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Some Human Resources Functions Information Technology Essay

Functional area is a group in just a business with a particular responsibility, such as supervision, human resources, marketing and sales. Functional areas may also be known as department. There will vary functional areas running a business with different responsibilities. The goal of efficient areas is to ensure all important business activities are done properly. That is very important if the business enterprise wants to achieve its seeks and targets.

Administration- is the business department which provides a variety of services used by all businesses.

The reason for administration is to support its business.

Services include:


Computer assistance

Managing the mail room & delivering internal mail

Organising a reception

Running the premises

Plan security and cleaning services

Organise for telephones and internal directories

Operating the switchboard

Planning and taking care of relocations


Some Supervision Functions are:

Responding quickly to investigation.

Making agreements.

Sending and getting emails by telephone

Organising meetings and preparing documents.

Research information

Some Careers in Administration



Admin Assistant

Portfolio Administrator

Project Administrator

Administrative Officers

Finance Administrator

Sales Administrator

Office Administrative Assistant


Distribution- is the business department that makes sure all deliveries finds their locations in the condition/form and time

The purpose of distribution is to be responsible for handling the movement of goods in and out of the warehouse, supervising individuals and overseeing the carry of goods to and from the organization, the distribution function is also responsible for preparing relevant paperwork and packing goods safely for despatch.

Some Circulation functions:

Complete delivery documents

Guarantee all goods are properly stored and labelled before sending it out

Plan and schedule vehicle routes

Check all goods are safe and secure in the vehicle

Deal with circulation problems

Some Jobs in Syndication:

Distribution manager

Shipping manager

Shipping/despatch clerks


Human Resources (HR)/Personnel

Human resources/ Employees - is the business department that is in charge of employing and controlling employees.

The reason for Human Resources is to appeal and maintain respectable, high quality personnel, to teach and boost all staff in order to have the ability to reach their maximum potential and also to ensure they achieve the seeks and targets. Also, the purpose of HR is to ensure that the correct people that apply to the work get utilized to the right assignment at the right period also HR has to ensure that the job given to them is successful enough to develop their capabilities to their highest level which adds to self-motivation making them are better.

Some RECRUITING functions:

Maintain personnel records

Advise professionals on rights and responsibilities of the company as well as its employees.

Carry out company's welfare policy

Monitor working conditions of the staff

Monitor terms and conditions of employment

Receive and record all job applications, organize interviews and inform individuals of the results.

Responsible for many health and security checks.

Some Jobs in RECRUITING:

Recruitment officer

Staff development officer

HR manager

Health and protection manager

Personnel/staffing officer

HR control promotion opportunities, job vacancies, CPD and classes for everyone areas/personnel. HR will cooperate with employees/employers over income increase and bonus items. Also, HR will be occupied with the design of staff training activities as well as encouraging the development of all staff.


ICT- is an enterprise team that is involved in the use of pcs to take care of information.

The reason for ICT is to practise a well balanced, reliable, and easy to get at technology framework to meet the business' needs.

Some ICT functions:

Assist users who've computer problems

Repair personal computers when required

Monitor staff computer systems and use for compliance with the company IT policy

Connect new or additional equipment to the system

Technically maintain a firm website

Update software and ensure that encryption codes are submitted to avoid trojans and any other harmful software being downloaded.

Some Careers in ICT:

ICT Technician

Project manager

Configuration Engineer

Customer Services

Customer services- is an enterprise division that is responsible for boring inquires and complaints from or disputes with customers.

The purpose of customer service is to work as a web link among the business and its employers. The staff members in the client service section are trained appropriately so that they can offer assistance in the business when needed by the customers.


Account credit


Delivery complaints


Information regarding your account


Some Careers in Customer Services:

Customer Procedures Manager

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Assistant

Customer Support Manager

Customer Service Advisor

Some Customer Services Functions:

To be able to answer the customers questions about any products and/or service.

To have the ability to solve customer problems

To have the ability solve and offer with issues from customers professionally

To have the ability to solve details of customer problems so that the challenge will never be asked of again

To have the ability to use the response given by the clients to help increase the quality and satisfaction of customer support.

Customer responses must be offered by customer service if they think that it will impact future sales or product development.


Finance- is an enterprise section that is accountable for managing all the amount of money earned and put in.

The purpose of Finance is to keep an eye on and keep record of the financial transactions of the business enterprise.

