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Shooting an elephant essay important facts

You may be in a position where you are told to write an essay about the book “Shooting an Elephant”. This is a book that you should read and understand before you go into the writing of the essay. This book by George Orwell chronicles his experience in the hands of colonial policemen in Burma. When you are in college, you may be saddled with the responsibility of writing an essay on this book as a college coursework. If this is the case, you should know that this is not one of the creative essays where you talk about things from your imagination and intuition. At best, you can describe it as a critical essay or an writing an informative essay, and in which case, you do not have to rely on abstract things and personal opinion and biases in writing it. All you write in the essay should be about the book. This is why you should read the book thoroughly before you start writing. If it is possible, you should also research to see if you can come across shooting an elephant and other essays written by other writers before you. If you come across these, you should try and understand the way they did their own.

The work is based on a particular theme which you must understand. It starts with the colonial policeman in Burma being disrespected by the local people. This policeman also stands as the narrator of the essay. The core action starts when the policeman who is also the narrator learned that an elephant is causing havoc on a bazaar. When he learned about this, the next action is for him to move towards the elephant. When he got there, he prepares to shoot the elephant. Now, out of shame, the policeman came to the realization that the Burmese locals will make a caricature of him if he fails to kill the elephant. Because of this, he shoots the elephant and the elephant suffers a lot of agony. However, the official verdict of the work is that the narrators shooting of the elephant was finally vindicated. This is the theme of the book called shooting the elephant, and your shooting an elephant essay must focus on any of these areas.

This is a very complicated book, where Orwell as a person posits that he is very much against the colonial British handlers in Burma and is completely in support of the Burma people in their struggle to be independent and free from an operation. As the narrator, he was the policeman who was completely against shooting the elephant. However, arriving at the scene, Orwell found out that he will be humiliated among these people if he does not kill the elephant. So because of this, he continued to shoot until he has done the final bullet, but later, he found out that the elephant has refused to die. In order to kill the elephant still and save face, he sent for his rifle. This was brought and he emptied all the bullets into the elephant’s throat, mouth and heart, and yet the elephant does not die. He still walks away after all the attempts to ensure that he does not walk away in shame. He used this to explain the position of the British in the Burma of that time. In your shooting an elephant essay analysis , you should realize one thing, and that is the fact that while this is not a creative essay, you should try and imbibe some form of creative writing.

Shooting an elephant essay writing tips

When writing the essay, you should realize that it is a critical one, where you are supposed to give a strong critique of the book in question. For you to achieve this, you have to follow the dictates of a critical essay. If you need a tutorial on the best ways of writing a critical essay, you can use our paper writing service. If you do, our writers will offer you the most critical essay writing tips. It is a one on one online tutorial with professionals in essay writing. Most of them have been in this business for a very long time. You should know from the onset that a critical essay must be informative. This means that while you are writing the essay on shooting an elephant , you should focus on information from the work and not what you feel about the work. Your essay on shooting an elephant should not be based on your opinion, but solely on what you decipher from what you read in the work being written about. This is where you must ensure that you present fact with supporting evidence because it does not matter what you think about the work, but what you are able to prove about it. When you are told to offer criticism, you should realize that it does not mean that you should attack the author of “Shooting an Elephant”. What you should do is to explore the novel, think critically about it and present your finding in a logical manner. We can teach you the way of critical thinking and also offer the dissertation methodology to finalists in colleges.

Your literary essay shooting an elephant must employ an objective tone. You must choose the seriousness of the tone depending on your audience. If you have people you are sure of their sense of humor, then you can incorporate some, but if you are not sure of this, don’t delve into it. If you are new to this field, you can start by looking at what the renowned book critics have said about other books and crosscheck if you can say the same about this work too.

  • The cardinal points of producing a great shooting an elephant essay is by trying not to do everything, but to do one thing well with the essay.
  • You should also ensure that all mechanical and stylistic errors are avoided in the work.
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