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Some Of The Basic Assumption About Hotels Travel and leisure Essay

Hospitality industry is one of the most supportive services that influence the number of tourist a particular country attracts. Building the hotels is insufficient for the hospitality professional, It is equally necessary to connect to the consumers about the assistance offered. Hospitality marketing is not a not the same as other service marketing. Nevertheless the hospitality marketing is a lot more fiercely competitive as the business is very seasonal and volatile to various cultural economic activities. It is necessary for just about any hotel string to compete and impressive in their advertising campaign for their survival. (Kotler, 2008)

1. 1 Hotel Defined

A Hotel can be explained as "A place where all possible facilities like accommodation, entertainment are provided to the people for a temporary period, they stay. " (K. K. Sharma, 2008)

1. 2 Some Basic Assumption about Hotels

The Consumers of an hotel services are referred as guest. They have the hospitality services from accommodation to entertainment and from food & beverages to business meetings. A hotel service or property is immovable in comparison to goods or other created item which are mobile or lightweight. The capital investment in hotel industry is on little bit moderate to raised side and the breakeven point is normally requires a sizable span of time. The requirements for hotel services change from customer to customer. Most of facilities which provided by hospitality industry are highly perishable in characteristics. Hotel industry is not having the competition within itself it also encounters the exterior competition from other industries. (J. Christopher Holloway, 2004)

1. 3 Importance of Hotel Marketing

Hospitality industry is considered one of the major market sectors on the globe. In USA it's the second largest employer alone. Marketing has considered an important role in the hospitality industry. The entry of the corporate giant has managed to get from Mother and Pop stores where an individual is having a hotel or restaurant to large hotel chains. These chains work in a highly competitive environment where they have to be impressive more correct and sophisticated in their offering and marketing to get the customer. ten percent10 % of the Hotel chain in USA account for 80 % of the total hospitality business.

The Hotel industry is considering the consolidation process where large string like; Intercontinental, Marriott International, Wyndham hotel group, Hilton Hotels, Accor Group, Global Hyatt, Carlson Hotels, Starwood Hotels & Vacation resort, Best Western, Choice Hotels are merging or purchasing the small hotels. It has been found on business is marketing their services under different brands to handle the several customers. The marketing expertise of the large firm business lead to the creation of highly competitive hotel industry. Now the position of marketing director is evenly important as food & service director or room section manager. (Wayne C. Makenes, 1999)

Marketing initially progressed in connection with the physical products or goods like toothpaste, cleaning soap, Detergent, Automobiles, and Electronic Item etc. However now later on an alternative trend on the globe market has been witnessed the exceptional expansion of services or product which includes little physical content. In developed economies service industry account for 60% of the full total GDP. Services have their own characteristics which will vary from products hence they require an alternative marketing way than products.

1. 4 Marketing Principle in Hospitality Industry

Marketing is business beliefs in hospitality industry which places the client at the centre. Since it rightly said "Customer is Ruler" now it is going to be changed it will now "Customer is God. " Now hotel professional understand the value of building permanent relationship is mutually beneficial. There is an exchange activity between your customer and hotel service provider for mutual benefit. The primary idea behind the hotel marketing is to control demand and offer. Marketing is the management process which determines the future of any corporation and success or planning of any organization up to great extent rely upon marketing activities. There are several marketing tool those are applied by marketing professionals to understand the need and would like of the consumer which help them to improve the service level and also to satisfy or please the client. (Francis Buttle &David Bowie, 2004)

1. 5 Need for hotel Marketing

As it's been already discussed the type of services different from goods hence it require more complex marketing. Once opportunity removed it isn't retrievable. Intangibility, Inseparability, Variability and Perish capacity are few main characteristics of hotel services. Using the growth of information and communication technology and due to globalization consumer tend to be more aware of the offering and particular about their taste and needs. Any information can be obtained with a click of mouse whenever from anywhere. The string that has more international identification is suppose to get more visitor as it offers its own brand image and cable connections with customers, travel businesses, agents, Organizations, travel ministry etc. Hence it is critical for hotel company to market their product and services to differentiate it from competitors.

