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Social Problems Illegal Immigration Sociology Essay

"We define communal problems as the actions of people or groupings making assertions of grievances and says regarding some putative conditions. " Malcolm Spector and John I. Kitsuse.

Writers above show that the sociable problem is an activity that bring damaging more than the power to the personal, family, country, especially the today's modern world. The sociable problem became more and more serious in the whole world which shows that the sociable problem is increasing in anywhere and anytime. As the 3rd world country, Malaysia, the country's expansion influenced by the public problem seriously. We need to find out just how do these problems impact our country's development and discuss the step to prevent the problems.

Illegal immigration can be defined as person immigration to a country or express in offence of the immigration laws and empire of that country or point out. The illegitimate immigrants occupy considerable portion of the Malaysia inhabitants, numbering as many as two million. Most of the illegal immigrants came from Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam etc. They arrived to Malaysia to take strange job unpopularity to the neighborhood populace, which can be agricultural sectors, real human trafficking or prostitution. The against the law immigrants came up to Malaysia working harder for the tiny amount of family income monthly, but some of these create some cultural problem after unemployed.

Illegal immigration increase many politics, economic and communal issues and impacts the development of developed countries and the more lucrative growing countries. First, they make our country poverty. Illegal immigrants normally entered the country searching for higher income that cannot attainable in their house countries. The local people is lost the work opportunity when these illegitimate immigrants have satisfied the working sector. The poverty will increase, when rate of unemployment rises.

Secondly, those unlawful immigrants make our country overpopulation which is human population growth that exceeds the having capacity of an area or environment results. Overpopulation can cause problems such as pollution, normal water crisis, and poverty because the federal government cannot control the illegal immigrant. They misuse this inflatable water and cause the water crisis.

Third are they prostitution inside our country. It is someone especially a women, who acquired money by having sex with other folks. Someone required into intimate slavery because they need to pay the charges of unlawful immigrants or need to handle the stress of the live. The rate of death will increase due to HIV virus That is also will lead to HIV virus in other hand it will boost the amount of loss of life in our country.

The illegitimate immigration brings many influence to our country's expansion and it requires the solution to avoid these issues. In calendar year 2011, the government position the Legalization Program into practice to allow the 1. 8 million unlawful to be either legalized or allow to be deported back again to their house country with no form of abuse. Employers who've been employing illegal staff may also be granted amnesty and invite to legalize their employee, subjected to the guidelines and legislation of Ministry of Manpower. All illegitimate workers are allowed to sign-up under the 6P program. All illegal will be allow to get a valid work permit, insurance and other benefits after registrant to be approved to work in Malaysia. Those unlawful immigrate who's sign up has been turned down would be awarded amnesty from any prosecution or any fine and be allow to return to their home country readily.

Another, the government needs to bolster laws in the ocean area, land area and sky area to prevent against the law immigration. Those against the law immigrate will through any way to come to our country for the bigger regular income. The authorities need to raise the level of the army, navy and airforce to prevent the against the law immigration inside our country. The federal government need to border fence and heightened boundary security in Malaysia.

Furthermore, the ageing populace can also be classifying as the issue problem today. The ageing population is a sensation when the increase rate of the later years people who have any region or gender and the decreasing of the speed of birth in a country. The later years people take up the major number in the united states more than the young people. It can be establish with the investigate, the quantity folks of Malaysians aged 60 years and above is believed to be 1. 4 million and is Expected to increase to 3. 3 million in the year 2020. The ratio of the population that is 60 years and over has also increased through the years - 5. 2% in 1970, 5. 7% in 1990 and 6. 3% in the entire year 2000. In the entire year 2020, this percentage is projected to be 9. 8% of the population.

The problem of ageing population damaged our country's development seriously. This technique is taking place in any country on the globe. Although a growing later years can have significant social and economical implications because of their experiment, but as the worker become progressive aged, the efficiency will decrease. This will impact economic of the united states of development, Malaysia. The elder get older of the staff member, will face the many problem when working such as medical condition, IT problem and so forth. Older people will need more sick and tired leave than young people because the physical situation. Another, elder people majority cannot keep places with enough time and cause cannot use the IT product. These problems will have an impact on the efficiency of the task in this modern world and decelerate the economic progress.

Furthermore, the step to triumph over the ageing problems is to increase the rate of birth in our country. The aged of committed need transfer to a youthful day. Every family need to plan a family planner to raise the family member in the right time. Then, we can lower ageing problems and avoid happened another public problem such as abortion, child abuse, and so on.

Cruelty to pets, also called creature abuse or pet animal disregard, is the infliction of suffering or harm upon non-human pets, for purposes other than self-defense. In case the master of animal not giving the pet of life essential like food or water, it can be said that pet animal abuse. The animal can be injury for specific gain such as medical traditional because human being believes that the pet specific part can treat diseases but no any methodical basis. Human being killing the pet only for the specific part such as hair to make handbag or traditional medical for own gain, it so cruelty to the pet.

Following that, real human cannot constant cruelty to dog. It will cause the endangered of this animal species. In the event the Apes endangered in our country, it'll decrease the traveler come to Malaysia to start to see the special dog which is only in the Malaysia. It'll directly influence the economics of the country. Animal abuse also can be said as the immoral activities that will have an effect on the honorary of Malaysian. Another country will feel that Malaysian is immoral and can not choose Malaysia as traveler place.

