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Solar Water Heating system Systems

Solar energy is the source of energy which is currently in use all over the world. Different companies and analysts are launching new ways and solution to use the solar energy. The consumption of petrol and natural resources aren't only harmful to the environment nevertheless they effect the monetary situations as well so that it is necessary for each country and for every body to acquire alternative sources of energy. That's the reason expanding countries are specially adding efforts to enhance the use of solar energy. Other different industries like house carry use and car industry is also doing research to get as many benefits from the solar energy as possible. Solar energy is also used for pool home heating systems. These systems are so versatile that they could both be utilized interior and outdoor pools. These systems could be installed both in the chilly zones as well as in the hot zones.

Solar founded systems are electronically handled and different receptors are installed in the system to keep the temperature of pool at adjustable heat range rage. If the weather is hot detectors will allow water to bypass without heating system into the swimming pool and if the elements is cold sensors point the valve to control movement. Solar systems are also used in under earth warming systems to store hot water for the home usage.

The target behind this project is to design the solar heat which can effectively increase the use of solar technology. The machine should be cost effective in such a way that it could be easily found in homes. The efficiency of heating system should more than normal systems found in market. System should be differentiated into the parts in such a way that maybe it's found in many ways. If some body wants to work with the machine in automatic settings or in manual construction both could be easily installed and run. The system could be easily adjusted in hybrid method means either to perform on energy or solar technology. The complete system could be configured automatically so that a simple lay down man may possibly also use the system by studying the manual. All elements of system should be common on the market and really should be cheap that if someone wants to replace any of the part he could easily find the part and install in the particular place. The system should not work so that if one part is not operating whole system should not stop its working although certain parameters would definitely disturb if so for example if the heat sensor is not working properly the temperature of normal water could raise but won't exceed too much as set level is programmed in controller to stop the system.


The solar technology was explored in 1950. The background of use of solar energy is associated with space technology. The necessity of energy system was experienced for the satellite system, because for the ongoing way to obtain energy the solar technology was regarded as the best possible solution in the area. In early period the solar technology was used by making use of black pans. As the dark-colored color absorbs maximum temperature so the dark pans and pots were used to heat drinking water. The solar cell are able to convert small part of light from the sun in to the energy. The best rate of efficiency of solar panels is 180%. Most vast use of solar technology systems is normal water heating, coolant system and energy for space technology.


Solar energy is the radiated from the sun. The solar relates to sunlight. The components of solar energy are light from sunlight and also the heat from sunlight. The sun is providing energy to the humans and other creature from long time. The technologies are occurring daily and the utilization of solar technology is increasing based on the technological innovation.

There are so many parts on the earth where in fact the day times are longer and sun remain 16 ours entirely of 24 hours. Warmth in those areas is so strong that great deal of energy could be extracted out from the light from the sun and heat by using special equipment and progress technology.

As the energy resources and engine oil resources are getting scarce on the planet earth every country is in the search of finding the new reference of power technology that may replace the use of oil and gas. Every country is trying to achieve fruitful results prior to the oil resources outdated. Also, they are looking to use the secondary solar resources of power which can be wave ability and breeze. The solar energy used by human being is very small as compared to total energy daily comes on the planet earth. The solar energy absorbed by the earth atmosphere in a single hour is more than the full total energy utilized by the whole world in one calendar year. According to the facts and physique it is just about 3, 850, 000 EJ per yr which is soaked up in the earth atmosphere.


There are two basic types of solar energy some may be the active solar technology and other is the unaggressive solar energy. Effective solar technology means the extraction of solar energy form the photovoltaic cell and after solar cells electricity is generated and used for different purposes. Other category is unaggressive solar energy and it is used by orienting the structures in certain guidelines and from light dispersing properties. Cross kinds of energies are also used in many areas where the solar and other resources of energies are used alternatively.


The key of sunlight is the primary source of solar energy, where in fact the fusion reaction is occurring each time and huge amount of energy is released and the estimated amount is 3. 86 x 10^26 joules per second. The part of energy which the earth will get is 174 PW of most solar radiations. Thirty percent is reflected back again towards the area.


The solar energy has benefits and they are almost uncountable. Some of these are under stated.

It is the source of energy which is within huge variety and there is no point of scarcity because the all the systems on the planet earth are inter-dependent. Every living creature would depend on the light and energy of the sun. Plants cannot grow without the sun light and individual and animals cannot survive minus the plants and sun light.

Solar energy is nothing like other sources of energy which is harmful to the atmosphere and living creature. It really is environment friendly and solar cells do not release any remnants in the air.

Solar sells are very cheap and therefore solar technology is the cheapest energy and requires no maintenance cost for the very long time.

Solar energy is self sufficient for the household and for a few other activities and does not require any dependence on other resources.