The reason for Finance is to screens departmental spending and the achievements of financial goals. To improve success so that the aims and objectives associated with costs levels can be reinforced and supervised by the financing department.

Some jobs in Fund:

Management accountant

Financial accountants

Credit controllers

Finance director

Financial advisor

Some Financing functions:

Check and pay invoices received

Produce statutory accounts each year

Monitor department finances to check professionals aren't overspending

Prepare payroll and pay staff salaries

Before sales are created the finance team got to know about customer enquires in order to check their credit history.


Marketing- is a small business department that is in charge of presenting products or services such that it makes the product/services more advisable also this division is about determining and get together customer needs.

The reason for Marketing is to convert general needs into wants for specific goods, ideas, or services. Marketing will be engaged with obtaining the seeks and targets that are participating with sales and marketing.

Targets that'll be connected to developing new market segments or increasing sales will hold the participation of the Marketing department.

Some Careers in Marketing:

Marketing Executive

Product Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Marketing Director

Marketing Assistant

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Some Marketing Functions:

Improve and promote services and produces through a number of methods.

Design, update and promote company's website - this is done with the ICT office.

To be able to keep track of existing customers in order to be notified of any deals/improvements.

To be able to produce a selection of advertisements.


Sales- is a company section that is accountable for selling its products or services.

The purpose of Sales is to be involved in obtaining targets associated with developing new market segments or increasing sales. Sales must be able to sell just as much products and services as you possibly can.

Some Careers in Sales:

Sales Executive

Sales Manager

Retail Manager

Director of Sales

Sales Associate

Some Sales Functions:

Organise sales promotions

Respond to customer enquiries

Provide technical advice

Keep customer details up to date

Prepare quotations or estimations for customers

Customers must know when deliveries are credited as well if indeed they have any problems. The clients are enlightened by the sales team.


Production- this division is responsible for the make of raw materials into done goods.

Targets associated with quality or getting together with planned creation schedules will be establish for the production department. That is one of Productions purposes.

Some Jobs in Production:

Production manager

Production Associate`

Production Account

Production Director

Production Executive

Some Creation Functions:

To be able to plan schedules

To have the ability to repair any gadgets that production will need

Produce or assemble finished products

Order shares of recycleables from approved suppliers

To have the ability to monitor schedules regarding production and also to make sure that any delays in production are rescheduled

Manage quality of products including which goods produced are fit for purpose

Production has to notify sales about production problems that they think will influence customers or sales. Creation must also find new product developments as well as methods of production.

Research and Development (R and D)

Research and Development- is a business section that is responsible for creating new products to meet the altering needs of industry.

The reason for R and D is to improve existing products as well as new product developments

Some Jobs:

Researcher Development Manager

New Product Development Researcher

Product Development Engineer

Senior Electronic Design Engineer

R & D Design Engineer

R & D Functions: activities will rely upon the industry

Improvements in performance and basic safety as well as emission reductions are the focus of technicians who work in the Aerospace and Car companies.

In the Food Industry the chefs that make the services work with the Technologists so that they can prepare the products.

To be able to research and develop new products.


Purpose of Functional Areas



The Marketing department in Oxfam is responsible for creating and retaining Oxfam's online shopping website. The marketing office is also in charge of promoting products such as posters, leaflets to market Oxfam.

Customer Services:

Oxfam's Customer Service department offers a phone line for its customers. This can help provide information about Oxfam. It really is uncommon for charities to have/provide customer service.

Human Resources:

Oxfam's Human Resources department is accountable for individuals inside the charity. E. g. volunteers

Human Resources package with the workplace and employees. They deal with them by making sure they have no pay issues and they also make sure that the employers and employees are trained for his or her job roles. In addition they package with them by planning the particular people will do in Oxfam. They recruit new employers/employees when they are needed.

The function of recruiting is mostly related to the employees who are able to make the work in Oxfam very successful. The removal of poor staff and the keeping of good experienced staff is the purpose of the human resources department.

The human resources department manages the volunteers of Oxfam they also recruit permanent personnel for the charity


The Finance office in Oxfam retains financial documents as well as files of money being received. The prep of payroll and the procedure in presenting the staff their salaries is one of the functions of the fund section in Oxfam. The financing department also handles the accounts and the files of all charity donations.


Oxfam's Administration section carries out an array of tasks daily which helps support the charity. Collecting, distributing and mailing off people's mails along with getting ready arrangements and meetings which are kept so the business will become more lucrative are

some of the obligations of the administration department. The section is also in charge of researching including sending and acquiring any e-mail or fax.

