Similarities Between The Doggie And The Lizards And Digestive Systems Article

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The similarities and differences between your dog and the lizards' digestive and reproductive system systems are explored in this particular essay.

2 . 0 The dog's digestive system

The dogs' gastrointestinal system mainly involves 15 various parts. These are the oral cavity, esophagus, diaphragm, abdomen, liver, gall bladder, pancreatic, duodenum, jejunum and ileum, transverse digestive tract, ascending intestines, descending colon, caecum, anal canal as well as the rectum (Aspinall and Cappello, 2009). Each one of these play an essential role inside the dogs' gastrointestinal tract.

Beginning at the oral cavity where food is consumed, it can also be referred to as mouth or buccal tooth cavity. It contains teeth, tongue and salivary glands and its features are prehension which is to pick up food, mastication which is to breakup the food in to small boluses and the release of secretion to use lubrication the food to aid swallowing (Aspinall and Cappello, 2009). Pups have forty two permanent pearly whites to break down food whilst puppies have 28 deciduous teeth.

The salivary glands happen to be paired in the oral cavity and pour in the oral cavity. Dog saliva does not contain digestive enzymes and therefore their only used in the gastrointestinal tract is to lubricate food prior to the dog swallows it (Aspinall and Cappello, 2009).

The pharynx is a funnel designed passage obtainable at the back of the throat, it is the cross over between your respiratory and digestive paragraphs (Boden, 2007). It is comprised of three parts which are the nasopharynx connected to the hacienda nasal cavity, oropharynx connected to the causal oral cavity, and the laryngopharynx connected to the oesophagus (Fraser and Girling, 2011).

The oesophagus can be described as hollow muscle tube that may stretch to let reasonably size boluses of food...

... erectile tissues. It works from the ischial arch and along the perineum, they also have a small bone named the operating system penis (Fraser and Girling, 2011). The functions from the penis in order to propel sperm into the girl whilst matching and to excrete urine from the bladder via the urethra. The urethra sits down in the centre from the penis and extends up to the bladder, it really is shared by the reproductive and urinary systems (Aspinall and Cappello, 2009).

The bitch reproductive system consists of the ovaries, uterine tube, uterus, cervix, genitals, vestibule and vulva. The reproductive tract is designed to take several germe during pregnancy (Aspinall and Cappello, 2009). The bitch reproductive system features several functions which are to create ova, to receive sperm, supply a suitable environment for fertilisation and expansion and to give nutrients for the embryos (Dallas, 2006).

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