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Situation research and marketing strategy of Sony Ericsson

Sony Organization also simple referred to as Sony is Japanese conglomerate that is clearly a multinational was founded in the entire year 1946. It is presently the next most significant company in consumer electronics on earth only next to Samsung with income 82 billion in the year 2010. The merchandise made by the company are directed for both professional and leisure marketplaces. Over time the company has varied itself into a variety of business categories like gambling, consumer electronics, entertainment, financial services and multimedia. The headquarter of the company is situated in Tokyo in Japan with more than 200, 000 employees doing work for the company around the globe. The company has a worldwide occurrence which is disperse across Asia countries, North american, European countries operating in more than 200 countries. Currently the punch type of the business is Make Believe. Over time the company in addition has been capable of establishing a brand which is very good in the global marketplaces, one of the great things about having a strong brand image for the company is that it helps the company in launching services by increasing the bargaining vitality. Some of the popular makes of Sony include Vaio, Bravia, Cybershot, and many more.

Presently the business plans to make full 3D televisions and is more centered on that which is meant to be another big connection with the customers in views of the chairman of the company. Sony is also among one of the very best twenty semi conductor manufacturers in the world. The company's perspective lies in the facts that they see new approaches to transform their capacity to achieve both the ecological and profitable growth and the quest of Sony is to increase the way individuals live by enhancing the grade of life and also to give value to the stakeholders of the business. The company aims at fulfilling this quest by invention for another generation. Innovation the essential thing that comes to the heads of the customers when they think about Sony and its products which can be always high end in technology. It ss also Innovation that made this company great to be biggest in Japan post battle conditions. Lastly by making use of innovation the business has become a multinational, multibillion companies numerous revolutionized products that adjusted people lives forever.

Sony also inserted into mobile marketing communications in the entire year 2001 with a joint venture with Ericsson which was a Swedish Telecommunications company to create mobile phones with its headquarters based in London. This enterprise was so successful for the company that the company became the fourth largest company in mobile marketing communications to manufacture cell phones.


Sony Ericsson is a joint venture owned similarly by the telecommunications innovator Ericsson and Sony organization- the buyer electronics powerhouse. It was established in the entire year 2001 with a capital of 100, 000, 000 Euro and released its first product in the entire year March 2002. The management team of Sony Ericsson is based in Hammersmith in London. It's the fourth largest manufacturer of phones in the world as of 2009. It includes around 8450 employees with over 2500 contractors worldwide. It includes 6. 788 billion earnings and with the income of 836 million in this past year. Globally, its market show fell from 9. 4% to 7. 9% in Q1 2008. (Wikipedia. com, 2010)

Sony Ericsson is a global provider of multimedia system devices such as devices, PC credit cards and accessories. The products using its powerful technology and progressive applications cause mobile imaging, entertainment, communications and music. In regions of music, design and applications the merchandise from Sony Ericsson have a common appeal. It uses communication technology such as 2G and 3G systems in its products, increasing the offerings to the market. In this newspaper we will be making a marketing plan for Sony Ericsson and you will be talking about the impact of technology on the company in the foreseeable future.


The concept of marketing to create am company which is to be profitable and at the same time must be gratifying the needs of the clients has helped the business to accomplish huge success in the present competitive markets. In addition to this for a firm to reach your goals in today's competitive market in which the growth in current economic climate has leveled and the occurrence of many rivals all of those who follow the ideas of marketing a technique that is well developed is required. This plan will take into consideration an entire stock portfolio of the number of products available for sale and at the same time should maintain a position to assume the steps of the competitors in the market.


SWOT Research:


Sony Ericsson has diversity in its products. The other major durability is Sony as a brand name.

Sony Ericsson was brand as best mobile phone maker.

One of world's leading mobile phone companies.

Key strength is its Individuals capital, its sales people, designers at research and development center, employees etc.

It has varied its products.


The company does not understand the needs of today's customers.

It is less technical advanced.

It also lacks in providing the customers with devices that are customer centric.

Though Sony is well known in most of the countries Sony Ericsson lacks its awareness in the majority of the countries.