With the growth of technology and research on the solar energy has magnificently increased the utilization of solar energy in different sectors. Industry is also aiming to cash this tool of cheap energy in its different areas. The exemplory case of the industrial use is putting in the solar panels at the remote control sites where other ability sources aren't available and hung cost is required to establish power generating stations on the websites industries establish solar technology units and setup with relatively less cost and use the power for different applications.

Power channels and electricity lines are tried out to be installed on the place where there are great number of people living around because without this the price tag on installation cannot be achieved. But in case of solar energy the small set up could be installed even for just one home in the remote control areas. And this installation does not require very huge amount to be spent.

In telecommunication sectors it is attempted to provide service at each and every corner although it is not possible but companies mount great deal of sites to strengthen the network connections. Therefore the sites where no vitality lines are available solar technology systems are installed to provide capacity to the distant sites.

Solar energy is also used for the signaling purpose for the travelling and then for the just offshore navigation light homes. Solar system is also used as cross types gas system in the vehicles. Large amount of companies is developing hybrid gasoline system automobiles like corolla hybrid. In case of any problem the car could be immediately turned to the solar structured energy system.

Solar energy is also used in the home gadgets and experts are doing research to proficiently use solar technology. In lots of countries solar technology is water heat and sewerage treatment crops. The roofs of buildings are made of solar panels and energy is stored in the batteries.


Normally solar technology is attempted to gather and use at the same time. Using conditions where in fact the hybrid systems are installed solar technology is stored for the use at appropriate time. As the solar energy is non-constant form of energy which is stored. It is available only for the certain duration of time and then for the other time stored energy could be utilized.

The most common method of stocking solar energy is batteries. Large batteries are fastened with the solar power panels with the aid of charging circuitry to store the fee. These batteries are of two types

1. Nickel cadmium

2. Lead acid batteries

Lead acid batteries are cheap and then for the storage goal these batteries are mainly used. But there life is less than the nickel cadmium batteries, these batteries release more electricity.

Zeolite nutrient is also used to store the solar energy. Natural zeolites could be used to store energy instead of synthetic zeolites.

Water and stones are the brief duration methods of energy storage space. Energy from sunlight is directly given to water and rocks using certain mediums and used according to needs in short time frame.

Another method of storing solar technology is latent heat storage area method. In this method nitrates and sulphates are used to store the energy for the longer period of time.

Another system is under earth heat storage area system which is usually found in homes for warming water.


The word thermo solar is personal explanatory and means the heat from the solar technology. This is the kind of energy consumed in heating this particular for the homes and pools. The power is also used for the climatization of crops as well as for other applications.

10. HEATING Going swimming POOLS

A large amount of energy is needed to heat up this of swimming pool. Among the applications of solar energy is also heating system the swimming pool drinking water, although people are also using other methods to warm this inflatable water of their swimming pools. But in line with the new know-how solar technology is attempted to be utilized for this purpose. Because almost all of the pools in homes and restaurants are situated in open environment where solar light can simply reached so it is feasible to set up any solar technology conversion system near the swimming pool. The next solar heating system is comparable to the designed work. All of the blocks are integrated to make one perfect system. Filters are perfectly designed and placed accurately to block dirt. The solar power is placed right above the heating exchanger to provide maximum heating to the pipes. Valves are effectively controlled to lead the movement of water in the desired direction. Receptors are also positioned right close to the warmth exchanger to sense the heat of exchanger and give the transmission for rotation of solar power. Other receptors are exactly placed in the to find the temperature of water and give the signal to programmable logic controller for panel rotation and drinking water flow.

Figure. Solar heating up system

The old traditional ways of heating pools are costly and inefficient. Lot of energy resources is lost in heating swimming pools these resources are gas and electricity. Another risk associated with such system is electrocuting. The heating systems based on electric power are very risky if the folks jumping in to the swimming pool without examining. These systems are not only dangerous to humans but also to the environment. The contaminants release by such systems effect the environment badly. Modern methods of heating swimming pools include the option of retaining the heat in to the water by using different bed linens and blankets which can store warmth for very long time. But in case of non sunlit times it is problematic for this technique to heat the pool normal water. Keeping in view this problem other sources are otherwise used for heat purpose. The average temperature needed for heating up the pool normal water is nearly 78 level Fahrenheit.


The heat predicated on the solar technology includes different parts and these specific parts integrate to make one system and provide affordable solution for heating up. These systems are also given the temps control facility; user can vary the temp of normal water in the pool by simply altering the thermostat.

