Should Higher Education be free to students?

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By the end of this article I will be explain the way the system work I am talking about how exactly education can impact people i will also carry out a study on the background history of how the higher education system and its funding in UK over past years and I'll analyse some off the point that i have researched over the internet and analysed. I'll show advantages and disadvantages if advanced schooling should be free

Higher Education

University is an important right of passing - an chance to establish independence, to study on areas of interest and ideally to take action in, revitalizing environment get together new people, and considering new ideas and. I believe it is important that everyone should attend this stage

Higher education is provided for free in by most off of the countries, or possibly at a a considerate price, but not in the united kingdom, THE UNITED KINGDOM has presumably additional money at the establishments' removal. However, it does mean that advanced schooling may be not that unaffordable to many people at less circumstances.

Scholarships and loans

As we how that there surely is scholarships and lending options currently available but scholarships are clearly not going to be available to everyone and the loans will be the loan is a major credit debt after graduating in order you can view the student don't have the opportunity in either however to soclize the higher education in the U. K we will require a large overhaul system that will managed with care.

The Administration has said half young people are getting into advanced schooling is failing. Far from rising by around 4 per cent per year. maybe this is the reason why advanced schooling is not free the government cant afford to get money on college student education and student are declining.

Well we should consider education to be an investment. Information suggest that, on average, these with an increased education earn higher earnings.

THE Background

When the brand new Labour took vitality in 1997, students acquired means-tested maintenance grants or loans and no fees. After a year they took off the grant was removed and a means-tested charge regime as high as 1, 000 annually after 2004 the higher education pressed it up to 3, 000 which increase very academic time.

As the truth is that huge increase from 1997 to 2009 the standard fees was 1, 000 than was risen to 3250

The means tests will allow poor people and folks with low income going college or university. Those how are from low income young families should be able to show up at university nevertheless the middle classes benefits the most from university education

At the moment there's been a very high drop out rate from university and the reason is because students have to drop out because they can't afford the fee


Must universities in Britain are condition financed, with only 1 private school University of Buckingham where in fact the government will not support the tuition fees.

Undergraduate and posgradute

Undergraduate students and the students from EU countries have to pay university fees up to a maximum of 3, 225 09/10.

Loans can be found to students depending on the website income assist. This might only be used for tuition cost costs. Yet, in Scotland it different they may have their fees paid by the students awards agency for Scotland somewhat than student Financing. . However postgraduate students are in charge of all there fees but however postgraduate have a variety of scholarship and assistantship strategies they might chooses from that might provide support e. g Economic and interpersonal research council and so many more. The main sources of financing for postgraduate students are through research councils

Advantages of making Higher Education Free

Here are some off advantages points

* ADVANCED SCHOOLING leads to situations this is when students graduating finish up having extremely high arrears on them this is lead to the student loan. Also if higher education was free learner will need extra training which is more effectively

* It will decrease the students from drop out, and push up the passing rate

This will than boost the economy with the amount off pupil graduating from there universities with a degree

* You will see equal opportunity to everyone to attend higher education this implies the poor people and the low-income households will hold the to apply. As you can see that the center class people are using this opportunity using the money and leaving the poor and low incomes lacking the opportunity

Disadvantages of earning Higher Education Free

* You will see less jobs designed for everyone the reason because folks who didn't attend university was a higher amount and by making the bigger education free it'll escalates the graduates and can than decreases the quantity of jobs available

* The downside about free advanced schooling is that the federal government will be paying it but nevertheless the stistics demonstrates half off the higher education university student fail there course each year this will than show an down decrease in the economic framework

Supply and demand

The Source and demand can be an financial of price in market. It talks about that in a market, price will function to equal the number demanded by consumers, and the number supplied by companies, resulting in economic equilibrium of price and number.

The demand program, shows a graphically as the demand curves, presents the amount of goods that potential buyers who wants to purchase at different prices. The price tag on goods continue to be the same however Following legislations demand the demand curve is almost always represented as downward collection this means that if the price lessens the consumers will buy more of the nice.

This means that if higher education was to be free the demand on the education will increase. The reason because folks who didn't mange to go for reasons like the fees for the training they will have an possibility to apply however there will be a very popular as because the students use to cover it now it free. As you can see on the graph

Excess Supply

If the purchase price is set too much, excess source will be created within the overall economy and there will be allocative inefficiency. , but those eating the goods will see the merchandise less attractive andpurchase less because the price is too high

This is how it looks like when advanced schooling is not free, the fees are too high and student will never be able to sign up for precisely how it shown on the graph


A shift in a demand or resource curve occurs when a good's variety demanded or offered changes even though price remains the same. For instance if the fees for the school was FREE and the number of off student applying shows the demanded

However this demonstrates if higher education was free you will see an increase in demand


In conclusion I have identified how advanced schooling should be free to students managed to learn what the scholar considered free education I also revealed what advantages was for the free education and the disadvantages I managed to get some ideas however I also used the resource and demand and unwanted supply I managed to compare them and analysed them. I researched the backdrop of the bigger education and got some important info which I also analysed.

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