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Should Humans Be Blamed For Global Warming?

Global warming is the next big impact that provides in regards to a change in the weather patterns. By meaning, Global Warming is the increase in conditions that gradually warms the Earth's atmosphere. 'It is a happening, which has been on the rise however in the last century, the increase in the levels have been alarming' (George Christodoulou, 2006). Global warming has triggered a whole lot of changes to the environment in a poor manner. 'According to the analysis by the Intergovernmental Panel on Environment Change (IPCC), it is observed that the increase in global conditions has been induced due to a rise in greenhouse gas concentrations' (Slashman, 2007). Global warming can have many triggers, but it is mostly associated with human interference, specifically the release of excessive levels of greenhouse gases (EPA, 2006). It is either caused by humans or natural causes. Global warming is forget about a myth but a fast approaching fact, which in the long-term will bring the much feared ice time that will wipe out all living organisms on the planet. The latest IPCC report areas "widespread mass deficits from glaciers and reductions in snow cover over recent generations are projected to speed up throughout the 21st century, lowering water availability, hydropower probable, and changing seasonality of moves in regions given by melt drinking water from major mountain amounts (e. g. Hindu-Kush, Himalaya, Andes), where more than one-sixth of the world people currently lives" (Geneva, 2010). Global warming has caused a significant increase of heat into the earth's atmosphere and it is still affecting us till today credited to numerous individual activities.

Although many people feel that global warming happens scheduled to natural factors, it is scientifically proven that humans are responsible for global warming. The goal of this newspaper is to indicate the irresponsible people creating global warming and not at fault the natural factor for global.

There a wide range of scientific and rational factors of global warming that are induced by individual activities. The main factor is because of the depletion of ozone coating of the atmosphere which happens in the stratosphere which is 30 miles above the planet earth. What's the function of the ozone level? The ozone level protects the earth from radiating ultraviolet (UV) rays. The ozone is composed from oxygen substances named triatomic oxygen. The ozone substances or the triatomic air will absorb the UV rays. Eventually the triatomic air will split into diatomic air and a monoxide. This process is repeated as the monoxide combines with diatomic oxygen to create ozone molecules back and helps to protect. Thus, this helps to protect UV rays from getting into the earth's atmosphere. The UV rays will warm up the earth as it penetrates through immediately with no shield of ozone coating. 'Every time 1% of the ozone layer is depleted, 2% more UV-B is able to reach the top of world' (Miller, G. Tyler Jr. , 1987). The thinning of ozone layer happens credited to human activities on the earth's surface by burning and releasing harmful gases. As the ozone layer becomes thinner the Ultra violet rays will be caught inside the earth's atmosphere, therefore our globe becomes hotter. The glimmer of UV rays may cause epidermis cancer. In addition, it also dries up the planet earth and causes drought.

Moreover it is because of the release of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases the ozone part depletes. Individual use air conditioners to help make the hot environment cool, but what they don't seem to understand is they are making the atmosphere even hotter. Air conditioners produces CFC gas when it's fired up. Besides that, refrigerators also release CFC gases when the entrance doors are opened up. The CFC gas will react with the ozone part. The triatomic oxygen will be divided and the chlorine atom from CFC will combine with the diatomic oxygen gas. This will likely produce chlorine monoxide. Discussing the declaration above, you will see no chance of the oxygen to recombine to form ozone molecules. Because of this a hole is established in the ozone covering. 'Slowly they start infiltrating in to the higher layers of the atmosphere and soon reach the ozone wealthy stratosphere, where they experience major substance changes' (H. Khemani, 2010). The CFC gas will soon disintegrate and the chlorine atom will respond with the ozone molecule and changes to oxygen molecule. When the ozone part changes to oxygen molecule the ozone covering will be depleted. By far the most shocking simple fact about CFCs is they have very long atmospheric life which, in certain cases, even extends to 100 years. 'This means that if CFC refrigerants are leaked in the atmosphere, they will keep depleting the ozone covering for another a century to come' (H. Khemani, 2010). There are other materials used by humans that release CFC gas such as substance sprays and the using of Styrofoam materials.

Furthermore, the increase of skin tightening and level contributes to climatic changes. Humans are the key visitors to emit green house gasses to the surroundings. They emit them in a variety of ways. The combustion of fossil energy by human activities releases green house gases which is skin tightening and yet others. 'When there can be an increase in the percentage of skin tightening and in the air, the amount of heat captured by the skin tightening and also improves' (Bidisha Mukherjee, 2010). As the amount of carbon dioxide level rises in the atmosphere, heat is trapped inside the atmosphere and causes warming of the planet earth. In addition, coal-burning of ability plants also increases the carbon level in the atmosphere. 'Using up coal produces about 9 billion tonnes of skin tightening and each year which is released to the atmosphere, and about 70% of this is being produced from power plant life' (World-Nuclear. org, 2011). In addition factories emit more smoke and dangerous gases such as skin tightening and, methane, and oxide. These gases do not only boost the temperature of the environment but causes harm to humans and family pets.

In addition to that, the burning of gasoline from travelling also plays a part in global warming on the large- scale. Using of gasoline will improve the amount of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a very harmful gas it can cause fatality to living organisms on earth. This gas can react with other atoms to be more harmful. For instance, it can combine an air atom to create skin tightening and. By merging energy is needed and warmth is produced. Dusts are also gathered in the atmosphere which can capture heat. Smog is another form of cloud of carbon which is also related to deposition of heat in the atmosphere.

