Social Issues of E-Commerce

Social Issues of E-Commerce

Nowadays, the internet has created a fresh function called e-commerce. E-commerce is commonly known as electric commerce and today already turn into a virtual main road of the world. It really is essentially cover all the activities on internet and stimulate the customer to buy the product online. Thus, it is another way to jogging their own business over the internet and it used to selling and buying the product over the internet with other business man and customer on other condition. E-Commerce is an excellent way to do their business since it can enlarge their business to entire world so that they can do their business bigger and makes more money in future. Besides that, it can also let more folks know more about their product by discovering the picture of product that they upload and the details of the merchandise that they list out on internet. Apart from buying and selling product online on e-commerce, it likewise have another function on e-commerce called supply chain management, digital data interchange (EDI), electric funds copy, inventory management, online deal handling, and data collection systems to make it simpler for business man for reselling their product.

I choose this at the mercy of discuss their issues because e-commerce is typically the most popular on the internet and it has been become a digital main streets of the world. Besides that, it also offers many issues for all of us to discuss therefore i decide to choose this subject to discuss. First, I'll discuss the problems for e-commerce is security & privacy. It is the most important issues for e-commerce because without security & privacy, the customer will frightened get cheated by the seller. For example, the customer will scared owner products whether is good or bad because they just saw the picture of the merchandise online so the customer have no idea whether the product are good or bad so they terrified the seller will post up an awful thing to sell at internet. Another example is frightened after the customer transfer the money to the seller then they won't send the product to the customer. Other than this 2 example, there still have another example is the customer don't know the real price at marketing and the seller just simply setup the price and did not follow the marketing price to gain their profit more than market price such as dual or triple from the marketplace price. These 3 samples will be the impacts of world because if owner fraud the customer then the contemporary society will become lower standard. Moreover, the impacts of IT industry is the buyer will not go to the web-sites again to buy their products such that it will influence IT division said that e-commerce is bad in use on internet to do business because the customer get cheat by the seller plus they won't online to buy the products again plus they would rather choose the products on marketing by finding the products themselves.

Besides that, there still have other issues of e-commerce. The second issues that I'll discuss are transport issues. Shipping issues means that when the buyer will buy a product from the seller and the seller is from other state then they should use transport to send the products to the customer such that it can arrive to the place of buyer stay. In shipment, there have to have a good data management means that owner need to manage the data firmly such as addresses of buyer, titles of buyer, visa or mastercard information of the buyer, and contact information of the buyer. They have to have a good management upon this because if owner never manage the info of the buyer securely and simply just write it down only then when they need to send the merchandise to buyer after confirm all the exchange then only believe that some information already lost because of the newspaper that list out the buyer details can't think it is out then it'll become a transport issues because without the info of the buyer then they cannot send the product to the customer so when the buyer did not obtain any products that they assure before with the particular date that the product will turn up to the customer then your buyer will feel that they get cheat by owner. It is rather important because if the buyer feels they get cheat by seller then they won't go compared to that websites again to get the merchandise. Besides that, for transport price, it is calculate with the weight of the products so after determine the purchase price out for shipment charge then it still need to include up the price of the products so it will become an extremely high cost for the products compare with marketing price so it will definitely cost highly if want to acquire the product over the internet and the seller are not stay in your country. These issues will have an impact on the population become low standard if the buyer fell they get cheat by owner and the customer will think that mostly of owner that stay at that country also same with him/her so their country can be low standard. Besides that, these issues will have an effect on IT industry because the customer will fell that although using internet to get a product is more easy but need to pay dual or triple of the marketing price and they'll they better buy themselves and not purchase though the internet so that it can saves additional money compare with purchase online then your buyer won't use the internet again to purchase product so that it can be less people used for sale products.

Other than 2 issues above, there still have another issues called complexity of process. This means when the customer want to get that such products they need to check out their step to buy a products from them such as register as a member of this website, fill up the arrangement form, type in all your personal details, type in your credit greeting card number etc. There have many step to follow if want to acquire a products online. Although some step to do before choose the products is for the best security & privacy however the buyer will believe that the process of buying the products over the internet are complexity equate to buy a products outdoors. These issues also will be the same impacts to modern culture and IT industry like the society can be low standard and cannot improvement to be better, and IT industry also will become not many people to utilize it to purchase the products online.

Conclusion, after we discuss all of these the issues for e-commerce, we know that what's the impact of this all issues to population and IT industry so we have to learn from the problems so that we can make it better and increase the efficiency for e-commerce. First, we have to increase the security & privacy such as build-up a good impression for your website which is do not fraudulence people and so forth so the buyer can trust your website when they want to purchase products. When the customer trust your website then our population will become more high standard because nowadays they are employing ecommerce to purchase products. Secondly, we need to decrease to transport issue such as have a good data management so that the data won't get lost. Moreover, we also need to determine the cost-effective ways to ensure that your products will appear to the buyer with enough time that you guarantee before and the delivery fee won't cost highly so that the buyer will continue to keep purchase products online. When the customer feel that shipment cost and product cost is a good cost and not cost highly then the buyer will keep purchase the products from your website so it can improve our world and and yes it industry. Lastly, we have to decrease the step before purchase products such as we just ask the customer to fill his/her details that can contact his/her then uses email to verify again their details and then only send out the products to the buyer so that the buyer won't feel the process of buy a product complexity plus they also will always use internet to purchase the product so our population may become high standard and IT industry will have a good opinions from customer. After discuss how to reduce the issues of e-commerce, I believe e-commerce can be more users friendly and can become a virtual main road of the world to allow them to purchase any products that they want online.


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