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Sports Health System: Yin Yang and Balance

Keywords: Yin and yang, balance perspective, health, athletics system, analytic.

Abstract. Traditional athletics health is an crucial part of Chinese language culture, Chinese language civilization is accompanied by a process to create, to develop up. It includes self-cultivation, physical fitness and longevity effect. Unfortunately, despite thousands of many years of traditional activities health practice, the formation of a rich health ideas, but these traditional sports activities health brain, like scattered pearls scattered in the literature and practice of traditional athletics health, without to get a bunch of dressed up form traditional activities strategy thought a monograph system. Based on this, the present study the history of ideas as a starting place for a study of traditional sports and health areas of the annals of ideas, aimed at the formation of traditional athletics and health background of ideas monographs, traditional sports for the abundant theory of health and promote the further development of traditional athletics health theoretical system of scientific value. We life idea, yin and yang sports activities idea of yin and yang as the number idea of yin and yang idea of information four angles, analyzes the theory of Yin and Yang.


Traditional Chinese language yin-yang theory has wealthy philosophical implication, comprising: a split into two views, the widespread viewpoint, the unity of views. Yin and yang school of thought is seen as a: emphasis on complementary and symbiotic, the pursuit of harmony and balance. Advocating complementary symbiosis, tranquility and balance of yin and yang theory of creating a harmonious society for our valuable intellectual resources and useful lessons: between people, between people and culture, between man and character, and even countries, ethnic and between peoples are complementary symbiotic romantic relationship of yin and yang, should mutual benefits and common development.

The idea is a guide to action and ideological dilemma is bound to make the practice a loss or misguided activities. In contrast the existing traditional sports health field, it's the people in the original Health ideological misunderstandings, leading to reality indiscriminate white, as long as something about the fitness of the people won't and will pack the reception, it will make the name of these traditional athletics health "charlatan" technique the truth is is often successful in academia, scholars no history of Traditional Sports Regimen organized theoretical thinking salvage and through her. However, the traditional PE idea is the lifeblood of traditional athletics health, domination and impact the development of traditional athletics of health. Thus, carding, research, background and traditional sports activities health research ideological construct, helps to clarify the reality to help people mixed up thinking about the health of the original sports, traditional sports activities to establish a correct idea of health, clinical fitness, consciously avoid and Identification in reality those "charlatans" traditional Athletics regimen strategy, governance, health rectify the current traditional sports activities market cohabitation sensation, thus adding to the establishment of the orderly, healthy, traditional sports health knowledge market, promote the traditional sports health knowledge and ecological development and promote socialism with Chinese characteristics and the engineering of spiritual civilization development.

Based on the current health status of the field of traditional activities, the present analysis the history of ideas as a fulcrum, traditional activities health research through the machine, to be able to promote the original health, technology and ecological development of activities as well as deep understanding of the knowledge of the substance of traditional sports fitness regimen are It includes important significance.

The notion is a representation of the nature of things. Study of a thing, we should first clearly represent the idea of the object attributes, to be able to accurately grasp the thing. Thought History Traditional Sports Program study we must first understand and understand the idea of traditional health, and traditional sports. Traditional health is in constant relationship theory and practice, preventing diseases, conservation procedures and life durability. Traditional health practice activities cover a wide range, almost covered in human being clothing, food, shelter, and everything aspects of the range.

Traditional athletics health, meaning from the point of view, involves two parts, traditional activities and health. Identifies traditional sports started in the land of China, is still circulating in some sports.

Figure. 1 Yin-Yang

The Proposed Methodology

Yin and Yang theory. In early China, this is is the fact that yin and yang support or oppose sunlight, sunshine toward the medial side of the man, the feminine is hauling a sunshine side. Later, with the yin and yang refers to two condition two opposing air or gas.