In order for the managers of Oxfam to concentrate on running a successful charity the supervision staff must make sure that the everything in the charity that has a connection to them must be well organized and run faultlessly as well as effectively.


Oxfam's ICT office must make sure that every one of the charity's data are stored properly, in the right place and successfully on their system. The ICT section in Oxfam also has to be sure that they can be able to install any software to the server that they think will benefit the company, its personnel and customers, and they also need to make their system is reliable and doesn't fail. Any products or accessorises that might be needed by workers are purchased by the ICT office. The ICT division must make sure that the systems have high security and security so that nobody can gain access to or destroy any file if they're not area of the charity. ICT must ensure that the web site for the charity is straightforward to access and is also kept in order.

Purpose of Functional Areas




Tesco's marketing section is in charge of determining customer needs so that they can source them with their product in the right condition, place and time. In order for the clients to be provided their products the marketing office would have to inform the creation workers to produce high-quality goods. Permitting them to responds to their customers enquiry quickly and effectively.

Customer Services:

Tesco's customer service department are responsible for the clients. They solve any customer problems and take into account any issue or compliments relating to Tesco. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of customer service. The workers of the customer service office are trained expertly to handle enquiries, grievances and replies.

Tesco customer service staff should answer all questions in detail.

Human Resources:

The Human Resources department is responsible for each department's staff members. They help recruit new staff members in Tesco, they also teach, pay and solve any issues that have to do with payment and the labor force. This department's main function is to recruit staff members that could do their job effectively, making Tesco a more successful business. This department's makes sure that any staff members that they feel have an unhealthy impact on the business are changed with better ones.


Tesco's distribution division are responsible for the products. They ensure that all deliveries are sent to the right person and at most appropriate time and in the right condition. The circulation department are responsible for the vehicles that keep all deliveries, they ensure that the vehicles are quickly stored with the products and support the right deliveries and the deliverers have right routes. In addition they ensure that the deliveries are secure and safe in the vehicles. Distribution fills out delivery forms, plans and they schedule enough time and road the delivery vehicles will take the deliveries. They ensure that the workers know when goods will be sent so the customers will be aware of when to receive their goods.


Tesco's finance department helps to keep record of the amount of money spent and attained by Tesco as well as the gains they gain. This will mean that professionals will be prepared if profit is lost or gained. The financing department keeps details and pays for goods or services that Tesco needs. Also, the funding department is accountable for organizing Tesco's accounts.


Tesco's administration team support the business by providing a variety of services and doing a selection of other jobs. Its workers send and receive messages by phone or email. They organise conferences and prepare documents for Tesco. They organise Tesco's reception and plan relocations by Tesco. The supervision department makes certain that everything runs successfully, which means that Tesco will be run properly and exactly as the professionals will concentrate exclusively on Tesco.


Tesco's sales division is accountable for reselling the goods/services of Tesco. This means that Tesco will be keep going and achieve its goal of being the number one retailer company in the united kingdom. The sales section is vital because if there is not anything to sell in Tesco then there wouldn't be any customers. Which also means that Tesco wouldn't achieve its goal of being, the main retailer company. The sales section collaborate with the fund department to set a cost for goods and services. In addition they offer with customer enquiries.

How the various departments works together and talk to one another?

The discussion and communication between the different functional areas in an enterprise help a corporation achieve its aims and objectives. Which means that the business can function better and effectively.

Any part of an business' job/function will probably involve several functional area. Therefore the areas have to speak and interact closely.

Administration communicates will all departments because they keep an eye on the budgets, interview new staff members for departments, make travel plans as well as purchase resources of office stationary and equipment.

The distribution department communicates with sales, supervision, finance and human resources because for circulation to deliver to the right person at the right/appropriate address on time and in the right condition, syndication has to work with sales to know information about the merchandise. This department works together with administration to know about travel arrangements and it communicates with financing because for circulation to be affordable the expense of products and services including others should be at its most affordable level. Therefore, circulation and funding have to interact to discuss the lowest cost possible.

Production works with circulation, marketing and sales. Development works together with these departments because for development to create or assemble a finished product, it will need to communicate with the sales department on selling the merchandise to customers. Development interacts with marketing to help promote the products through a number of advertising and promotional methods. This function interacts with circulation because the products need to be delivered to the clients.

