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Site Investigation Survey Of Johore Bahru Interface Construction Essay

The objective of this investigation report is to get the complete picture of the new project of Johore Bahru interface at Teluk Pelepas for the federal government.


The analysis will be carry out using the correct method of finding the source of data such as surfing around from the internet and going to the site project to really see the site topography. The procedure includes the garden soil analysis specific method such as rock and ground boring and drilling. Other than that, the standard laboratory test will be carried out in accordance with the methods in BS 1377 on determined samples.


Projects for legal reasons involve in our project is based on the Malaysia. For the initial phases any by regulations is recognized to be implemented. Within the submissions of the ideas we require the approval from JKR. Others by laws and regulations for the momentary works are not available. The constructional and structural requirements are from the JKR.

Scope of investigation

1. 0 Site preparations and historical data

2. 0 Thinking about the sub structures construction work progress

3. 0 Planning on the superstructures construction progress

4. 0 External works progress of project

5. 0 Resources installation

1. 0 Site planning and historical data

Since the website is at seashore, the site clearing from dust and boulders need to be done. The analysis area encompasses approximately 1. 5 acres located within 500 ft from Tanjung Pelepas. Topography is characterized by hook slope to the west. The analysis area is located at the foot of any steep hill to the east. So that it will be earthwork improvement on slash and fill up. but the challenge shows up during excavation along the bay where in fact the petroleum contaminated dirt element was found. It make the soils from this area were chosen as unsuitable for backfill due to structural concerns and were transported to two short-term staging areas near by.

There is no surface water living located within the study area. There will be a few stake of land drilling location on the area to research the tendencies of soil. Encircling land use is predominantly home, with commercial/personal utilization to the north at Tanjung Pelepas. Later when the job is begun, we must give a perimeter fencing so that the society alert to our constructions progress. On the area, the temporary access road will be create to ease the strain carrier go into the building site.

The provider of the material is found nearby the site location. This will likely presents advantages in saving time travel and money.

Information was obtained about the site history during a review of historical aerial photos from a certain time period discovered that the land is still left unused by the federal government. Tanjung Pelepas is near this location; where there is one damaging port was built. The overwhelming success of the interface will help this Teluk Pelepas become popular in future.

2. 0 Planning on the sub structures construction work progress

In order to construct the substructures the preliminary soil investigation need to be done. The piling and foundation require good subsoil in term of geotechnical value. The test from the staked location is analyzed and the effect obtained. This data was accumulated to determine the appropriate method of managing dewatered groundwater encountered during excavation later. After having good subsoil, basement will be safe to be located on the ground. Same complements the column stumps. As the structure is a moist environment, the correct materials which hardcore and damp-proof material have to be consider.

The groundwater level should be not impacting the constructions improvement. In the garden soil investigation, it is available to be 3 ft from the top.

3. 0 Planning on the superstructures structure progress

Superstructure will be constructing according to the pulling. All elements were located above the moist proof material. Because the site project is located on bay, the environment is prone to have sulphate strike to the superstructure. Therefore the sulphate resisting Portland cement recommended to be used for the structural aspect. The influence of strong breeze from sea is known as for setting up a windows and the rooftop. They should be strong in conditions of strength to adjust the blowing wind.

4. 0 Exterior works progress of project

At the end of the development progress, the exterior works have to be done beyond your building such as streets, vehicle auto parking, gutter, sewer, fence and landscaping. The access street to the Teluk Pelepas is connected to the main highway so the load sent on the port will be easily carried to their vacation spot. The large portion of auto parking is provided for the large carrier for instances lorry and pots to be fit. Gutter to avoid overflow will be created. For the utilization of any office on the dock, the water source should be provided and sewer needs to be constructed consequently. To start the port area, it must be fence properly. Landscaping is considered quite important in making the effective dock.

5. 0 Utilities installation

In providing basic conveniences or luxury, the all element will be installed such as septic tank, telephone, hearth detector or sprinkler, air-condition, elevator and burglar alarm.


In conclusion, the site investigation will help the progress of the construction in future. Its also help as a guideline of the task.

Bad Site Layout

Uploaded with ImageShack. usFigure show one of these of site design in a bad category. This site layout is ideal for the real site area. The design consists of a site office, staff members quarters, toilet, canteen, materials storage, security officer and temporary gain access to road. Referring to the figure, there is no car parking area occupied on the site.

In terms of walking ranges within facilities, the design is fail minimize walking ranges. For instance, the canteen is very far away from the site office. Same complements the positioning of the toilet.

Next, the positioning of material safe-keeping is not strategic where the materials supplier lorry needs to travel considerably to the material storage and it can be seen plainly that the momentary access street is quite slim. This will cause the limits of the lorry entries.

Other than that, material storage only 1 and its nearest to the ocean. The problem seem if the is something happen from the sea, the material safe-keeping is the main one affected much. This could raise the cost down the road because of breakage or spoil materials.

As we start to see the fence, there its not the perimeter fence installed. This may be dangerous for the staff members and visitors basic safety and also the safeness of the materials storage from being taken.

The project signal board also incorrect put. It supposes to be outside the key gate to the people initiate the project progress

Lastly, the entry and exit is the same main access and its such a drawback to the project in terms of material travel.

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