Besides that, Brazil and Indonesia, which contain the world's two greatest surviving parts of rain forest, are being stripped at an alarming rate by logging, fires, and land-clearing for agriculture and cattle-grazing (NationalGeographic. com, 2011). Individual activities of depleting forest illegally have brought on a major local climate change to the environment. Men nowadays are selfish and do things on their own for selfish benefits. They want to upgrade the current economic climate of the united states with the improvement of technology. The consumption of land for development of complexes makes them to decrease forests uncontrolled. Besides, illegitimate deforestation for exporting logs to other countries for business goal triggers global warming. Trees are needed to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the surroundings. By deforestation, the land is barren and revealed. Therefore, the earth will eventually get hotter. 'High cutting of trees and shrubs in forests for metropolitan use and other purposes like properties is detrimental to environmentally friendly balance' (Manali Oak, 2011).

Another point related to the debate is the role of politicians who bring activities for the nation's benefits that politicians are likely involved in global warming too. 'Even those politicians who are courageous enough to combat for action on the problem are not sharing with us the whole truth' (Make Jeantheau, 2004). The federal government is not responsible for the event of global warming. They don't take any action towards illegitimate people who cause global warming and are mostly money minded. On their mind they always think of bribery and don't take into account the effects of global warming. General public have no idea of this phenomena and take it easy. Federal government should be blamed because of this for not educating the public about the effects of global warming and point out the results. So global warming happens because of the irresponsible activities of humans can result in negative effects.

On the other side opposition argues more by aiding that skin tightening and released are not by individual activities but natural phenomenon. Carbon dioxide is an all natural source from the surroundings itself. As a natural sensation volcanoes rupture and emit carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide to the environment and triggers a whole lot of negative influences regarding global warming. Water vapors are also released which is the most hazardous gas to humans and the surroundings. Our studies also show that internationally, volcanoes on land and under the ocean to push out a total of about 200 million tonnes of CO2 each year (hvo. wr. usgs. gov, 2007 ).

Besides volcano eruptions, natural burning up of forest or called forest fires release carbon dioxide in a drastic level to the surroundings. Forest fires happen spontaneously credited to overheat rather than by people. Sometimes forest fires can be spontaneous due to hot and dry weather (Chandramita Bora, 2010). Furthermore, forest fires happen when the weather is thundering and storming. The lightning carries high voltage current. As the existing hits the trees a small spark created would light up a leaf and pass on the fire to the complete forest. A couple of no ways for fire fighters or other save teams to place out the flame scheduled to high temperature. The carbon level of the environment increases drastically and triggers haze also. Heat of the earth goes up tremendously. It can raise the level of greenhouse gases (water vapor, skin tightening and, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons), and thereby increase pollution and global warming (Chandramita Bora, 2010).

The opposition says humans aren't the only real people who emit carbon dioxide by exhaling them but pets do too. It really is wrong to state humans should be blamed only for global warming. Humans aren't in charge of the increase of the awareness of carbon dioxide on global level. Furthermore, skin tightening and doesn't have a long life time. Instead of pinning a complete value on the atmospheric duration of CO2, the 2007 survey describes its steady dissipation as time passes, saying, "About 50% of any CO2 increase will be removed from the atmosphere within 30 years, and a further 30% will be removed within the few centuries because of the plants yet others (Mason Inman, 2008). It is merely temporary and when it might be blamed that it's going to impact the future era which is incorrect.

In addition to that, a meteorological scientist named William Kininmonth (2004) explains that climatic change occurs anticipated to natural trend rather than by human being activities. The assumption of your climate system required primarily by the radiation effects of greenhouse gases is a restricted perspective of the sophisticated environment system. (William Kininmonth, 2004). Environment scientists cannot verify that the current warming is not credited to natural processes and therefore cannot say with certainty that the warming is because of human interference.

However, the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) disproves global warming by individual activities. MWP is a natural trend and the MWP was a period of warm environment in European countries. So, real human activities have nothing in connection with the global warming, as evident from the Medieval Warm Period (MWP).

The ice years is not credited to global warming as stated by scientist. You will see a new prediction of ice years where it is an all natural phenomenon not brought on by humans that contributes global warming.

The supporter refutes the opponent's discussion by giving explanations that very little carbon dioxide is induced by volcanic rupture. You will discover no proves that volcanoes emit more skin tightening and which is a myth. There have been volcanic eruptions so significant that they covered vast areas in lava greater than a kilometre thick and appear to possess released enough CO2 to warm the planet after the primary cooling induced by the dirt ( Catherine Brahic, 2007). Volcanoes emit carbon dioxide in a natural way as it an all natural circuit of the happening. Furthermore, there aren't many volcanoes round the world and it only ruptures after an extended period. Besides that, the supporters argue more on the point of forest fires. Forest fires are mainly induced by human activities like clearing and using for starting plantations to create cash plants like oil palm, rubber and sweets cane. Throwing of cigarettes by hunters or campers, creating camp fires and picnics triggers light ups of fireplace and would set up open fire on the forest. Despite the fact that, carbon dioxide has a life-time, it still can add heat to the environment for a certain period. Climate changes are due to real human activities on the large-scale. Humans burns fossil petrol like coals openly, followed by spraying aerosols that could damage the surroundings, cement production factories releases smog and unnatural harmful gases which changes the environment and triggers global warming.

As a finish of this debate about should humans be blamed for global warming, it can be strongly mentioned that humans should be blamed usually. Natural factors do contribute to global warming but it is minimal. In order to prevent global warming from occurring, governments should take more drastic actions on this matter and do consciousness campaigns amongst their countries. Like a concluding statement for this topic humans are to be blamed for the reason for global warming.

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