has cured like second school people in work & most those people who are from lower caste. Many people either informed or illiterate have same convinced that the city of 'Dalit' (Lower caste) which is not considered part of real human society. That is why these community people generally perform the most menial and degrading careers. My customer Ms. Chamar, she actually is also from Dalit community. Stereotyping concerning this cast is they need to handle dead pets or animals and also take in their flesh. So this is very crucial for her to experienced bad thinking of folks about her and her caste. Under the Nepalese constitution action (1990), caste discriminations were made a criminal offence and there are many rules about stereotyping and discrimination.

Technological Factor (T):

In worldwide, women tend to have less access to education, training opportunities so prejudice and stereotyping still located in our population. Regarding Ms. Chamar, she has to build up her communication skills more and try to interact with other sociable literate individuals also developed consumers connection. Because of knowledge and technology addresses the entire world so she must must get more info about universal success in technology, politics, economy and world.

Solution and Recommendation

After evaluation all situation, it could be said that this is not a very big problem to resolve. Her internal weaknesses and outside issues, cultural differences in contemporary society as well as distinctions between Asian and European culture, after discussing each one of these areas I'd like to suggest to my customer to go towards these suggestion. As an consultant, I came to the perfect solution is of her case like these ways:

Improve social skills and capacity to face troubles.

It is better to make a union of co-workers for equality privileges at work place.

Planning before taking every action regarding security and ability.

Try to avoid behaviour of tolerance everything.

Interact with diverse professional connections that assist to studying different culture in company.

Try to learn about office insurance policies to determine how to take care of harassment.

Ensure that the region which create around you help to keep safe in workplace.

Never take on the harasser. If indeed they threaten so you fear for protection, go right to management and directors.

Expand your level of sensitivity and keep an open up mind to diversities.

Make it your goal and exercise determination and patience to eliminate stereotyping and type casting in workplace.

Apply work to struggle to study from things that hard to understand.

Forecast and Outcomes

Stereotyping and Prejudice is a norm of each people inside our culture. It takes still additional time to move bad thinking about faiths, castes, cultures, and is convinced of peoples. It would not be differ from effort of one person whole population and nation has to do full exercise to keep safe home from stereotyping and prejudice case.

Here regarding Ms. Rosina Chamar, she is either well skilled and broad minded but after facing these problems she become more weakened, frustrate and helpless. These all happened not by her mistakes because all of these came from world, government's weak insurance policies as well as people's ancient thinking. Addititionally there is fault of Management of Active Power Supply Co. because if indeed they take her problems critically, she'd not be in trouble now. If she will make an effort to be bold and motivate self applied to avoid her problems, these problems will be no more. Her threats will lower automatically. There are so many opportunities she has, so she's to build up her strengths more. And it is better for her if Active gets her problem really and take action regarding her problems. If she'll get positive support from management without doubt that she will definitely do better work with company.

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