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Legalization of Marijuana and its impacts

writing a critical essay is always challenging since you will have to be straight-forward about letting your thoughts and perceptions out without any bias due to conscience, especially when the topic happens to be something as controversial as legalization of Marijuana, which has been debated for over a decade now.

The one drug which receives most publicity is marijuana since media always seems to be talking about it. And in case if the conclusion drifts towards legalization, then how exactly will the implementation process come through? These are the questions which are discussed by the government on a regular basis. But as wise men said, it is always toughest to convince the common man than someone who makes policies. Some people are in favor of it while there are people who are against it, but in between these two, there are people who believe slight modifications will bring a better change by exposing the medicinal benefits of Marijuana. In any should marijuana be legalized essay, one point always comes that it is not necessary for Marijuana to be legalized throughout the country. Weed for instance, needs to be legalized owing to the fact that there are many other drugs that are legal. Out of a listing of drugs that are not quite harmful but have been made illegal, weed happens to be one of them.

Hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine and painkillers which are considered to be hazardous to health. We cannot categorize marijuana under such drugs since it inhibits medicinal properties and can even cure cancer. In any marijuana should be legalized essay, there must always be case study examples where the author has to highlight real-life examples where marijuana was used as a cure to a disease, presumably cancer. Tobacco and alcohol happen to be more harmful to health than marijuana, which is why it does not exactly make sense make it illegal with respect to the alcohol and tobacco policies. It has been found out that even sugar happens to be more harmful to health than marijuana. That does not mean there should be a ban imposed on sugar also. A drug that happens to be safer and relatively much harder to overdose on than alcohol cannot be made illegal, especially when it has been proven beneficial against diseases. Hence, marijuana needs to have a fair legal policy similar to many other drugs which are categorized in the same group.

Other reasons to add in should marijuana be legalized essay


Any literary essay must give valid reasons justifying the subject on the basis of its upsides and downsides. A very important reason to add to a should medicinal marijuana be legalized essay would be to point out how the policy will keep children away from the drugs that are meant to be more harmful. Currently, marijuana being illegal is sold off by dealers who are selling hard drugs as well. The idea is to keep kids away from such dealers which will automatically create a distance between them and hard drugs. Hence, if marijuana is made legal and stored in an appropriate way, then the influence of drugs on kids will be lesser. Furthermore, kids will refrain from getting pulled into drug dealing business. The motive to sell drugs to friends will be few and this policy will safeguard their health. Therefore, if you are not able to figure out how to start a thesison the legalization of marijuana, you should start by putting together all the reasons which will support the argument including the one which we discussed just now.


In a should marijuana be legalized essay, another reason which we can highlight is the amount of money that the government will be able to save, and the revenue of sales will definitely be lucrative. Financially, marijuana currently is quite hard on the judicial system. Once it is legalized, the government will be able to levy the tax on it, which can further be used for government funding. It is estimated that close to 750,000 people on a yearly basis go to jail for possession of marijuana. This colossal number of people arrested for selling something which is not even as harmful as hard drugs seems baseless. The enforcement is supposed to pay for each one of the cases, and this is something which can be avoided as well since it is nothing but an added expenditure. In this way, lots of jail spots which are usually occupied by people charged with possession of marijuana will be open for other serious offenders of crimes that are more heinous in nature. Thus, marijuana can definitely cleanse the judicial system and the policy needs to be changed at the earliest. Billions of dollars that can actually be converted into potential tax end up going to drug cartels.

religious studies say that marijuana has been the most commonly used cannabis substitute at most of the religious festivals, especially in South America. Due to its healing power and ability to give relaxation to the mind, it is being used widely across the world. Marijuana can heal health problems such as nausea, pain, spasticity and many other symptoms more effectively than the drugs that currently exist. In addition to that, any marijuana should be legal essay will tell you how people love to use it in order to feel relaxed on a normal basis. The possibility of someone falling in a state of danger is quite rare in case of marijuana as it only builds tolerance power which improves the capability of the immune system to fight symptoms. If the drug is used properly under supervision, the symptoms which you will notice will be more positive than negative. Hence, there are ample reasons why marijuana should be legalized and the revenue generated can be used by government for community development purposes.

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