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Should Combat Athletics be Restricted?

1. Should physical battle sports be prohibited?

Ans: Intro: Combat sports activities have been in existence in different varieties for more than 2000 years. With high dangers prevailing is undoubtedly sports and the type of aggression demonstrated on the sporting market, ethical issues attended up whether in today's civilized society there is a host to such activities. Procedures have been implemented to minimise the risks to participants the demonstration of skills in such thrilling fashion has been under criticism. You can find both excellent and dark sides of these activities but whether to get rid of them or not is the major controversy.

Definition of Battle Sports: Combat activities may be thought as sports activities wherein two specific combatants fight each other using struggling with techniques according to a set of prearranged rules.

Competitors use different techniques in different forms of Combat Sports, however the goal of any contest is to subdue the opponent. The question occurs here that could it be ethical to allow such a sport where the primary intension is to damage your opponent.

The Dark Part of Combat Activities: The very first thing that attacks into one's brain while stating about the dark factors of such activities is morality.

1. Morality: As said previous, could it be morally correct for one human being to try intentionally to harm the mind of the other just as boxing. It could be true that reckless tackles are made in sports activities like American soccer, Soccer, glaciers hockey etc and also body brand bowling prevails in cricket which sometimes result in serious accidental injuries but one does not win the overall game in so doing. Where as in physical fight sports one can earn only by harming the opponent and that too so really that the opponent cannot continue to take part in the game any more.

2. Impact on culture: The impact of such athletics on the society can be viewed in two various ways.

    1. Combat sporting activities practice: Proof unlicensed boxing situations exist where assault has reached its extremities but it could be argued a sport, which is explicitly a stimulation of actual combat and which includes clearly defined limitations is less of an threat to the interpersonal order than such evidences.

Another concern changed which argued if involvement in a combat sport results in increase of violence and hostility in a human being. But different studies have shown increase in social and mental awareness one of the participants.

  1. Viewing Fight sports: The result of excessive press exposure of fight sports does have an optimistic impulse of assault in some people but for the vast majority of the population contact with aggression and violence as a unaggressive spectator is considered to have negligible effect on people's social behavior.

The Value of Fight Athletics: Notwithstanding the violent nature of combat sports activities, "good" are available in them just like another sport. Any form of combat sport gets the potential to improve physical health and well being. Higher physical competence and capacity to defend one's own self can be considered as the positive part of combat sports. Combat sports can also acts as a medium of self-expression and real human bonding. Contrary to public opinion, being successful is not the sole objective of fighting contests. Value is directed at what can be learned from the opposition, whether it be in triumph or beat.

Conclusion: Since sport where in fact the principal purpose is to harm your opponent and with the high risk of fatalities and serious disabling injuries engaged, the question arises both from the moral and safety point of view as to if combat sports be legally prohibited. In my opinion, before considering a legal ban and forcing the sport underground, each battle sport should be given the possibility to review its rules for competition. For instance, preventing within predetermined weight school, only one deal with per evening etc.

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