Social Work Personal Values - Essay

Keywords: interpersonal work professional beliefs, social work values and ethics

Values are part of my upbringing and play a big part in my life, as they underpin my thoughts and actions. As a communal work student I have to question my own values, values and ethics as these will have a major effect on my behavior as a professional. My personal worth are congruent to the prices of social work, which is the reason why I have chosen a job in a cultural care. This beliefs are self - perseverance to promote social justice, being caring and helpful toward others, truthfulness (honesty) and value. Employed in Residential and Good care Homes further developed my interest to advertise interpersonal justice and social change on behalf of the service users. I am aware, that as a sociable work student I have to act in accordance with the prices, and ethics of the vocation, spotting how personal and professional ideals may conflict with the needs of diverse clients.


To value diversity means acknowledging my own prejudices, allowing people to vary and respecting these variances. Being raised in Poland, where 96, 7% of populace is polish my upbringing was "white" and inspired my prejudice about people from other cultures. Because of lack of contact and knowledge I have made a preconceived common sense about other races. My cultural environment such as religious beliefs and culture has affected me to respond in certain ways towards other folks. My religion created a stereotype and prejudice about homosexuality. My beliefs would not acknowledge homosexuality scheduled to effect of the cathedral on my attitude towards erotic orientation. Moving to Britain and changing my social environment made me realize how wrong those perceptions were. Surviving in multicultural environment made me aware of different civilizations, religions, races, which helped me to improve my attitude towards folks from diverse backgrounds. I've made friends from different parts of the globe what helped me to improve my understanding of different civilizations and religions. I've learned how to simply accept and respect the differences. I am aware and recognise that we living in a diverse contemporary society and that there is much

to be gained with a variety of people, with a variety of backgrounds, approaches, talents and contributions.



My experience with discrimination started out when I changed to Britain in 2004. I used to be often subject to insulting racial jokes. The stereotypes about my culture and folks along with labelling were very offensive and agonizing. The people with whom I have already been working presented hostile behaviour toward Polish people and culture. I used to be working in Foundation and Breakfast where in fact the most employees were British. My employer treated me in a different way than other employees. When allocating the tasks, she would often give me the almost all of them living the rest of the staff doing almost nothing. On one occasion one of the employees didn't complete the given job and she said "Allow Polish can get on with this". She would not have dared to treat other employees just how she cared for me. Probably she thought that she could get away with it because I did not know my privileges and my English language was very poor. I came across that experience very agonizing and may not understand why I was cared for this way. Down the road I have learned that it was a direct discrimination and it is illegal to be cared for this way. There are a variety of policies and legislations that can apply to my situation such as:

The 1976 Contest Relations Work, which "makes it unlawful for an company to discriminate against you on racial grounds. Contest includes: coloring, nationality, ethnic or national origins". ( www. direct. gov. uk)

The Equality Function 2010 "provides a new cross-cutting legislative construction to protect the rights of individuals and move forward equality of opportunity for all; to revise, simplify and fortify the previous legislation; also to deliver a straightforward, modern and accessible construction of discrimination rules which protects individuals from unfair treatment and stimulates a fair plus more identical society". ( www. equalities. gov. uk)



I could also use agencies such as Citizen Advice Bureau, which provides free advice to foreigners, and frequently offer a translator to provide information and advice on career privileges, including discrimination. ACAS is another company, which provides standard information on job rights and responsibilities.


Being discriminated before made me realize how damaging the effects of discrimination can be. I've started to question why people discriminate against each other. On many occasions I have witness discrimination but scheduled to insufficient knowledge I had not been able to struggle it and accept or ignore it. Last year on the Access Course I have developed an understanding which helped me to understand why discrimination happens in culture. I have discovered different ideas behind discrimination which helped me to understand its roots. Since then I have become more observant and started to reflect on my very own actions and activities of others. Schon (1983) recognizes two types of reflection. Reflection - in - action, which is "thinking back again on what we've done in order to discover how our knowing in action may have contributed to an urgent outcome. We might do so after the simple fact, in tranquillity or we may pause amid action (stop and think) "(Schon, 1987:26). Reflection -in -action is about challenging my assumptions, pondering again, in a new way about the problem that I have encountered. Reflection - In - Action is happening "where we might reflect in the midst of action without interrupting it. Our thinking acts to reshape what we should are doing while carrying it out" (Schon, 1987:26).

