Ejaculation Selection Following Mating

A Bit of Background Information

What is pre- and post-copulatory sexual collection?

From the phrase copulatory, that means to engage in sexual intercourse, pre-copulatory sexual assortment refers to the female's choice in deciding on a mate prior to sexual intercourse happens. Post-copulatory sexual selection occurs within the female's reproductive track, and it describes the biological collection (whether as a result of sperm and also the female's biology) that results in the fertilization her eggs.

Why are guppies very good subjects intended for research through this topic?

The most significant reason for using guppies in sexual variety research is mainly because they delicately participate in polyandry. This means that in nature a female guppy is going to mate (willingly or unwillingly) with several males at the same time, allowing for tests to be executed to see which in turn male's sperm fertilizes the most eggs.

Choose artificial insemination?

Before the utilization of artificial insemination, the results of this sort of experiments were obscure and varied tremendously. There was no chance of manipulating the males' ejaculate sizes or thier particular sexual exposure to the female guppies. By using artificial insemination methods, these two factors can be handled: equal quantities of ejaculation from each male guppy can be isolated, and no intimate contact require ever come about. The improved control over these types of variables assists you to attain trusted results which have been directly related to postcopulatory processes.


Sexual selection is a common facet of evolutionary biology that plays the role in the mating different types of a variety of different species. Competition between your male's ejaculate as well as the selection of mate by female factor into a effective copulation. This experiment looks at the precopulatory and postcopulatory behavior of Poecilia reticulata, the guppy. Artificial insemination was used to separate your lives the elements of sex selection before and after sexual intercourse. "Attractive" males inside the guppy populationdeemed attractive depending on the female guppy's affinity for themwere individuals with high levels of carotenoid coloration (orange, yellow-colored, and red). Relative dimension were also in contrast. The purpose of this experiment is usually to demonstrate, through artificial insemination, the position of postcopulatory sexual selection in a population of guppies. If guppy females happen to be partial to specific traits, the propagation of these traits will be evident.

The techniques That Were Applied

Prior to insemination, the behavior of the guppies included was examined and a single adult, nonvirgin female and two sexually immature seafood were devote observation tanks.

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