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Smart Class room In Indian Education Situation Education Essay

Quality education can be an essential essential in todays competitive environment. Technology has afflicted us in every aspect. This paper talks about the smart classes as a modernized method of education in Indian education scenario which gives quality education to students by supporting them in better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academic achievement.

Technology benefitted us in every facet of our life right from communication to education. In old days students were trained in a gurukul where these were trained by the gurus. But this technique was changed by modernized culture. New ways of coaching have been created which is known as smart category. It uses instructional material, 3D animated modules and videos, and all the renowned academic institutions are using this concept. Now the students are delighted at this concept of innovation and interactive learning process. The idea of digitized classroom has not only made education interesting but an opportunity to students to enhance their performance.

There has been a lot of hype about this technology. Smart category premiered by EDUCOM in 2004. In the original stages a smooth introduction across a few select geographics proved the phenomenal popularity amongst private colleges of all categories. It was developed surrounding the ideology that for technology to be an integral part of day to day teaching and learning tactics in schools, it requires to go right in to the classrooms where the students and educators spend 80% of your energy. At the very initial level of introduction many Indian reputed academic institutions like Takshila, DPS Pitampura in Delhi and Cambridge- String of universities were the first ever to adopt the programme. It has been now adopted by 1000 classes across India and helps in a rapid change of moving technology into classrooms in india. (Corporate and business Diary, 2007)

A smart classroom is a class room that comes with an instructor prepared with computer and audio-visual equipment, allowing the teacher to teach using a wide selection of media. Included in these are smart interactive white table, DVD's, PPT's and even more, all displayed by having a data projector. Smart course is a digital effort of EDUCOMP, which is speedily transforming the way teachers coach and students learn. With the help of college curriculum, smart classes generate technology right next to the blackboard for teachers in the class. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students while improving their overall academics performance in college.

Delivery Model:

Smart school has a unique delivery model for classes. A knowledge middle is created inside the school equipped with the whole library and smart category digital content. The data center is connected to the classroom through internet. Instructors get relevant digital resources such as animations and videos, interactive electronic labs tool etc and use them as a part of their lesson ideas in every class room period. The classrooms include custom designed electronic interactive whiteboards, projection systems, PC's. The smart course program is executed in schools by educomp completely on the turnkey basis, per college student basis, monthly basis. Smart school is powered by way of a huge repository of digital training materials exactly mapped to meet up with the specific objectives laid out by different talk about learning standards. That is continuously filled through the development of Educomp's digital products and solution group. The content repository consists of a large number of highly animated, lessons specific, 3D and 2D media modules. They are built with an instructor-led designs that allow the instructor to effectively transct the lessons in a class room, the modules help the students to comprehend the principles easily, connect to other students. Coaching learning process becomes joyful and useful. Educomp in addition has joined into partnerships with finding education, design mate Eureka and crocodile clips adding world class digital content resources 3D educational videos and perhaps the world's interactive online lab software to its repository of content for instructors to use in the class room. The modules are inserted in a template that allows the teacher to teach a chosen lessons in a class, frame by body, with engaging and instructionally sound animated group of visuals while keeping complete control on the tempo of delivery. The curriculum reach unfolds from kindergarten to twelve grade covering things like mathematics, knowledge, English, EVS, interpersonal knowledge, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geographer, economics and business studies.

Teachers can also create their own smart checks and utilize them in the category for assessment. For this purpose, a test authority tool has been added to the smart category assessment request. Students are equipped with a hand held remote control answering device that now sorts an integral part of their pencil pack. In the home, smart class system works as a exclusive college, where parents, teachers and students can communicate with each other. Professors can upload projects and make important info available for parents to view.


In the present day era there may be rarely anyone who can keep away from the mainstream technology. British speaker's smart category is the to begin this kind making use of 21st century's specialized trend in education by digitalizing classrooms as the true replacement for traditional classrooms. As a part of linking terminology with technology smart class helps students to create activity room for English to acquire highlight and fluency. It reduces the work of teacher. Combined with the software, books, sound aesthetic equipment furniture and trainer some activities to increase speaking skills can be established. This helps to own interaction. Within an audio visible room of the sort learning is within a new environment pleasant and sometimes funny without formal books. There is no need of expertise to handle a smart course, but a teacher with even less knowledge can do it profitably as the handbook supplied along with it courses and eases coaching. Finally, the smart school room is not only meant for English by themselves but can be considered a classroom for teaching other themes too.

Language is the basis of all communication that has permitted all the improvements. As far as language is concerned English is playing an important role in our system as well as in countrywide life. It offers greatly contributed to the development of knowledge in India. British has 4 important skills. Hearing and speaking can be learned from the surroundings, reading skill requires work which is important from academic perspective too. But, these skills must be practiced at most important level. It is commonly experienced that if child don't learn to read by third grade, then he can't read to learn. Earlier researches in the field of linguistics disclose that almost 8% of children have problems with reading complications who continue to be under-achievers.

Smart classroom are good to triumph over this problem. Through proper audio-visual presentations, students get maximum sensory experience. An unbiased study by Eugene Research Institute reveals that 5th% graders who take part in smart classroom are 60% more likely to reach state reading benchmarks than those who do not participate. Relating to Lincoln(1992) without the images to generate meaning in what, children will not read. Glasser (2001) says that children only understand 10% of what's read but 80% of what is experienced. It can be improved giving students the opportunities to work with or experience the reading passage.

Moreover, reading skills and educational success are related. Smart classrooms through various interactive settings, present different matters from different content. They are easily realized by the learners and academic achievement is damaged. Trifonas(2004) argues a text is a couple of "lexical or visible symptoms" that acts as cues to guide the reader's mental decoding and meaning-making procedures. Sevindik (2007) driven the effectiveness of smart classrooms on academic achievement of nursing students. The finding showed that lectures given through smart class increased academic achievements. In another study, to measure the success of Educomp smart classrooms, D and B neighborhood information service India Pvt. Ltd. (2010), it was reported that the educomp smart course program has a larger impact on two of the three key learning goals of most students-comprehension and retention. The Educomp smart category program comes with an total positive effect on students more in conditions of generating curiosity and grasping complex concepts somewhat than capturing attention, although it help teachers in managing time better. Becker (2005) argues that the type of active learning essential to master guidelines and concepts and explain pupil work is much easier to use in a technology-rich environment where "students have a rich selection of information to work with, when communications buildings enable students to create relevant questions to appropriate individualsand when technology founded tools such as databases, analytic software and structure software help them to draw out understanding from information".


Introduction of strategy in an exciting and enjoyable manner.

A student's better proposal with the content on a smart board is strong and visually more desirable.

Storage of professors written notes.

Voice recording is possible.

Teaching skills can be improved by displaying various videos to the students.

Scope for the integration of different kinds of technology and other book ways to the educators to present lessons.

Educomp smart class brings about a total transformation in classrooms. This leads to faster and exact understanding of the ideas in school and helps increase the overall academics performance of students. Teachers have the ability to keep students employed in the training process and also get an instantaneous and accurate diagnosis of learning effects achieved at the end of the course.


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