The way to avoid animal mistreatment problem is teach children cannot cruelty to dog since they were young. Parents play an important role in this matter to guide their children in an improved path way because parents is the closest person to the children. If people know the seriousness of the pet abuse, they will not cruelty to pet. It can decrease the case of pet abuse in the future efficiency.

A medication is a substance which might have medicinal, intoxicating, performance improving or other results when taken or put into a human body or your body of another dog and is not considered a food or specifically a food. The medicine can be classify as benefit or bad for the humans and pets. A drug can be used as a drugs such as make human or canine sleepy or unconscious or used in a remedies in treatment, prevention disease or other condition. On the contrary, medication is a element that impacts the techniques of brain or body and the central anxious system to do irregular behavior. On medication can cause someone addition and appear druggies brings about more and more social problem in today's modern world.

Following that, the situation of substance abuse destroy the development country, Malaysia, to exploit interpersonal and human being capital. This may degrade standard of living and cause the experienced worker leaves their position, as well as dread offense cause by the drug addiction. Which could stop the development to continue in the future. Offense can impede the possible workplace and education opportunity, and it discourages the accumulation of asset inside our country.

Furthermore, business is a sector which is hypersensitive to the offense and drug abuse problem. Both overseas and domestic investors think that substance abuse and criminal offense as a interpersonal which is instability to make investment. This proves that the criminal offenses and drug abuse can drive away the business enterprise inside our country. Drug abuse and crime can cause our country's downturn due to investor get rid of our own country to investment.

Prevention is better than cure. We have to prevent substance abuse before it occurs inside our country. The school authorities will be the important role in this matter. The school specialists need to get started on campaign which relates to prevent substance abuse and educate scholar about the dangerous of drug. It could prevent teenager mixed up in drug abuse and can ensure the best development of the united states in the foreseeable future. If not, how can the druggies develop the country in the foreseeable future?

Nevertheless, the road incident as a communal problem is increasing in today's modern world. Car accident can be particular as an unfortunate incident that occurs unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury or an accident involving street or other vehicles, typically the one that causes serious harm or injury. We are able to find out the road mishap in the magazine every day. It demonstrates the how significantly road accident was happened inside our daily life.

Malaysia is paying a high price to the street accident because of the careless of vehicles and motorcycles drives. This issue effects the population of Malaysia due to rate of death increase. Pursuing that, the rate of the death in the street mishap increase from the entire year to year. When the death rate of road automobile accident boosts, both family and country will influence by this factor seriously. Everyone life in the world has their own value. Anyone should protect their life to contribution in develop the country. We should exert 1Malaysia nature to let our country in the shortest time not waste materials our life on the careless action.

Constantly, the road accidents cause the tangible and intangible costs of the economics of country damaged gravely. In the road incident, the tangible costs included the harmed of the vehicles such as replacement and repair price, medical treatment rate, insurance payment. The intangible costs included pain, physiological trauma, and grief. With all the more able the people to buy an automobile, the road crash increases and immediately create more and more effect in this issue.

The government put into action a operation called "OPS SIKAP" to reduces the road accident in the festival conditions such as Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Xmas day, and Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The "OPS SIKAP" operation can be explained as operation frame of mind in the British which is completed by the Royal Malaysia Law enforcement officials to create a safety traffic. This procedure began in yr 2001 to screen the region which had higher rate of road car accident. Until today, the 26th "OPS SIKAP" operations were successful reduce the road incident and directly reduce the death rate in our country.

Apart from that, in person played the top role in the road accident. Matching the investigate, professionally neglect operating regularly, drive in the situation lack of sleep, or hypervelocity. The drivers should have the correct behavior to safeguard life in the road. Example, drivers should service car regularly to ensure the function of car operated normally. The driver should engraft the right idea in their brain to decrease the street accident.

Following that, playing is the gambled of money or something of material value on an event with an uncertain final result with the principal intent of being successful additional money and/or materials goods, it could be seen as an entertainment. The required to gamble regularly no matter the unsafe negative consequent can be classify as the problem gaming, or ludomania. The beginning of the gambling house in the Marina Bay Sands and Vacation resort Word Sentosa in Singapore or the casino in Genting Highland improve the problem gambling inside our country.

Furthermore, the gambling derivative more and more problems in the sociable. Constant indulgence in playing brought about person spoil. If we indulgence in playing, we will disregard other things except playing. If one approaches gambling with the intention of winning plus they initially conclude losing, the only way to allow them to break even or earn in the long run is to keep participating in. The game will minimize until the person bankrupt. There will influence the economics of the country because of the fund decrease and put in the wrong place.

The NGO or GO should created the hotline for pathological playing to prevent the problem gaming increase. The pathological gambling can say out the problem they experienced or teach the way to avoid gambling. The gamblers rehab centre should de build up to avoid playing. The pathological playing should use the way in which to overcome playing because the pathological gambling is the main one who enjoy the gambling really.

Last but not least, the communal problems that I list down above are illegitimate immigration, ageing population, cruelty to animal, drug abuse, street car accident which is increasing in today's modern world. These problems influence our country's development in the facet of social, politic, economical, education, and so forth. All government bodies should perform the technique to decreasing the social problem alongside one another.

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