Traditional "yin and yang said, " has three meanings: First, yin and yang durability, everything from sexual intercourse. The second identifies different physical properties, such as support or oppose, light and cover from the sun, the real situation, rigid, negative and positive, along movement, bump etc. Third means various things, such as heaven and globe, sunlight and moon, male and female, dorsal and ventral, etc. , as well as advance and retreat, gain and damage, success and failure, changes, life and death, growth and decrease, and so forth. Due to yin and yang, "meaning" very wide-ranging, so that it is just about everywhere.

In short, the meaning of yin and yang consists of very extensive, pertains both to the yin and yang of two different advantages, but also refers to different physical properties and reverse things. It could be along, inside and outside, day and night, in time, on the spring and coil and autumn, summer season and winter, the weight of the severe nature of the talk about of action of the space on behalf of the movement, move forward and retreat, lifting, heaven and globe, of most things, there are two different yin and yang Capabilities. In traditional Chinese culture, the two actually become the yin and yang symbol, representing the contrary but complementary edges.

Universal perspective. In the doctrine of yin and yang, yin and yang properties widespread as Yin and yang properties is not limited to a particular thing, but generally is out there in a number of things and phenomena of character and human contemporary society, among staff of the two other but complementary to one another. Yin and yang theory that, whatever the sunshine and the moon celestial run, night and day alternate seasons, weather, cold and warmth, or the individuals tissue composition and functional position, and other things or phenomena, are opposing and complementary in development and change, and this everything can matching to certain properties, or belong to a female, or a home in sunlight and thus, the properties of the yin and yang of things general significance.

Therefore, in traditional Chinese language beliefs, phenomena and regulations of motion of most things, can be summarized with a yin and yang to the yin and yang is a simple law of mother nature, development and development of most things, the main causes of the decrease of the change is to improve the action of matter grasp.

Life Beliefs. During ancient real human cognition of things, and gradually we realize that all things are there are two conflicting aspects can be divided into two: one with a widespread movements, change, light, floating up, warm, clear light and other qualities that positive things; and those generally have a fixed, secure, supple, dark, pay out, chilly, muddy and other capabilities, namely negative things. The one thing the two factors against each other, and a consider two, which is epistemological improvement; to use this knowledge sublimation watch everything, which is epistemological leap that the beliefs of dialectical prospect. The medical use of the human form in to the external yang, yin inside, for sunlight, under the color, sunlight is back, stomach, yin; the internal organs into the grubby yin, yang organs; divided into the yin ; then in the physiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment and other areas of yin and yang theory as the key link, filled up with a divided head II created dialectical setting.

Yin and Yang as the idea of number is an important part of traditional Chinese drugs theory of yin and yang, occupies a prominent place in Chinese culture, it's been trusted in physiology, pathology, examination and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and other aspects.

Yin and yang Movement View. The foundation of life is movement, that activity of yin and yang, it is an important concept of action systems important things of yin and yang theory of traditional Chinese language medicine, Chinese medicine is epistemological. According to sports strategy, promoted yang, yin reduced; Yang day, nights is yin; Yang spring and coil and summer, fall months and winter Yin, night and day, four o'clock this yin and yang, yin and yang are mirrored in the movement the process of change and position.

Traditional Health. It ought to be noted that not absolutely all the traditional activities will be the traditional method of health, with a blend of the partnership between them. Traditional activities are a major source of the traditional social health of the creation and development of the principal means of traditional health produced from traditional sports, but not all traditional activities. Only people that have a slow, even while the primary form of physical activity, centering internally and externally, to revive his health, improve quality of life and the pursuit of longevity as the best feature of traditional activities events in order to become an important means of conventional regimen. In addition, the ethnic property should be attributed to traditional sports activities category, rather than the traditional home health category. Given the traditional athletics and traditional health of this relationship, we analyze the history of traditional sports activities healthcare thought impossible to traditional athletics content are contained in the category of traditional health, traditional health lessons of traditional sports, there's a culture of its verification process.

From the point of view of modern disciplines, traditional sports activities health can be an interdisciplinary, involving traditional health science, exercise physiology, sports activities technology and other disciplines, can be an emerging interdisciplinary subject. Unlike traditional athletics Health activities. As everybody knows, in addition to improve physical fitness sports activities, culture Willpower and other functions, it also has a strong confrontational and competitive characteristics.

