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Statement of purpose

Statement of Purpose

Since my youth, I have always fancied entrepreneurial and management issues. I grew admiring successful people in the world and wished that 1 day I'd climb that ladder to be an important business person in the world. I really believe today that dream is becoming a reality owing to the steps I have taken in my education and today that I wish to purse an MBA at Rollins School.

I was born in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. After finishing my high school, I went to Dubai in United Arab Emirates, where I proved helpful as a customer relations specialist with a company called Creative 1973 from 2002 to 2004. I got then accepted in the School of Sharjah in the UAE and go after Management Information Systems and graduated in 2008. Soon after my graduation, I went to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and I was hired as an Information Systems Specialist in the Saudi Arabian Airlines. At Saudi Arabian Airlines, I got focusing on a multimillion task with a Germany company called SAP and after working for six months, the management of Saudi Arabian Airlines were very impressed by my working skills and given me a scholarship to study MBA in america. That is a scholarship which is given through Ruler Abdullah on a special agreement between Saudi Airlines and King Abdullah's scholarship committee to send recognized employees to pursue their higher education.

With the existing move towards global overall economy and explosion of free trade, I really believe given a chance to research my MBA degree will increase improve on my working relations and present me more contact with folks of different ethnic diversities. It is this challenging situation to which I intend to contribute by developing meaningful and best solutions to various issues in information systems. I am a team player and I've a strong think that given an opportunity to review MBA in Rollins School will add to improve on my knowledge base and social interaction at an international platform. I've within the last tried to achieve the GMAT scores necessary for entrance in Rollins School but I had been unsuccessful. I'd request to be considered for a waiver to allow me examine the MBA degree in your organization since there is no other student from Saudi Arabia enrolled in Rollins College. I am self motivated and with good leadership skills and I am like an ambassador to my people and culture for Rollins College or university. If granted such a fantastic opportunity, I will become at the Rollins University ambassador in Saudi Arabia and market its perspective and value to the folks of Saudi Arabia.

My country requires more skilled innovators who can produce and start on services and services that will assist in the growth of the economy of Saudi Arabia at the fore entrance on the technological tide. Rollins College or university is the type of School I am wanting to undertake my MBA program and I really believe the university grows its learners to first class businessmen. I try to develop and establish my very own software company and the ultimate way to achieve that goal is to get an MBA with an entrepreneurial focus as offered in Rollins School. I am specifically interested in studying with the top world businessmen and I also look forward to learning from other students with same entrepreneur ambition like mine. I really believe my work experience at Creative 1973 and Saudi Arabian Airlines combined with stable education I received at School of Sharjah gives me grounding to stand out in your program.

In order for me personally to accomplish my profession goals, I have to to learn much about modern improvements in Information System, program development, and financial applications and attain hands-on experience of software development. An MBA degree will offer me hypothetical understanding, a deeper idea of realistic strategies in helping managerial administrative, and research skills to accomplish me to extend my effectiveness in the key areas of information system development strategies. I'd like to explore specific problem areas like the information development in cellular phone software and enhance global communications on international trade. My main research passions would be on coming up software and information systems cellular phone user to access the global market.

I can concentrate my own vocation shifting to the American business, in the beginning from an advisory perspective and eventually from a directive role with a production entity a start-up business. This foresight, along with my own entrepreneur ambition and an affinity fro information systems will play a great part in the development of my career. An overall change has been detected to students who travel and analyze abroad in the way they are doing things and in their point of view and since I am no different, it'll be a great experience to imagine the way the first-hand progression in financial development in USA will influence my future ideas.

The overall benefits of attaining an MBA from Rollins University in USA will be an extra benefit to my profession. I really believe a MBA program in Rollins University will offer the best opportunity and room for research and a collaborative learning environment flexibility in the curriculum and a powerful and opportunity on global key issues. My quick learning in conjunction with strong analytical skills in addition to the experience I gained from Saudi Arabian Airlines have enabled me to build up good problem solving skills and this has improved upon my confidence. I try to apply these abilities in Rollins College or university. I hope that the committee will consider my program.

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