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Smog Pollution And Problems It Triggers Environmental Sciences Essay

Smog air pollution is a problem that this world is suffering from everyday. It has damaged our homes, weather, and health. It really is a very dangerous situation for all of us if we do not do anything about it. Smog air pollution is triggered by chemicals, cars, factories and companies. The greatest thing we can do as a modern culture is try to find ways to assist in preventing and stop smog air pollution. If the people upon this planet do not do anything to avoid smog pollution we will have a huge problem and it'll hurt us in the future. We desire a plan and we have to put a stop to smog pollution. The North american Lung Connection (ALA) has been trying to find ways to help stop preventing smog pollution from hurting us and the surroundings. If we can just do our part and find ways to prevent this issue from getting any bigger, it will benefit us all.

We all have heard of smog pollution, but do we really know what it is. Smog air pollution has many causes that may be dangerous and dangerous to our well-being and health. The word smog pollution is also known as photochemical smog. It really is shaped by the connections with sunshine with different kinds of chemicals in earth's atmosphere (Oblack). The main component of smog pollution or photochemical pollution is ozone. Ozone is in the earth's stratosphere, which the shields the planet earth from dangerous UV radiation from sunlight. The problem with ozone is when it touches down on the earth's surface it can be very dangerous and can cause serious health problems for people on earth (Oblack). The bottom level ozone is manufactured by the emissions of cars that put nitrogen oxide into the air, which is triggered by the vehicle's exhaust fumes (Oblack).

The organic and natural components from the fumes combined with the ozone and fume evaporation that combines with sunshine, causes smog pollution on earth (Oblack). Many people look for ways to help avoid smog in a more world friendly environment, so many people use substitutes for his or her everyday use. There is just one problem with that, and this is the sun. Many people hardly understand that sunshine and warm climates cause pollution. For example, places like California, Florida, and Az and even THE UNITED STATES are some of the most polluted places in the united states (Oblack). Another problem that causes a rise in smog air pollution is the increased usage of fossil fuels for industrial, heating, and of course transportation purposes ("Everything smog"). Also, cutting down, burning trees, and losing agricultural and organic misuse can also lead to emissions of smog pollution and dangerous problems for the earth ("All the Smog"). Sunlight blended with different kinds of dangerous chemicals (secondary air pollution) also helps it be difficult to stop smog air pollution from developing on the top of planet ("Everything Smog"), which creates another big problem.

Climate is a major factor for the reason for smog pollution. Many places in the world can make an effort to be more environmental friendly to help save our planet. Some people ride bicycles rather than driving cars. Other folks try to reduce their use of using open fire to warm themselves. Really the only problem that these people cannot move away from is something that they can not control, and that is the sunlight. California is rated in the very best 10 most polluted areas in the United States. Ozone pollution that is induced by sunlight has a significant affect on this world. Smog and polluting of the environment is having a significant impact on the environment and can condemn all ecosystems ("seirraclub"). The key reason why the sun triggers so many problems is basically because the ozone level that is supposed to protect planet earth is practically destroyed. Without the safety, the sun can sparkle radiation onto the planet and is the primary reason for many medical issues that people go through every day. Issues like pores and skin tumors, radiation poisoning, and sunshine burn are experiencing fatal impacts on people. This type of pollution not only harms humans, but additionally, it may harm outdoors life and the environment. Smog can harm different plants, which can result in damaging consequences. Because the plants are destroyed, it creates it hard for vegetation to make and save food for themselves in their living environment ("seirraclub"). In addition, sunlight and smog can eliminate leaves and crops it could make lots of the plants susceptible to getting diseases. And, they can not defend themselves from different kinds of bugs and pests that can cause a huge decrease in vegetation ("seirraclub"). Smog pollution is a annual problem for places like Texas, Georgia, Florida, and a great many other southern and sunny parts of the globe, but there is also a big increase in smog pollution in the summer ("seirraclub"). That is induced by strong sunlight that melts away the earth's surface. However, the thing that is helping smog pollution is all of the issues that are upon this planet. All of the power plants, automobile emissions, industrial, and substance vapors are other causes of pollution ("seirraclub"). Climate changes are part of the situation as well. Inside the months of June, July, and August, it creates it harder to try and control the smog air pollution, because of the sun. This globe has truly gone through vast amounts of years of evolution. It survived dinosaurs, the glaciers age, and the dark-colored plague, but because of smog air pollution this planet is probably not able to make it through this new episode.

