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Steps to Overcoming Depressive disorder and Growing Healthy Habits

  • Joyce Mae Alyssa R. Mandanas

Overcoming melancholy have three major steps, these includes understanding your despair, improving your life, and developing more healthy habits.


"I have told you these things, so that in me you might have peace. In this world you should have trouble. But take center! I have beat the earth. " John 16:33. This bible verse says that, in our life, we'll experience a great deal of wars, disasters, problems and problems. Our life isn't perfect, not all are happy and miserable. God doesn't wants us feel down, depress or weakened. God is merely challenging us, that is why, we receive such problems. Problems that we, ourselves, can solve. We could His sons and daughters, He doesn't needs us to are affected. But, we are the one who's providing the reason why we suffer. Simply take a look on God's sacrifices for our sins, it's like the level of Goliath while our problem is similar to the height of David, but, He doesn't give up. He overcome the entire world. So, this means that, we can solve our problems. Don't quit. Don't feel hopeless and depressed, it will not help you and it can't change everything. Every problem has a remedy. God is often with us. Consider, trust, and open up our hearts in Him.

According to (Kloopers, n. d. ), "Depression is like a dark tunnel with no light". We feel hopeless, unloved, fatigued, and clear. But, are we just keeping on that black tunnel and letting it overrule and kill our life? Even we realize that there surely is a expect every time we feel hopeless, an unconditional love when we feel unloved, and a fresh beginning for each and every unpleasant life. Childbirth, menopause, loss of loved ones, romantic relationship troubles, medical prognosis, natural disasters, financial complications, job problems, genetics and interpersonal isolation are life occasions that cause unhappiness. But despite of these life events, we've steps for conquering it. Dealing with depression isn't that simple and quick but also isn't that hard. It takes a lot of time for all of us to feel better. A way out for this major depression is on ourselves. It needs action and perseverance in order to execute the steps necessary for the recovery.

Overcoming depression have three major steps, these includes understanding your depression, improving your daily life, and developing better behaviors. Follow this steps, it will lead us to right way and we'll never go wrong. It is unquestionably challenging because the things that can assist you the most are things that is the most difficult to do. Hard work, patience and determination is badly needed. Start by preparing small goals, and within that, you'll build something. It is difficult to do, but it isn't impossible. All your hardships can go back to something better. Always think positively so you can complement until you're recovered already.

Overcoming major depression have three major steps, these includes understanding your despair, improving your daily life, and developing much healthier habits.


Understanding your depression

Understanding your major depression is the first major step to get over depression. You will need to identify first if you suffer from the symptoms of unhappiness. The following symptoms are: if you feel hopeless, worthless, irritated, tired on all you do even if it is merely easy and simple, and fed up on things you like the most. If you eat a whole lot or lost your hunger, having sleepless times or excessive sleeping, choosing to be together somewhat than having cultural relationship with others and thinking about suicide. If you're experiencing these symptoms, you are prone to depressive disorder (Serendipitee, Bawens, & Jeff, 2014).

If you experienced those symptoms of depressive disorder, then go to a doctor and have for help. Doctors can also identify if there are health problems or medical triggers that can induce depression like illnesses, genetic triggers, and habit to drugs or alcohols. Diseases like anxiety disorder can cause you melancholy because it is a mental disorder and the feeling of fret and fear are constant. Genetics can also cause unhappiness because if someone in your family that is your first level relative who may have depression and remaining untreated, it includes a larger chance that you can suffer from depression. It can also pass through your bloodstream or genes. However, almost all of the people who have depressive disorder is not because of genealogy. Addiction to drugs can also cause melancholy because of its side results. Taking drugs or even alcohol consumption won't help you conquer depression but instead it will get worse it. Maybe if you are taking or alcohol consumption you'll ignore your problems but from then on, you'll think of your trouble again. You're just throwing away your time and effort and even your money (Serendipitee, Bawens, & Jeff, 2014).

If you consulted your physician and you have decided that you will take, or won't take any prescription medications, it is best to search also for a reason which makes you depress, so as to be alert to prevent those happenings happen in your life. Here are some occurrences that can aggravate your major depression: possessing a fail partnership, trouble in one member of your loved ones, failure on your programs, feeling unsatisfied and worthless on your task, feeling uneasy with your environment, and having financial issues. Having a discord with your lover or with one member of your loved ones can cause depressive disorder because you're not okay. You're throwing words that can injured each other. You're angry that's why, negative thoughts lead you're struggle. You don't think about the better way that you should be okay but instead, you think of thoughts that deepen your battle. Pride of each other overrules. Until it came to the point that you injure each other actually and emotionally. Following the fight, you'll remember all the things that your partner or family member did and said, and you'll feel so down, insulted, bad therefore you think of mental poison like he/she will break me up, we won't see the other person again and he/she might find other much better than me. It is usually taking place that following the fight, you don't have communication, but not permanently, which is put into cause you depression because you're going to miss him/her and become worried. Inability on your programs can cause depression because the idea of failing is hard to simply accept. You'll think that your parents will be angry at you and then you might start comparing you to ultimately others that move the course. You'll feel weakened, sad, down and worthless. You might lose your involvement in studying and start rebelling. Additionally it is the same if you feel worthless on your job. Experiencing financial issues can cause melancholy because you're having troubles in terms of money. Financial problem is the major stressor in our life. And all of us think that, money is so important inside our lives. If you don't have enough money, you can't support your basic needs and you may also stop schooling. And it is literally a major impact inside our lives. It can also make you stress as a result of deadline payment of expenses, if you fail on paying it, you'll have no supply of electricity and normal water. The demand of the lending company wherein you borrow money can also cause you to stress, if you don't pay on its due date, you'll have bad record and perhaps he/she won't give money to you again. It could ruin your daily life and you'll feel so weakened, bad, down, and sometimes, others think of suicide (Beyondblue, n. d. ).