2 Books Review

The record of hotel industry is times back again to the colonial period in the later 1700s. It has gone through both world wars and the great depression of 1933. It offers experienced the significant changes. Today it is much more complex and developed. THE PRESENT DAY hotel industry has started taken its form in the early 1950s.

The phrase hospitality arrived from the French phrase "Hospice" this means to give the weary and take care of those who find themselves travelling. In the early age of hospitality industry Romans are considered to be the first delighted travelers. As soon as 40 BC Roman travel for public and business purposes. Business needs were also one of the reasons. After semester of the Roman Empire general public hospitality drastically fall into religious order. (Kaye Sung Chon, 1999)

In the medieval period English travelers comes into the picture. Inns were available those were private homes which are available for a monetary benefit. Monasteries are available for religious and spiritual travelers.

In the 16th Hundred years also called "Renaissance Period" the demand for Inns and taverns peaked which business lead to the formation of first hotel of the world "Hotel de Henry IV in 1788. It cost around USD 17, 500 and it's really consisting of 60 foundation accommodation and a caffeine house.

The new era is started in 18th hundred years with the eating and sleeping places. Taverns are manufactured in New York and New England. Inn's can be purchased in Pa and Ordinaries are normal name in southern colonies. After that the French revolution occurred in hospitality industry which contributes to the creation of new hotel in 1898 known as Savoy in London. Basic Manger of this hotel was Cesar Ritz and the chef was Auguste Escoffier.

In 20th century with the improvement of move facilities and scheduled to globalization people are visiting never before. Hotel industry is growing at a very higher tempo. The offering aren't limited by accommodation and food, now it is more personalize and complex in dynamics. The hotels now have restaurants, entertainment centers, pools, pub, discotheque, conference room, bar b queue etc. Now the normal hotel service starts off straight from picking right up the customer straight from the airfare or the railway train station till him/her sign off. (J. R. Brent Ritchie & Charles R. Goeldner, 2006)

2. 1 Classification of Hotels

Though there are different parameter and basses for hotel classification but also for a simple understanding broadly they could be categorized as below.





On the basis of Standard and Control (Approved or unapproved by the federal government and tourism team)

On the foundation of Superstars (Facilities, Luxury Aspects and features)

A residential property can be utilized for a longer stay. It may vary from a month to years. The payment can be produced monthly. Alternatively a commercial hotel is put near to the business hub or at the heart of the city, where tourist stay for a shorter passage of time. The charges in commercial hotel are high grade and occupancies are high. Resorts are put in spectacular location for fun trip or enjoyable period. International hotel have their branches all over the world. In the current the majority of the hotels belongs to international chains.

The other bases for classifications are govt. endorsement and regulation conditions fulfillment. The other strategy to guage the hotels are legend that they own which will depend on upon the level of facility, quality and luxury areas of any property. (Andrew Lockwood, 2001)

2. 2 Customer Segment

As services are very personal hence a hotelier is require to identify their customer, the way the consumer will be offered, exactly what will provided, how it'll provided and exactly how much it'll provide etc. these question need to be answered at first phase. The guests are of two type the foremost is individual customer and other is group customers.

2. 3 Hotel Offering

A hotel has product line and service brand to offer its customers. The product line contain accommodation, Food & Beverages, Recreation, Health, Retailers, Car local rental cervices etc. while on the other palm a service collection contain Online Booking, Medical Package, Barber shop & beauty salon, In room Electronic safe, Doctor on Call, Baby resting services etc. (Turgut Var, 2002)

2. 4 Marketing Strategies

Hotel marketing communications are either immediate or indirect. Immediate communication takes place through phone call, personal email, personal sale, advertising etc. Indirect communication for hotel includes publicity and general population communication. For example Hilton hotels are in news because of actress Paris Hilton.

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