Situational METHODS TO Leadership Management Essay

With establishment in 2005, Misty Abacus Academy Pvt. ltd began its procedures in New Delhi. The company targets in imparting education to students of age group between 5-14years. They provide a special course of learning arithmetic by applying the formulas on the Chinese language tool called 'Abacus'.

The company works on franchising model. They consider potential shareholders and help them in setting up their own 'Misty Abacus Academy' centre. To begin with, they provide academic training and marketing materials to their franchises. My family is one of the Misty Abacus franchisee, and doing quite good in operating it.

But lately the company has been facing a great deal of problems at the head office. The attrition rate is high resulting in bad team work and production. This has resulted in the deterioration in relationships with the franchises. All of the franchises have been facing problems in operating their academy as the commitments aren't fulfilled with time. The franchisee orders for new catalogs and academic materials based on the demand at their end. But because of ever before changing work force, the purchases get misplaced and cause inconvenience.

The company is lacking in co-ordination and stream coating of labor force. The CEO is not actively associated with the team. The communication is not channelised. Folks are not self encouraged and dedicated. Previously the organisation used to have frontward planning strategies however now the top level managers have grown to be complacent. This might be because they have got expanded their franchisee platform very quickly and now their focus is merely to generate royalties. No home based business ideas are being initialised; it has resulted in monotony in the organisation's procedure for business and people's management.


The company Misty Abacus Academy Pvt. Ltd has a good network of franchises around India. These franchises are their customers and they earn through them. The challenge lies at the main of organisation structure, the professionals are self-satisfied and do not endeavour innovation available. This results bad control over the team, and drop in customer's relationships.

The only way the company can be cut back to the trail is through amending their organisational framework by means of inculcating leadership and team work characteristics.


"A head is one who knows just how, goes just how, and shows just how. " - John C Maxwell

Leadership theory can be characterized into three areas: trait-based, situational, and

a behavioural strategy. These three categories are traditional approaches to understand leadership. The interactions between them are shown in Shape below.

Relationships for Leadership Theory (Richman, 2006)

Trait-based Approach

Trait theories are authority perspectives that focus on individual market leaders and attempt to determine the personal virtues that great market leaders share. These are all traits an individual can learn to employ with repetition, over time. The type traits associated with management are recognized as the following:

1. Enterprising Soul: Enterprising nature refers to a set of characteristics that represent a high level of effort. It includes high demand for achievement, continuous striving for efficiency, aspiration, energy, persistence, and effort.

2. Devotion: Market leaders who demonstrate devotion and integrity, and are willing to admit to faults, display key attributes that supporters look for in their market leaders. A head will can also increase their effect when people trust and believe that his / her loyalty.

3. Leadership Motivation: Great market leaders not have only an enterprising heart, but they also want to lead. They have a high desire for power, preferring to be in position of control somewhat than that of a follower.

4. Integrity: Integrity is measured by a person's activities and words. People who do not perform, nor do what they promised aren't considered good leader.

5. Self-confidence: Self-confidence allows a innovator to overcome obstructions, make decisions despite doubt, and instil self-confidence in others.

6. Knowledge: Effective leaders have a higher level of understanding of their business, companies, and specialized matters. Leaders will need to have the intellect to interpret great levels of information.

In addition to the features mentioned previously, there are other characteristics that have a significant impact on control, including being forward-looking, proficient, inspiring, and sensible.

3. 2 Behavioural Approach

Behavioural ideas of management do not concentrate on inborn features or capabilities; somewhat, the focus is on what market leaders do. Three general categories of command behaviours are brought up frequently in the books: behaviours related to process performance; behaviours related to group maintenance, and behaviours related to employee participation in decision-making.

1. Job Performance Behaviours: Job performance behaviours will be the leader's attempts to ensure that the clubs or organisations reach their goals. Those behaviours include a focus on work efficiency, quality and reliability, quantity of output, and adherence to laws.

2. Group Maintenance Behaviours: These actions are taken to be sure the satisfaction of group members, develop and preserve harmonious working interactions, and protect the social balance of the group, concentrating on people's feelings and comfort, appreciation, and stress decrease.

3. Contribution in Decision-Making: This behavior appears through the procedure for making decisions, where leaders can be categorized as autocratic and democratic. Autocratic control is a kind of leadership in which the innovator makes decisions on his or her own and then announces those decisions to the group; democratic control is a form of leadership in which the leader solicits input from subordinates. Studies of how the leader's behaviour affects employee behaviour and performance have centered on autocratic versus democratic decision styles, or on performance- versus maintenance-oriented behaviours.