A major problem smog pollution is causing is health issues for the public. Smog pollution has effects on human health because it is rendering it harder to breathe the smog induced air. As a result of this and sun radiation, this is leading to many fatalities, including skin and lung cancers. People's lungs and hearts can be dangerously afflicted by smog and air pollution (Oblack). Many people remain skeptical about smog pollution, but one thing that is well known is long term exposure can result in dangerous and even fatal heath affects to people (Oblack). Some of the long term impacts caused by exposure to smog pollution are problems breathing, coughing, wheezing, pneumonia, bronchitis, swelling of the pulmonary's, lung malignancy, heart problems, asthma like symptoms, pre mature aging of lungs, and last, however, not least, fatality (Oblack). Smog pollution, even in small doses, can be very dangerous and harmful to all people. The American Lung Association projected that 48 percent of individuals on the globe live with high levels of smog ("seirraclub"). Despite the fact that contact with smog is dangerous, there are three types of folks who is able to be severely damaged from smog, which include children, the elderly, and people with respiratory problems ("seirraclub"). ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Protection Company (EPA) has generated the Air Quality Index which lets you check the air density and pollution level around your areas ("seirraclub"). Furthermore, The Department of Motor vehicles have been striving to develop an agenda to lessen vehicle emission and try to improve on quality of air for the earth and assist in saving the planet (Malone). The DMV in addition has been aiming to encourage the residents of the United States to help stop smog. They are trying to do their part by asking people to survey anyone who has visible exhaust coming out of their cars (Malone). If we can all do our good show and help support this plan we can have the ability to avoid smog pollution.

In all, smog air pollution is a significant concern for the environment and this planet. If we do not find a way to try and stop smog pollution, we will have a lot more health problems. Thankfully, there are individuals who are trying to find ways to avoid smog pollution. Many folks who are wanting to create plans that can help bring this planet back to a wholesome express. In 1996, smoking vehicle program was exceeded that mentioned that anyone who views smoking exhaust via cars, trucks, or any other automobiles were to voluntarily survey it to the specialists as a means of stopping polluted air (Malone). Additionally it is there to help instruct people about smog air pollution and what they can do to help stop it (Malone). The North american Lung Relationship (ALA) also developed certain help bring focus on the problem of smog pollution. They advised people to pay more attention to the QUALITY OF AIR Index (AQI) around their area. They tried to educate people about "Ozone action times" and exactly how not to ignore them. Finally, ALA attemptedto help people get acquainted with how smog adversely influences their health (Oblack). ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Protection Organization (EPA) takes it after them to check facts every five years to see set up situation of smog air pollution has evolved for better or worse ("seirraclub"). It is very easy to stop smog pollution. We can all use our autos, vehicles, and motorcycles, sparingly. Most of us must try to do our reasonable share and we should be able to bring understanding to how dangerous the sun really can be. We have to fight back against smog. If we do not do anything about it, this entire world and everything onto it will suffer. "Group against Smog and Pollution" (GASP) is a non-profit citizens' group in Southwestern Pa working for a healthy, ecological environment. GASP was founded in 1969, with several volunteers who had been worried about air quality issues within Pennsylvania. GASP is a diligent watchdog, educator, litigator, and policy-maker on many environmental issues, with a focus on air quality in the Pittsburgh region. Their aim is to teach and enlighten the public about pollution and its own remedies. Their Objective Assertion is "will respond to obtain for the residents of American Pennsylvania clean air, normal water, and land to be able to make a healthy, ecological environment and standard of living to which our company is entitled" ("Groups against Smog and Pollution". ) Obviously GASP does their part, but what are we doing as individuals to help?

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