By observing others in my current workplace I have determined negative experiences within a Care Home-based on feelings of discrimination and unfair treatment that was against my own values and feels. Among the examples of discrimination that I have witness was discrimination through the words. Working in a Residential Home as a carer I've noticed a worker using patronising and insulting words towards residents. I found that language very disrespecting and decided to test my colleague. I've noticed that he held a negative frame of mind towards the elderly, as he respect to residents as " filthy old woman", and call them as "useless ". I have explained to him that 1 day he also will be old and


is that the way he would like to be seen. At this time my Manager came in and after explaining what has happen, the member of staff was asked to leave the premises. In reflection on this experience I have realized that people have different behaviour to aged people, which will vary to my own attitude.


Another observation requires a citizen having negative behaviour towards black people. The citizen wouldn't normally allow a dark-colored employee to provide any type of help or personal care and attention. She'd shout and swear using insulting words as soon as they entered the room. Because the majority of carers are dark-colored it is hard to allocate a white member of staff to help her. When requesting her why she will not want a dark member of staff she clarified that she "does not want blacks to help or touch her because they're dusty and "useless". On one occasion when joining this citizen I made a decision to test her perceptions about dark-colored people and called a new black employee to help me when giving personal care. I've told the citizen that she actually is a new member of staff and she'll only monitor me. She accepted it but had not been very happy about it. While dealing with resident I started to ask the lady questions, such as why she desires to work here and does she like her job. She responds that she was caring for her grandmother who passed on lately and has a great deal of experience which she enjoys aiding other people. The citizen was tuning in but did not say anything. I was hoping that she will change her negative attitude after spending time with the dark-colored employee, after observing me using a positive relationship with her. Not being conscious of the resident frame of mind the girl asked her if she would like her to do her hair because she used to do it excellent to her grandmother. The resident didn't answer just sat on the chair and gave the girl a hair brush. On that stage I have remaining the room wishing that this experience will change her attitude and prejudice against dark people. The citizen now is being attended by black personnel without the problems, and connecting in a respectful way.




The use of Anti - Discriminatory practice within my work place is important to the moral basis of good care provision, and equality legislation is crucial to the cover of service users dignity. It imposes particular tasks on general public and providers to avoid stereotyping and respect service user's diverse needs and ethnic diversity. To task discrimination Jewish Health care has placed into place a written plans and procedures to deal with discriminatory behaviour and practice.



A starting point in challenging discrimination and oppression is having knowing of the several types and techniques discrimination and oppression may appear. Thompson PCS Examination offers a clear and understandable approach to thought discrimination and oppression in the context of personal, ethnic and societal levels. The process of empowerment is also critical in challenging oppression. On an individual level we're able to empower individuals to seize control over their lives, for example through development of self-esteem and self-assurance. On a cultural level empowerment can be involved with becoming aware of ideologies premised on inequality. Discriminatory assumptions and stereotypes should be challenged to be able to break down an oppressive culture. Over a structural level empowerment entail abolition of structural inequalities from the framework of population. Education plays important role in challenging discrimination. By educating visitors to understand the causes and ramifications of discrimination we can struggle traditional values and practices related to particular communities and promote equality, diversity, addition and tolerance.






Anti - discriminatory practice is an approach which seeks to beat discrimination and oppression, in conditions of challenging all varieties of discrimination and oppression from our very own practice and practice of others (Thompson, 2006).

As a cultural work student I have to develop further my anti - discriminatory practice. To take action I must recognise the significance of discrimination in people's lives, especially in the lives of disadvantaged people. I also need to develop self-awareness and make sure, that my very own action does not strengthen discrimination.










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