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Solving Communication Problems: Reflective Essay




Problems are at the center of which every day many people package at their work. I acquired a chance to package with a problematic event when I was on my switch, I was assigned with the client who was living with his family. My core responsibilities are to aid client in bath tub and in her everyday living activities but the consumer want me to do house work and she want to take help from her girl for the bathtub. The challenge with this situation is as per my job expectation I must assist client in all of her activities to be able to make certain that the care she is receiving is safe and comfortable but my client is expecting from me to do more of the house work like vacuum, dust particles and wash the ground so that she will not feel just like a burden on her behalf son. The region that she asked me to do housekeeping is mostly employed by other family. AS I contact my supervisor, she advises me that my organization doesn't have a strict definition of light housekeeping but easily took any extra the perfect time to complete the task she cannot give me any extra income for the excess time spend on the change. So, I made a decision to solve this problem through problem resolving process and I identify that the situation I'm going through will impacts me and my customer because if I say no to my customer it makes her upset and might be noncooperative with me at night which in future turn into a barrier in my communication level with the client as well as hinders in developing a therapeutic romance with the client. EASILY say yes, then might be I will have required more time and energy for it. Moreover, I will not be getting any extra wages for more time.

The situation will definitely make me worried firstly, because your client want to take help from her child for her bath and I am uncertain about the daughter willingness to give her bath tub furthermore, I am not sure if the daughter knows the abilities, knowledge and techniques to provide a safe and comfortable bath tub to the client. The time of the client bath may be a good time for you to do many more observation and encouragement to make customer independent as much as possible. The health care personals are well been trained in performing that observations and encouragement. Client evaluation begins from the scalp and proceed to your feet for any type of abnormal condition of the skin, any lesions, bloating or any indication of altered blood flow and then founded upon that assessment appropriate interventions were organized. There is a lot more chances that the client daughter fail to do significant observations through the bath and skipped any changes which associated risk your client health. My second concern is about client thoughts that she doesn't want to feel just like burden on her behalf boy so need to eliminate the reason why behind it. The 3rd concern is easily say yes to customer for doing housekeeping then it'll influence one of my cultural determinant of health that is work and working condition. Intense working conditions and abnormal hour of work cause me bodily pain, increase likelihood of harm and other physiological and emotional symptoms which eventually affects my personal relationships. My client rather than requesting her members of the family to do their home housekeeping she actually is asking me to do for her give me the impression that my consumer health determinant of communal environment is also influenced. Because of each one of these reasons I feel that the situation requires immediate focus on resolve the issue.

I examine the scenario and identify that the situation highlights the unfamiliar, have to be determined problem where interventions are required to resolve the trouble. The situation also features the affective problem where person emotions are significantly involved so my decision of stating no for housework to your client will greatly influence her emotions. Corresponding to Chaudhuri, A. (2014). A person job should be in a way that he/she can retained a balance between important aspects of life. A person work shouldn't increase stress level and he/she able to spend quality of your energy with family after job time. On my end the circumstance also shows the work-related problem because my decision of expressing yes hinders me in balancing my work and my family life. Moreover, I also feel that there is an interpersonal communication gap between people mixed up in circumstance that are my consumer and her members of the family so, further digging is required to be able to eliminate the root factors behind the situation.

I will start handling the problem on my end by retaining all the behavioral characteristics of communication and use the assertive style to reply my customer. I will reply "I could see that is important for you, which is also important to me as well. I am given here to provide you around support but there are specific things that i cannot do such as vacuum, dusting of most of the area use by other family members. I understand that can make you upset but we can talk more respectfully to one another to help make the situation better for both folks. I appreciate if you consult with me about what bothers you for not asking your family users to do the housekeeping of the house this will help me to solve your trouble". In this manner, both of us maintained the admiration and there is fewer likelihood of mental outburst.

I will further examine the problem by asking questions from client about her family members to comprehend her family dynamics. I am going to ask the client about the education of her daughter to identify her literacy level, this will help me in understanding what degree of coaching and information I have to deliver the daughter so that she can maintain safe practices of consumer during bath. I am going to ask the program of her daughter to eliminate her supply and willingness to provide bath to your client. Moreover, I'll ask client the type of romantic relationship other family members are having with my consumer and with one another, how frequently they sit together and spend time with one another, if my consumer want to talk about anything who's the most reliable person in the family with my consumer feel to share her problems and feelings this can help me understanding the sociable environment of the home. Additionally, I'll ask client their source of income to recognize the economic status of the family which will help me in showing the choice of hiring a housekeeper for few time to do house work.

I will develop an action plan to solve the situation by determining several customer needs for example when i was newly assigned staff with the client so she will be feeling restless and worry working with me. Furthermore to it she actually is also facing difficulty communicating her true thoughts and concerns with her other members of the family. There is also a need of section of household job among family or need to hire any part time housekeeper for vacuum, dust particles and washing the ground. Besides, my client's girl also need instructing about proper techniques of supplying safe bath tub to the client.

According if you ask me the first main concern is to lessen my client anxiety and apprehensions by properly orienting myself and my role, continue to be be quiet and answer questions about the information which my consumer needed. This will create a positive significance and help in reassuring client that I am here to help her. In this way, my client move from negative emotional level to positive level and she feel comfortable and prepared to work with healthcare member. My second main concern is my client should get safe bathroom. My customer want to take shower from her little princess so I will value her decision also to complete this top priority I'll ask my consumer daughter if she actually is willing to give bathtub or not, if she actually is willing i quickly will have educated her all the safe techniques to be adopted, and observation made about your client body for any sort of health-related issues through the bath. After teaching I, will supervise the girl giving bathroom to my customer to observe whether she is following the right techniques and provide feedback upon it. This may positively assist in preventing my customer from any health-related issues. My third priority will be to enhance communication among the list of family members. I am going to achieve this top priority by focusing on my consumer by asking her questions about her children and other aspects of their personal lives, this give her subject matter that I am enthusiastic about her as a people somewhat than as a client. Furthermore, encourage my consumer and her family members to be open to discuss issues, problems, thoughts and thoughts with respect, love and trust. Spend quality time along so family relations become more powerful and good communication will be improved among family. They should similarly and properly separate house work among each members of the family so burden will never be upon one member of the family. The positive outcome of good communication among family will efficiently handle life problems.

I have chosen these action plan because by doing proper assessment and observation during bath will help in early id of health-related conditions and early discussion to the doctors, in this manner my client physical health will be enhanced. By developing therapeutic relationship with client help consumer to modify with change that is working with a new staff will boost her emotional health. Additionally, good communication among family will also boost emotional and public health by allowing self to cope with stress, help in learning, handling conditions and stay in tranquility. Mine occupational health will also be improved as I'll get manageable work load.

I will be assessing my action plan by monitoring and speaking about opinions with my customer about the effectiveness of strategies that are discussed with your client and family and their satisfaction level upon it. I'll do summary by evaluating myself that what I've accomplished at the end and exactly how this connection with dealing with problem develop me professionally. After resolving the scenario, I will report back to my supervisor about all the efforts that I've made to solve the problems so that she can guide me about what I have done good and which aspects will be done differently in future. I'll use my communication skills of pumping the negatives and owning to ask more about negative opinions that may give me more opportunity to be able to change my actions in future.

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