Finance, HR and ICT work and communicate with all useful areas because finance needs to make payroll and paying personnel salaries, produce legal accounts and screen managers to be sure they aren't overspending.

HR works together with every area of business as it's in charge of recruiting and controlling employees. This team notify personnel of advertising opportunities and arranges the staff members training schedules, check health and safety information along with car accident records. ICT works and communicate with all efficient areas because the most data and information are now stored using the pc systems so ICT communicates with other functional areas to ensure that the computer systems don't fail as the company could lose almost all their data and information.

Research and Development works together with creation and the marketing departments. R & D works with production because they have to know the merchandise they are strengthening. They also use marketing because they promote the product through a number of advertising and promotional methods.

Customer services connect to sales, marketing and production as they need to work with these departments in order to react to customers.

Functional areas in virtually any business cannot under any circumstances work in isolation. All useful areas especially in larger business need support and information from one another in order for the business to use effectively.

How well the useful areas interact and support the seeks and objectives of Oxfam and Tesco?

Functional areas interact and support the aims and targets of Oxfam and Tesco by interacting with one another about the aims and objectives which will make it easier and quicker to achieve them. The functional areas support the aims and targets by focusing on the seeks and objectives which they think they can best achieve. Al the useful areas available are linked along in achieving all their aims and objectives so that their business can be successful. Which means that often lots of the decisions are seen and made by several of the other practical areas.



To maximise sales

To grow and maintain the main retail company in the U. K

To outshine the opponents and stay in the marketplace leader

To maximise profit

To provide


To offer all customers a superlative value for the money.

To achieve good customer service

To offer customers the best prices

To meet up with the needs of customer by taking their ideas regarding any product into great factor.

Some Tesco Products:

Sterling Sterling silver Crystal Place Ball Pendant

Silentnight Miracoil 3-Area Pillowtop Honolulu Two times 2 drawer Divan Set

Beko WM5100W washing machine

Tesco Mobile PAYG SIM

The Finance team in Tesco handles the expenditure of all departments. In addition, it works together with each section. The Marketing office in Tesco works to generate cash to help have more customers into the business. The greater customers that comes home to Tesco the greater cash Tesco gets. The RECRUITING department in Tesco helps teach staff so that they can have the ability to talk to customers. THE CLIENT Service department are also trained by RECRUITING in order to response plainly and properly to the clients. The more content customers there will be the more they're likely to keep coming back. When customers keep coming back the more money Tesco receives. The Sales section in Tesco is in charge of offering products and stocking the shelves. Also the sales department works together with customer relations to help find products for the cabinets and sell insurance. The ICT team in Tesco works with all departments to make certain that technology works. The e-mail system and website are checked by the ICT section to make certain that it is always working so that customers get access to it. They make sure the website is working properly each and every time because if customers can't obtain the website whether it's inadequate or working properly. The Syndication department in Tesco makes certain that products appear to the shop. In addition they work with the marketing, sales and HR section to know what products are being brought to the shop. The Supervision office in Tesco run and coordinate everything in Tesco. Also administration works together with all departments such that it can be aware of what's needed; this means that they can do their job better. The Production office in Tesco will make sure the bakery that is produced by local Tesco shops are fresh for customers to buy.

Only local Tesco Shops have a Development department. Production communicates with distribution, marketing and sales for creation to produce/assemble done local Tesco products. It will need to communicate with sales departments on reselling the merchandise to customers and it works with marketing to help promote the merchandise through a variety of advertising and promotional methods. Development has to ensure all goods are produced in time and are of the right quality. This department helps (Local) Tesco seeks and targets as the departments help develop new products, give customers and maximise sales.

To meet up with the needs of customer by taking their views regarding any product into great thought, Tesco's HR and Administration has to interact to recruit and control suitable employees for its stores. To attain good customer service, Tesco's customer service will need to talk to all useful areas in order to respond to customers correctly and appropriately. To grow and keep maintaining the number one retail company in the U. K, all Tesco's efficient areas have to interact with each other in order that they know the position they carry as a retail company in the united kingdom as well as what they will need to do to keep their company as the number one retail company in UK.

Tesco's finance department has to connect to all useful areas because if employees aren't paid they'll not be able to work and for that reason will never be able to support Tesco's seeks and aims. Also the fund team in Tesco screens and continues record of the financial ventures, budgets as well as expenses. Finance help arranged the prices for the business enterprise as well as authorise and record repayments and receipts plus it also will auditing of departments.