3. 3 Situational Approaches to Leadership

Situational theories recognize leaders from others through the problem at-hand. Leaders adapt their decision-making, orientation, and motivational strategies based upon an exclusive mixture of factors in their individual situations. These factors include:

Characteristics of followers

Types of projects

Organizational structures

Personal preferences

And upper-level management's influences

Leaders adapt their design of management to be able to accommodate the several situations.

Relating the Management theory to the case

The top level managers at Misty Abacus pvt. ltd ought to have a perfect blend of trait, behavioural and situational approach of leadership. The top managers are the spearhead of any organisation's success. They ought to feel determined and convinced about the business enterprise they are really doing. The negativity in the team should be cured by their good influence. Each team member should research to their managers to study from them and aspire to be an imminent manager.

The organisation is lacking in building trust among its employees so, if you are a innovator who can be trusted, then those around you will increase to respect you. Professionals at Misty Abacus pvt. ltd should exercise leadership with an effect upon its employees and customers that they tend to action in concert towards obtaining a goal which they might not have achieved so easily possessed they been still left to their own devices. (Pg 697)

As the business enterprise for Misty Abacus ltd. has already been ready to go, they just need to tweak their organisational strategy by applying 'The Situational Control theory' was coined by 'Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard'. This process determine the most effective design of influencing, considering the course and support a head offers, and the readiness of fans to execute particular job (Pg713). This authority style includes four behavior types as shown in body below:

C:\Users\vaibhav\Desktop\mdl. jpg

Telling: It entails one of many ways communication where a leader identifies key responsible regions of the subordinate. What, where, when and the way to do things. As this calls for relationship behaviour, the CEO of the business that has been inactive must workout this with the team.

Selling: This involves two way communications between your subordinate and the leader. This involves high levels of both task behaviour and relationship behavior.

Participating: This technique involves great deal of relationship behaviour and support, but little way or task behaviour. If Misty achieves this level with the team it will be possible for them to progress and the most notable professionals can again look at future strategies of organisation.

Delegating: Here the emphasis is more on categories or individuals which take the onus. The first choice oversees the progress. You can find low level of both task and marriage behaviours.


Teamwork is defined by Scarnati (2001, p. 5) "as a cooperative process which allows ordinary people to achieve astonishing results". Harris & Harris (1996) also clarify that a team has a typical goal or goal where associates can form effective, mutual interactions to accomplish team goals. Teamwork replies upon individuals working along in a cooperative environment to accomplish common team goals through sharing knowledge and skills. The literature consistently highlights that you of the essential components of a team is its target toward the goal and a definite goal (Fisher, Hunter, & Macrosson, 1997; Johnson &Johnson, 1995, 1999; Parker, 1990; Harris & Harris, 1996).

Teams are a fundamental element of many organizations and should be incorporated within the delivery of tertiary devices. Successful teamwork depends upon synergism existing between all team members creating a host where all of them are willing to add and take part in order to promote and nurture a confident, effective team environment. Associates must be versatile enough to adjust to cooperative working environments where goals are achieved through cooperation and public interdependence somewhat than individualised, competitive goals (Luca & Tarricone, 2001).

Various attributes necessary for successful teamwork. Several characteristics have been recognized below:

Determination to team success and distributed goals - team members are focused on the success of the team and their shared goals for the project. Successful teams are motivated, employed and aim to achieve at the highest level.

Interdependence - team members need to build a host where collectively they can add far more than as individuals. A good interdependent team environment brings out the best in each person permitting the team to attain their goals at a significantly superior level (Johnson & Johnson, 1995, 1999). Individuals promote and encourage their fellow team members to achieve, contribute, and learn.

Interpersonal Skills includes the capability to discuss issues openly with team members, be honest, honest, supportive and show value and commitment to the team and its individuals. Fostering a caring work place is important including the ability to work well with other associates.

Open up Communication and positive responses - actively listening to the concerns and needs of associates and valuing their contribution and expressing this can help to create an effective work environment. Team members should be prepared to provide and receive constructive criticism and offer authentic opinions.

Appropriate team structure is essential in the creation of a successful team. Team members need to be fully aware of their specific team role and understand what is expected of them in terms of these contribution to the team and the job.

Determination to team functions, management & accountability - team members need to be accountable for their contribution to the team and the project. They need to be familiar with team operations, best practice and new ideas. Effective command is essential for team success including distributed decision-making and problem handling.

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