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Skullcandy IS A Leading Company Management Essay

Since they may have these sorts of ground breaking products, the merchandise development teams at Skullcandy tend to show a blend of the facts which are contained in all the team structures such as Light, Heavyweight and Autonomous except the Functional structure.

Lightweight team structure

Skullcandy has a Product Manager whom can be viewed as like the Project director. He has low electricity that he is in charge of coordinating associates and making certain of meeting deadlines. Regarding to this composition, the Product manager functions as a middle level director because every major decision to be taken is handed up to the top level for agreement. And also in this structure, associates at Skullcandy report to the functional director.

"We'll develop the original idea, and then bring it to one of our own trusted commercial design companies to do the renderings. " This shows that Skullcandy has firms or people working temporarily extracted from outside to complete up certain servings of the work. (Schilling, 2009)

Heavyweight team structure

According to the composition we can expect that the Product Manager has a high ability because he manages all the job milestones and even has the authority to connect directly to the manufacturer in China where in fact the product is produced. So this suggests that Product manager acts like a senior manager of the business.

The amount of commitment of associates to the team is long-term and eventually temporary about the staff doing work for servings of work because the truth says that every year mother board of directors would placed an overarching stretch out target for earnings to be performed with regular and temporary employees spending 100% time on the activities.

As the merchandise manager is in charge of coordinating all the team members, it can be considered the all the team members are collocated with the Product manager in this particular structure. As a result of this, the ability or the amount of cross efficient integration in teams at Skullcandy is high.

"The tiny size and informal atmosphere at Skullcandy made certain close contact between your associates, and between the team and other Skullcandy personnel"

According to the structure associates are assessed by both functional heads and the product administrator where each employee is rewarded for their performance through popularity at regular monthly Skullcouncil meetings. (Schilling, 2009)

Autonomous team structure

According to this framework, Skullcandy is rehearsing their own types of procedures and prize systems that will vary from other firms.

Examples from case study for different methods,

"The team in the beginning found for three straight days in Blend Master Mike's studio. Then following the team possessed created 6 to 12 initial sketches, they did the trick to thin the list down to three of the greatest and then fine-tuned those until they had one best sketch"

"SLA variants of the products were also often taken up to the trade shows to solicit comments from customers and generate orders"

Examples for different incentive systems,

"Associates did not receive financial rewards from specific assignments; instead, their performance was rewarded through acceptance at monthly Skullcouncil conferences and through quarterly one touch reviews"

"These reviews would be utilized to provide feedback to the employee and also to determine the annual reward" (Schilling, 2009)

So finally whatever we can say is the fact even Skullcandy got used all three constructions collaborative to build up the new product development team, it is more in to Heavyweight Team Structure where a lot of its characteristics are applied successfully.

Summary of the team buildings used in Skullcandy


Lightweight team

Heavyweight team

Autonomous team

Project Manager

Middle manager

Senior manager

Senior manager

Power of task manager




Time allocated to team activities




Location of team members


Collocated with product manager

Collocated with product manager

Length of commitment to team


Long term but finally temporary


Evaluation of team members

Functional heads

Product supervisor & Functional heads


Potential for turmoil between team and functions




Degree of mix functional integration




Degree of fit with the existing organizational practices




(Schilling, 2009)


Sources of innovation

Firms -

Basically firms become a source of technology through their regularly performed research and development process. In that case they expose their selves to the modern culture, country, the earth or any certain area to understand different sorts of facts, subject areas or fields with or without any specific needs. Then their knowledge is utilized to create new and useful devices, physical items or techniques that will match the foreseen needs and wants. Now days, companies are encouraged for inventions under two major methods which are technology push and demand move.

Science press - this approach means that knowledge discoveries act as the building blocks for new inventions, to engineering as well as for manufacturing and lastly marketing.

Demand draw - this shows that all the innovations are influenced by needs and wants of the folks.

(Schilling, 2009)

Apple, Facebook, Yahoo will be the world's first three companies that is recognized as the ground breaking companies for his or her enhancements of walking the conversation, 800 million reasons to talk about and growing the hit lineup by Google. (Fast Company, 2013)

Universities -

These days school is place where new improvements pop-up frequently to the earth because the university students are determined and facilitated to carry out studies. Students are further urged by showing the income of successfully commercialized innovations. Due to the innovations that come up from colleges, it's been made easier by creating technology transfer office buildings which provides proper conditions where research and development can be performed better.

University of Washington collaborated to create a group of seven advanced robotic surgery system. (Santa Cruz Information Center, 2012)

Government Funded Research -

In here, the government takes the top priority for innovations by providing necessary cash and facilities such as research parks and incubators to other general population and private research organizations.

Private nonprofit organizations -

There are organizations that works as a way to obtain innovation by funding other organizations to do their research and development programs. A number of the nonprofit organizations do not require themselves on those studies other than funding while many tend to do researches.

Individuals -

Innovation by individuals can be came out in two ways such as by an inventor and a consumer. Inventors are more interested on problems than alternatives where they act more curiously to find solutions globally rather than locally. Few such inventors are Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Karl Benz. Sometimes few new enhancements are commercialized due to the insufficient resources or failures in marketing the product.

A end user on the other palm tends to find solutions for his or her own problems and needs as they have got a thorough knowledge of their needs. And the ones alternatives will be because of their own consumption.

Sources of inventions important for Skullcandy

Individual -

Skullcandy Company grew up with the idea of an individual or an inventor, Rick Alden to create a headphone that can be linked both a mobile phone and an Music player. So this could help the Skullcandy to create new individual ground breaking ideas within the business there after too which will enhance their product attributes or give product diversification.

The Skullcrusher and the Ultimate DJ headphone were enhancements resulted from end users who were Snoop Dogg and Combination Grasp Mike. Headphones were designed regarding to their inclination and needs. So having this source would encourage more new end user innovations in the future too.

Firm -

Firm in the sense, they need to give more opportunity for research and development since when they are doing research for new technologies and when they are surely got to known by the folks, it will be easier for Skullcandy to commercialize their new impressive products on the market. And in addition Skullcandy must hold on to better linkages with customers, suppliers and even complementors to identify and react to the sudden change of needs and needs of the customer especially because, Skullcandy is producing custom-made products to the markets. If not their improvements would be failures in the market.

Even though Skullcandy has reached to a better position using their innovative products, they need to increase the way to obtain innovation in individuals and the organization as it brings new ideas to the business where they can diversify their company in inventions. And if they still hope to choose the same product line, they must make an effort to develop and increase the attractiveness of the headphones where Dr. Dre's Beats are before it in the first look by elegance and diversification.

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