The cellular phone market in the developing countries is continually rising. The business can use this and venture in the African countries and a great many other developing countries

High disposable income and customer demand for innovative product.

Network capacities and low tariffs are some of the opportunities for Sony Ericsson.


The penetration of the landline cell phones in the rural areas and also the sky phones has caused a major threat to the company as almost all of the users are content with their sky phones and landline phones and they will not get a cellular phone.

There is very stiff competition among the mobile phone developing companies.

The consumers have a high bargaining electricity, hence the business has to ensure that the customers are satisfied at all times if not they may have choices and will leave the company.


Shared Beliefs:

Sony Ericsson has over 9000 employees from over 40 countries across the globe and is motivated by the cultures the employees belong. The employees donate to the initial design, development, marketing, circulation and sales for a variety of products, applications and accessories. The employees in Sony Ericsson own an opportunity to grow which is an effort to help the company. (sonyericsson. com, 2010)


S. No




Sir Howard Stringer

President and CEO


Rikko Sakaguchi

Executive Vice President


Kristian Tear

Executive Vice President


Bill Glaser

Chief Financial Officer


Focus on the enlargement in the market. Price the merchandise carefully and correctly. Realize the vision of Sony Ericsson to become brand in the communication environment by motivating people to do more than simply communicate.


Sony Ericsson practices Business system methodology linking performance to strategies. Sony Ericsson has great demand in local and international markets. Its main concentrate is on the financial aspect along with the other aspects such as customer point of view with continuous learning, advancement and building its market stand with further expansion.


The eyesight of Sony is to become the communication brand with entertainment. Its motto is "make. Believe that" and thinks in respecting individual rights and treating all employees ethically. It feels that people are encouraged by the entertainment and communication world. This beliefs drives Sony Ericsson onward from ideas to creation.


Sony Ericsson has over 9000 employees from over 40 countries throughout the world and is encouraged by the ethnicities the employees belong. The employees contribute to the initial design, development, marketing, circulation and sales for a variety of products, applications and accessories. The employees in Sony Ericsson produce an opportunity to expand and it is a challenge to work for the business.


Sony Ericson's success is the consequence of the labor force which is driven by the ideas. Sony Ericsson is an uplifting beauty with beautiful and efficient products that are complete inside away. Its collaborative work ethic to build up connections with lovers and co-workers and accumulate resources help result in new innovations.

Porter's Five Forces

Competitive Rivalry

Sony Ericsson's rivals are Nokia, Samsung and Motorola. These companies constantly bring out new phones into the market that have many new features and are priced at a minimal price. This is one of the reasons the company must be alert to the most advanced technology in the market.

Threats of New Entrants

Many new telephones are entering the marketplace and grabbing the attention of folks. Because of this these new entrants will harm Sony Ericsson's income posing a danger from the new entrants.

Threat of Replacement products

The threat of substitute products will further limit the utilization of Sony Ericsson's products. The products include landline mobile phones and technology through the internet such as words chat and training video conferencing.

Bargaining vitality of Consumers

Due to the demand for low cost phones many cellular phone companies are bringing out phones numerous features with an acceptable price. Thus, customers have the choice of switching mobile phones from the competitors as Sony Ericsson's cell phones are highly costed in comparison with other telephones.

PESTLE Analysis


Due to the deregulating market segments, like other mobile phone companies; Sony Ericsson gets the authority to be impartial atlanta divorce attorneys country it runs.


The increasing young people and the increase in the amount of disposable money demand a great deal of selections to the people. People demand more features at an acceptable rate. Though Sony Ericsson has a lot of unique features in its products its prices are high in comparison with other phones.


Sony Ericsson results in a change in the peoples sociable life by offering the most attractive and progressive handsets in the industry. It stands by its mission to provide communication with entertainment. Sony Ericsson still has each one of these features but these features cannot make it to individuals heart due to the existence of other dominating products on the market.


Advancement in the field of technology by other mobile phone companies results in Sony Ericsson. The progress include touch screen, high resolution camcorders etc.


