Sociable Exchange Theory Essay

Interpersonal Exchange Theory: Critique

In everyday connections, people are constantly striving to experience a positive encounter among individuals whom they interact with. Interpersonal Exchange Theory (SET) is dependent on the notion that people think about their particular relationships in economic conditions (West 186). People will certainly consider the expense of being in that relationship and compare these to the returns they receive from that same relationship. Cost would include any negative elements of the partnership, such as effort put into the partnership. Rewards will consist of any positive elements in the interactions, such as ease and comfort. Social Exchange theorists argue that people determine their interactions in terms of expense and advantages (Rosenfeld 1284). Every relationship will require time and effort on part of the members. The Sociable Exchange theory explains how people can determine if their very own relationship will be worth continuing. This is certainly called the significance of relationship. The idea argues you may calculate this value by the rewards minus costs. Great relationships will be ones with a positive worth, the returns outweigh the expense. Negative interactions are kinds with a bad value, the cost outweigh the rewards. The Social Exchange theory delivers evidence in order to predict which a worth of the current marriage influences its outcomes. Confident relationships are expected to continue, when negative relationships will probably end.

Social Exchange theories happen to be based upon several important factors about human nature as well as the nature of relationships (Heath 103). COLLECTION is based away a metaphor, relationships are just like economic exchanges. Many assumptions stem through the notion that individuals view existence and interactions as a industry. First, SET states that h...

... ave noticed it is around impossible to generalize the key terms needed in ARRANGED. It was really interesting to research this topic and I learned a lot. Thank you!

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