Styron commences his storyline in Oct 1985 when he flies to Paris to receive the esteemed Prix mondial Cino Del Duca. In this trip, the writer's state of mind commences to deteriorate quickly. Using a mix of anecdotes, speculation, and reportage, Styron displays on the complexities and ramifications of depression, sketching links between his own condition which of other freelance writers such as Randall Jarrell, Albert Camus, Romain Gary, and Primo Levi, as well as U. S. President Abraham Lincoln and activist Abbie Hoffman. Styron attaches the onset of his major depression with his abrupt termination of his lifelong alcoholic beverages use, and argues that his condition was likely exacerbated by careless prescription of the drug Halcion. His despair culminated in a episode of powerful suicidal ideation (though he never made a genuine suicide look at), which led to hospitalization and recovery (Styron, 1990). PARAPHRASE

You can write in a journal. Writing in a journal can have peace in your thoughts. You are able to write anything about what happen that day. Your journal can be your closest friend and listener. You are able to open what you feel in your journal. But it is better that you'll jot down positive things, so that you will never think of negative things. You can also monitor your restoration throughout depression. You can also reflect your advancements in every day (Kloopers, n. d. ).

Improving your life

Improving your daily life is the second major step to overcome depression. You will need to put into practice some radical changes. Produce a positive atmosphere in your daily life and begin to neglect all the negative and undesirable events out you will ever have. Get rid of unhealthy relationships that you should stop making feel worse. Have a significant talk to your enemy, say all you have to to say, let your anger and hatred turn out but don't allow these to lead your conversation. . You must do this so that, there are no bad thoughts build in your center. If you seriously hate your job and studies, it's time to find and follow what you want. If you cannot stand in your environment with your enemy, find a fresh place to live (Serendipitee, Bawens, & Jeff, 2014).

You can also maintain a occupied schedule. Keeping busy is also a powerful way of conquering unhappiness so that, you'll ignore things that can make you depress. Distract yourself from overthinking and commence to do what you love the most. Entertain yourself. Stay focus on your targets and on what you're doing. Find a new interest or hobby, which means you can have grounds why you wake up each morning. Be dynamic in organizations. Spend time with people who makes you happy. Be nice in assisting others since it can increase your self-worth (Kloopers, n. d. ).

You also need to maintain healthy relationships among friends and family and family since it is important. They'll help you to cope up with your despair. They will make you feel their unconditional love and invaluable support. They can be always beside you no matter what happens, that is why keep in touch with them. Hang out getting together with them. Involve some social interaction. Speak to your most trustworthy person and open to her your thoughts. You can even take part in some social company, so that you will meet new friends and avoid the sense of isolation. If you know someone that is also suffering from depression, give them advice, help them to remove depression and cause them to become follow the steps you're facing on then think favorably (Smith, Saisan, & Segal, 2014).

Developing healthier habit

Developing healthier behavior is the previous major step to defeat depression. You will need to boost your sleeping practices because, it can make a large improvement on your mental health. Getting enough rest is healthy for the body. Train yourself to start going to bed early and getting up at the same time every day and night. Avoid taking naps much longer than one hour because, it can cause you to feel more fatigued and make you harder to drift off. Avoid also sleeping less than 8 hours because it will lose your energy so you can't think normally. You should have problem in making decisions. Limit food or refreshments that contains caffeine because, it'll cause you to harder to drift off. Exercise can also enable you to drift off faster if you conclude it at the right time (Healthysleep, 2007).

You also need to have regular physical exercise daily because, it'll increase your vitality and reduce the feeling of fatigue. Have a 30 minutes exercise every day and it can have a positive effect on your mood. It doesn't imply that if you exercise you need to go to a gym a find an teacher. Be practical, simply by possessing a walk and jog every morning can be an exercise already. Exercise can even be a hobby or it's rather a reason why you are occupied. You'll not just escape from despair but, you can also have a lovely body figure and become stronger literally (Borchard, 2009).

You also need to improve your diet because, it will help you are feeling less frustrated and actively perform your jobs. Everything you eat has an impact on the way you feel. Don't miss meals, so that you won't easily get irritable. If you are hungry, you're exhausted on doing tasks and you're using a bad mood most of enough time. While if you are fully loaded, you'll have energy in executing tasks and don't have a reason to be devastated. Add more vegetables & fruits into your diet, so that it can boost your mood and since it is nutritious. Eat three healthy and balanced meals every day (WebMD, 2005).

Challenge negative thinking. If people are negative thinker, they start to see the world in a poor way. You can't think right and disregard all the positive things and concentrate on the negative ones. So when negative people are unsuccessful, they blame, down themselves and feel that it will keep forever. Thinking negative won't help you, but instead, it can truly add to your depression. It will be harder for you to recover from unhappiness if you let your mental poison surrounds your life. Consider positive and do not believe that to your mental poison. This can help you overcome depression and remove the sense of negativity out of your brain (Uy, 2014).


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