Sales division in Tesco must connect to marketing so they can promote the Tesco goods through a number of advertising and promotional methods. Tesco's sales office also works with financing and marketing in order to decide on the lowest cost easy for products.

If Tesco wants to promote its products as best as they can, its marketing team has to use creation and sales to allow them to decide on the sort of advertisement that'll be best for the products, plus rates and product position.

The distribution team in Tesco has to use sales, administration, finance and human resources to ensure that Tesco's goods are delivered to the right place/stores promptly and in the right condition. It works with administration to know about travel preparations. In addition, it works with sales to know information about the products and it interacts with funding as well as Sales because for Tesco to be able to offer their customers with the cost effective for everything they buy, the merchandise and/or services provided by Tesco must be affordable.

Functional areas interacting with the other person helps support the aim and aims of Tesco.

The useful areas contribute to the seeks and objectives of Tesco because Tesco achieved its goal which was to maximise sells and revenue. In 2009 2009, Tesco made a profit of 3. 13 billion, which was a 10% increase from 2008's gains. Its sales topped 1bn weekly for the first time with group sales to arrive at 59. 4 billion. The gains were the highest on record for a UK merchant.



To be able to help the Third World through and at all possible.

To alleviate poverty, distress and suffering


To have the ability to persuade and encourage other countries to assist the 3rd World.

To marketing campaign for a fairer world

To support children who are in need whether that offers food to them or education

Some Oxfam Product:

Fuscia thread hoop earrings

Monsoon, pink skirt with a patterned

Cafe immediate Fairtrade instant coffee classic blend 500g

TeadirectFairtrade440 teabags 1kg

The finance division manages how Oxfam's money is utilized by communicating with each department to work at helping it achieve its seeks and objectives. The Marketing team in Oxfam helps create funds in to the charity so that their seeks and targets will be achieved and it can benefit more people volunteer at the charity. The Human Resources team in Oxfam helps teach volunteers and staff in order to act in response quickly to emergencies they are also trained in order to be able to help convince more folks to volunteer. THE CLIENT Service team are also trained to ensure they can answer questions ask by people beyond your charity helping the charity gain more volunteers. The Sales section in Oxfam helps Oxfam sell second hand clothes as well as other products; the profit created from this is used to help the charity. The ICT division in Oxfam helps revise the web site so that customers know about what is taking place and/or for sale by Oxfam as well as how they may donate online. The ICT department also helps the e-mail system function properly for customers and volunteers. The Distribution team in Oxfam helps deliver used clothes and goods to the charity's branches so it can be sold to produce a income which is then employed by the charity to help. The Supervision section in Oxfam will help organised situations.

For Oxfam's to attain it aims and objectives its functional areas have to work together to reach different goals and objectives. Customer support has to use all departments to ensure they can solve all customer problems if indeed they want to be a socially in charge charity.

Finance must work with all departments so that it can track record all charity donations and put together and pay staff their incomes. Therefore, personnel will be available to help the countries in the Third World, persuade and encourage other countries to provide aid and support and marketing campaign for a fairer world.

Even though Oxfam does not have a Production section it has a Sales office that sells goods to customers. Also, the Sales division interact with marketing to promote the goods through a number of advertising and promotional methods. Sales works together with finance and marketing in order to decide on the cheapest cost easy for Oxfam products

Oxfam will have to work with circulation so that used clothes and products are delivered to all Oxfam charities. Administration and HR has to communicate with each other in order to employ new workers for the charities departments.

ICT has to use all departments so that it has all business data stored on the system. This will give Oxfam a properly and successfully stored data on the systems. ICT also communicates with all departments to ensure that the business' website is updated and can certainly be utilized by customers.

Marketing has to interact with creation and sales in order to advertise/promote the product/goods as best as they can.

Oxfam's practical areas are contributing to the goals and aims because Oxfam's income has increased by typically 8% per year to over 250 million. This proves that the useful areas are adding to the goals and objectives as one of the aims of Oxfam was to improve enough money to help under-developed countries. By increasing the money it has also achieve the other aims as well as targets of Oxfam which is to be able to help the Third World in and through in any manner possible, to alleviate poverty, stress and anguish, to be able to help people understand mother nature and its causes as well as results if poverty is usually to be relieved and to plan for a fairer world.

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