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Social Affects on the Individual

Explaining social influences on a person, using sociological theories

Albi is a 7 12 months old young man whom gradually developed hereditary abnormality of deafness. When Albi could not notice completely, his behavior have changed drastically and doesn't want to connect to other children's anymore. Albi's family aren't the riches, they could just afford their needs however it didn't have an effect on Albi all the. The love he gets from his family was enough. In Ian's take note, structural theory "suggest our company is influenced inside our behaviour and actions by contemporary society and take up a macro approach". The macro level have an impact on the way Albi is cared for by classmates or even though he's out for dinner along with his family. Staff doesn't put in the effort to communicate with Albi and will ignore him making him feel just like he does not can be found. This have resulted in the conflict theory. Parents shows their children's of the norms however they can pick up negative traits while they can be in school. He's being bullied because of his condition and he's isolated from other children's as they see this as unnatural and excessive. The troubling of it is the fact Albi is continually in a struggle which his parents are extremely worried. Because of the conflict between Albi and his classmates he seems unwanted and would rather stay at home. He has distanced himself from his friends which induced him not having any friends any longer. Another structural theory that is link to Albi's change of behavior is the symbolic theory. Children's misuse of words such as "deaf can you notice me" or "you can't listen to, you must be stupid" influences Albi emotionally, which he feels down and worthless. In Albi's circumstance this is very difficult for him to deal as he is only a child, he wouldn't have the ability to understand the problem and his actions is uncontrollable. This can be difficult for his parents to control as he could become disobedient. This may impact him when he matures, he will duplicate these phrases to himself and can have a poor result down the road his life.

Once Albi begins attending the community centre for the deaf his private troubles will eventually improve. Everything will be new - his life style will change and he'll have to regulate, it might take a while for him to progress however he'll get there in the long run with the right type of support from his loved ones. As humans we strives to get for new motivation therefor this will help him. Albi can cope and learn quickly as his parents will be there to aid him all the way through. He'll meet new people who has the same condition as him which will have a positive effect on him emotionally and make him realize that he's not by yourself in this fight. This can also help him to realize that being different from other children's is ok. He'll feel sense of owed and understanding of his situation. He will feel desired as he's in the same group of people and also because he will participate the group activities or playing with someone without getting judged. He'll be trying to improve himself to fit back in with society with the support of staff, family and his new friends. This can enhance the way he believes of the world and his future. He's more likely to carry on in education that will have a good impact later on in his life. Albi is much more likely to succeed in life and you will be established to success. The possibility of Albi not making his condition get in the way of success is very high with the assistance from people who is important to him and the acceptance from others that he'll acquire as he grows up older.

To improve Albis' life chances, the mass media could boost the ad about deafness. Making it clear to everyone that their situation is difficult and by declaring or doing negative products towards them won't make things better. Perhaps making up a toon series about someone being deaf and treating them in the right manners could help children get to know. Making them believe that they belong with world can prevent awful things that they can possible do to themselves. The institutions can also help by educating children's that not everyone is born perfect and that they should still accept them for who they are. Colleges can do group activities where they will get to experience how difficult it is not being able to hear so they'll be able to understand and can unlikely treat their classmates in a disrespectful manner. Educators can help by teaching the students to take care of others just how they would like to be cured. In college we can create a electricity point about deafness and how it is important to value them and they should be cured the same. I possibly could then present my demonstration to different academic institutions to allow them to have an improved knowledge of what deaf people have to undergo every day as this may have a poor effect on themselves. For some they wish to end their life as people feeds them with negativity which will not help because they are already battling and we are making no work on how we could help rather us concentrate on how we can make them feel terrible about their home instead.

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