Sony Ericsson is unique in its design offering the sense motion technology. But people choose over to this brand because a few of these products are imitated easily and can be purchased at very cheap prices, hence the company has to enroll all its products with the specialists so that it can fight back with its imitators.


All products of Sony Ericsson have a worldwide declaration. It takes initiative to offer solutions which permit visitors to recycle the products in a way that is environmentally.

Objective and Goal

Sony Ericsson though offers very innovative and unique features; a few of its products being expensive rather than offering any new features make sure they are unaffordable by the individuals. Sony Ericsson should take effort to innovate and produce exiting cell phones which are better then your IPHONE in all respects and likewise have exiting features like live video tutorial chatting etc. at an acceptable and competitive price. It should further enhance the existing features and offer more features as technology has gone way far ahead. It should focus on the people with limited buying capacity.

Competitive Strategy

Cost Leadership

Sony Ericsson can gain market the stand by position costing its products cost effectively and resolving its stability concern. Sony Ericsson with its impressive thinking, success passionate and responsiveness to its customers have an advantage over others.


The progressive features in its products like the tremble control feature that allows track change by only a shake of the telephone, java based request and games and its own brand as walkman telephone differentiate it from other mobile phones of other companies.


Sony Ericsson's most important focus should be to take care of any issues it is having with some of its products and has to price it relatively. The folks have a variety of devices with enhances feature and cost affordable.



Sony Ericsson when launched in the beginning was very famous due to its unique progressive features. Now it has received a great deal of criticism scheduled to stability issues. Customers didn't get what they had paid for and finally the business is not doing this well.


Sony Ericsson should target mostly on its costs policy. The distributors should be problems with a retail price and rigorous monitoring should be carried out to ensure that the brand is not diluted by advertising at price different from the future technology price.


The Sony Ericsson models should be located in the section globally with limited buying electric power.


The products of Sony Ericsson should be top quality so which it instantly makes a place in the memory space of the individuals. Digital press should be utilized to promote the merchandise through advertisements. The products can even be publicized in certain events including the youth focused programs to focus on teenagers.

Local film celebrities and players should endorse the products to make the products more lucrative. The merchandise should be endorsed in such a way that they become a status of icon and fashion. Further to this these product can also be promoted by direct marketing in department stores and outlets such as boutiques in order to improve its brand image.


Sony Ericsson should give attention to folks of different age range and genders. It will focus on people who have limited buying vitality such as in the rural areas where there are not many means of communication such as internet, mags etc.


Sony Ericsson's complex procedures such as hardware, applications and impressive solutions brings about easiness in use and attracts customers.

Physical Process

Sony Ericsson should create some of its products inside a focused market portion such as rural areas with very little means of communication.


Sony Ericsson is a leader in the mobile phone market and is well known for its progressive and stylish cell phones. But presently it is not doing so well in the market because individuals are generally very selective and choose the favorite or the next cool make of phone in the market. Earlier, people with a great deal of disposable income used to change their handsets every three years, but now with decelerate in economy this is not a trend ever again. The growing attractiveness of Apple's iPhone, the mobile phones of Sony Ericsson are sacrificing their elegance. (casestudyinc. com). Furthermore, the bigger price of its phone causes customers making a choice to the cell phones by the rival companies. The SWOT, Porter's five force analysis and Pestle analysis clearly claim that the company needs to become more progressive to lead the marketplace again.


Sony Ericsson to be able another to its fourth position in the market it will do extensive general market trends and draw out new strategies, commit considerably and control and screen activities.

Due to competitive gain from rival cellular phone companies, Sony Ericsson should decrease the price of a few of its products to catch the attention of the customers.

Sony Ericsson should produce progressive promotional strategies and employ people who have fresh ideas.

Sony Ericsson should use technology advancements and produce more creative looks, features and user-friendly options

Sony Ericsson should provide services such as Warrantee and Insurance to draw in customers. It will provide after deal services to help expand differentiate it from rival mobile companies.

It should set up 24/7 toll free range with professional personnel to help customers to solves their issues with mobile and answer any queries.

In order to increase sales level and capture market share it will focus on a particular market section such as rural areas with very little communication means.


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