The main integral parts of solar heating system are as follows

Solar collector

Solar collector is the part of heating system which contains solar panels and the heater integrated with it. The pipes for the circulation of normal water are also attached with the solar collector. Therefore the energy is dissipated by the solar hobbyists by means of heat and this heat is straight transferred to the. This is then circulated through the pipes and through the filtration and is controlled by different valves. Solar hobbyists are also of different kinds and manufactured based on the weather conditions. They are unglazed and glazed UV inhibitors. For improving the life of solar collector in the region where use is a day unglazed collectors are used.

Figure. High temperature exchanger


The function of filtration is to purify water before pumping in to the pipes of solar collector where in fact the drinking water is warmed. These filters are so useful that they remove all dust from the water before pumped up. The filters are fitted in the beginning where the water is pumped because before entering into the whole system all the mud should be taken off the machine or no dirt should enter the machine because this dirt could be detrimental and cause blockage in the pipes. The life span of filter is determined by the dirt and grime in this and it varies from area to area. The areas and swimming pools where the dirt and grime in this is more filtration systems should be improved in less time.


The pushes are performing the main function of moving water from one point to the other. Pumps take the normal water from the swimming pools and after transferring through the stations pump again into the pool. This water is warmed up. These pushes are given power from the solar power panels. The idea is kept in view that not huge energy should be lost in this technique. So the 12V pushes are usually used to drive the whole system, because the goal of these pushes is to flow water at normal pressure. Pumps found in system ensure the utmost heating quality by regulating water flow.

Flow control valve

The move control valves are used to control the proper flow of normal water through the pipes and through the channels associated with the solar collectors. The process of move control is vital because if water is not properly controlled to flow through the channels and pipes of solar collector and warming section lot of warmth could be squandered in the air. These flow valves could be computerized and direct this particular in this direction by starting and closing. High temperature receptors are also installed in a few system to discover the heat of water and according to the temperature stream s handled.

The sensor directs the indication to the handling unit by discovering the heat range. And controlling product is employed to divert the course of water movement using pump. Bypass capabilities is also installed in a few system using the movement valves. When the temperature of drinking water in the swimming pool is add up to the temperatures of normal water in the collector, drinking water passes straight into the swimming pool. The movement control valves and other digital settings are done by using programmable reasoning controllers which would be discussed further in detail.

Figure. Structural diagram


Plc control is very important in term of managing all the heating system systems of pool. The directions of solar power panels are needed to be changed after the certain time and which movement of sun to get maximum energy from amount, so different kind of motors is installed to go the solar power panels. The solar power panels are moved in line with the program written in the PLC and everything the program is dependant on the outputs of detectors installed in pools and near the heating system. The mechanized valves are also controlled using PLC. The PLC control buttons the way of movement of normal water by starting and concluding the valves by taking specific suggestions from the receptors. The motion of solar panels is at two axes but in the round way. The system could be installed in two different modes.

1. Open up LOOP SYSTEM

In open up loop systems different sensors are giving transmission to the programmable reasoning controller. These receptors include the voltage sensors which can be installed to identify if solar panels are giving maximum output voltage or not. The voltage level is directed at the analog to digital converters and the digital transmission is given to the up-converter chip which turns the digital transmission voltage level to the controller suitable. The exemplory case of this process is the detectors operate from 0-5 volt range. This voltage level is directed at the analog to digital converter which converters the analog signal in digital data. The voltage degree of these data parts are also from 0-5 volts. The operating and detecting voltage of programmable logic controllers is 24V. So the data bits are converted in to 24V indication level. Programmable reasoning controller detects the data and rotates the solar power by using the motor installed to turn solar panels. In this manner maximum energy is gained and drinking water is warmed in the swimming pools.


In the finished loop system different receptors are also presenting feedback to the programmable logic controller for further precise path of motion towards the sun. Some receptors are also installed in water to give feed back to the PLC that normal water is over warmed or cold. One of these receptors is PT100. This sensor is normally used to discover the heat of water. The level of resistance of sensor varies with temps from 100 to 150 ohm for surge in temperatures from 0 to 100 level centigrade. The PLC consistently monitors the opinions and controls the complete system.

Figure. Temps sensor


With the growing tendency of resource saving and production of energy the solar energy system are growing rapidly. Researchers and researchers are manufacturing new and new systems to get maximum results and efficiency from the solar centered energy systems. Expanding countries are keenly observing new sectors where solar energy systems could be utilized. The companies involved in solar energy sector are producing home based program. These applications are full or partly reliant on the solar technology. These systems include heating system systems and power of homes. The energy supply needed for home require medium electricity usage so large solar power panels are sufficient to full load energy needs for small homes.

Many countries are developing hybrid automobiles which derive from solar technology and hybrid gasoline system. European countries are putting maximum work to multiply the solar energy systems so that folks could rely more and more on such systems. They are also trying to lower down the contaminants by using such system as solar technology is environment friendly.

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