Health Thought. Health root base of traditional sports activities culture is the traditional thinking in interactive and traditional culture, the original health shaped his own ideas trajectory. It has turned into a history in the heart practitioners, practitioners and rooted in the ideas of having a feeling of cultural stable structure, dominates the behavior of health practitioners. However, due to numerous reasons, these glowing light of the intelligence of traditional sports activities health thought so far havent been the academic attention they deserve. With all the ongoing development of the times, the scientific idea of fitness urgently calling us to seek wisdom from an exercise routine of traditional sports.

French thinker Pascal once said, "man is a reed, the most feeble part of nature; but he is a pondering reed don't need the whole universe to take up arms to demolish him; breathing, a drop of normal water is enough to cause him the doom, however, even if the universe were to crush him, man would still be better than whatever killed him something much more commendable; because he knew himself to loss of life, and the universe he gets the advantage over, which universe is unknown.

"Type health preservation" is a simple fitness idea of historical people in the extended life practice gradually formed. Its basic connotation is strong outside the body, resting in the soul, body and nature were raised to support "in the" exercise of its guidelines, "the circulation of blood" for the purpose of exercise and fitness interior mechanism.

Traditional sports routine in ancient school of thought based on absorbing, construct his own philosophical theory of yin and yang theory, five elements theory, the forming of its own ethnic characteristics, it is a means of life of the Chinese nation. Research books in this regard can be studied, and the theory provides us with an explanatory ability of the platform and documentation materials. However, the literature most stay in the general degree of theoretical interpretation, mechanically apply some early data to the original health said doubting its incomprehensible, practical significance must be strengthened, so the lack of research results more convincing and credible.

With the era of progress, knowledge and technology, people's traditional sports activities health ideology are constantly kept up to date regularly reasonably absorb a few of the techniques of modern knowledge and technology to guide the practice of traditional athletics health, improve the scientific nature of traditional sports activities of health. Therefore, I believe these scientific and technical development with the days and constantly strolled Traditional Sports Strategy in new ideas, in this research should be given regularly to remove and upgrade traditional athletics as a fresh health ideas, to be able to better serve the original health practice.

At present, the academics study of traditional athletics regimen thought mostly scattered. The primary performance is: some simply move the original Chinese school of thought and culture of some ideas, from the original health practice; some a good little experience is their practice, did not rise to the amount of theory. This makes the traditional health ideological theory and practice of separation, resulting in traditional health thought genuine end result is neither able to establish the machine, we cannot give full play to the interaction between theory and practice. Such research out of traditional sports activities regimen idea is not a system of thought. Therefore, I assume that the current situation of the original health research idea provides both for space research and some creative literature, but also to review the development of the traditional sports regimen thought to provide a lesson, a warning never to repeat the academics creator thought studies physical health has been around the past.


We need to study traditional sports activities disciplines with health theory and ways of modern physiology, modern drugs. We analyzed by studying the idea of traditional athletics and health books and the annals of ideas using the overall research solutions to explore the historical trajectory of Chinese traditional sports regimen thought development and building of the theoretical construction. Help people set up a correct concept of health of traditional athletics, traditional activities health practices conducted science. Athletics health system contribute to help people set up a correct idea of traditional athletics health, guide people to identify traditional sports activities health exercises and compose clinical merits of acceptable health traditional sportive physical remedy, technological fitness. By assisting people to set up a correct idea of traditional sports health, help purify the current misunderstanding of traditional sports health market, a wholesome strategy of traditional athletics market, and promote the healthy development of traditional sports and health. Traditional athletics regimen ideas aren't static, but with the development of the times constantly updated. While using development of modern medicine, physiology, traditional activities and health thinking constantly being challenged and up to date. We quickly absorb the latest successes of modern day academia, traditional sports activities health research, enriching the original sports activities health ideology.


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