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Sexual Stereotyping A WORLDWIDE Social Concern Sociology Essay

In our first few occasions of life we begin our voyage of judgement and variation. As the doctor utters the words "it's a. . . girl" or possibly "it's a. . . boy" plans have began. In UNITED STATES society we have proven a term because of this classification and assessment which is stereotyping. Stereotyping will be the organizational factors that nearly shape just how we think in the 21st hundred years. They somehow have the ability to categorize a few of life's most complicated matters into nice particular parts. Classification and firm, at first glance seem to be to be extremely useful in distinguishing various aspects of modern life. However, these grouping methods can be inaccurate, departing flawed ideas in the brains of individuals on a global level. Erotic stereotyping is very common in today's modern culture and it offers started to dominate the circumstance in almost all aspects of life. Whether the lack of female deals, or the homosexual remarks that are tossed at mental men, sexual stereotypes are powerful inside our world. Erotic stereotyping is a significant sociable problem that prevails within our society. In this paper I will explore what intimate stereotyping is really and why it is just a public problem; the sociological theory attached with this matter, and finally create a possible solution to the epidemic on modern culture.

Sexual stereotyping identifies the practice of assigning tasks or activities to individuals simply based on sex. It has become a interpersonal problem because most of us notice as bad for not only specific participants of culture but society all together. The people influenced by this cultural problem, or those who are involved in this sociable problems are essentially all men and women who've experienced discrimination based on their intimacy, no matter their age. An example of this is sexual stereotyping sometimes appears at work normally through positional headings such as chair man, drafts man, and business man. (www. rcmp-learning. org, n. a. , July 30, 1998) Erotic stereotyping may also be seen in activities. When men participate in any kind of physical activity they are praised and looked at in a good light but for female athletes the same attitude is not necessarily present. Female sportsmen are often termed with derogatory remarks such as dyke, butch, and masculine. This idea is also the same for men who take part in more delicate art work varieties such as boogie, shape skating, and or synchronized swimming. (www. itha. edu, Kim Sebastio, n. d. ). The catch is sexual stereotyping isn't just role casting, but is also a change of frame of mind and treatment anticipated to sex. Intimate stereotyping and prejudice can cause both men and women to be cared for unequally by others, either because of hostility towards that specific love-making or, less wittingly, because popular behaviour about women or men make it seem to be proper to take care of them in a different way. Overt sexual prejudice is normally easier to realize. A good example is a female scientist or a businesswoman could find that she actually is not taken significantly, that her ideas aren't as highly appreciated, and that her profession is not considered important by those around her. (Bender, Sept-2004) For men it might be something as simple as disapproval for exhibiting any kind of emotion. These examples are a view of what's wrong with our contemporary society. Any representation which perpetuates the convinced that men take up certain types of positions or occupations, while woman take up others, constitutes sex-stereotyping "no matter if it is women or men, it is wrong for them to be judged or cared for differently for their sex" (Pasanen, 182, n. d. ) Despite the fact that this sort of judgment is wrong it is still going on and that is why it has turned into a social problem confronted by an incredible number of Canadian's every day.

The sociological theory attached with erotic stereotyping

In North America are modern culture is affected by a lot of things one of these being gender functions. It is the distinction of women and men whom people and culture help prove the existence of these stereotypes. These erotic stereotypes come from a blend of the multimedia, the impact of powerful people, and our past. This exact point brings me to the Theory on Gender Assignments which relates specifically to the communal problem, this same theory helps us as Canadians know how gender inequality (sexual stereotyping) has become the social issue it is today. The structural functionalist view points out that society and more specifically institutions donate to gender inequality since it argues that men work out of the house because they are physically more powerful and can provide for all of us, and women stay at home because they're more nurturing and need to care for the children. An example of this is seen through how modern culture instils this idea in the imagination of children "children are trained gender stereotypes by their peers and adults- for example, young girls figure out how to be nurturing and boys are expected to be intense. Regarding to Rhode, these emails, international or otherwise, are widespread". (Egendorf, pg 21, 1997) Yet another way this theory helps explain the issue of gender inequality (or sexual stereotyping) is through the past. This is described in the conflict perspective which thinks that girls are inferior outside the home but this is also because they are more valuable in the house; they came to this final result after World Warfare II. In the long run the perspective that best help us understand this prevalent social concern is the Symbolic Interactions Point of view. This perspective discussions about how exactly females and males are educated the meanings that correlate with masculine and feminine. It explains how exactly we conform to society's definition of what's masculine and female, and exactly how are these meanings getting stretched. This is seen through the media, which is a huge part of the reason why there are erotic stereotypes inside our culture. A good example of this is actually the usage of the word newspaper itself, it first came into being with the publication of 'The gentlemen's Journal' and the 'The Lady's Mag' in the 1720s by Edward Cave (1691-1754) (Connor, G 2001). Publications are not really the only avenues of mass media where intimate stereotyping are present either. The marketing is constantly reminding us of what role we should play as people, what is the definition of masculine and feminine.

Like almost anything in life this theory has its talents and weaknesses as it pertains to really understanding the public issue of erotic stereotyping. The weaknesses are the structural functionalist perspective and conflict point of view because even though at onetime these ideals were useful for world, they no more keep any relevance because women are actually just as valuable outside the house because they are inside, and vice versa for men. Second some women today are equally strong as men and can participate in physically demanding jobs such as engineering or firefighting. The advantages of this theory all result from the symbolic relationships perspective; it is because most of today's erotic stereotyping originates from the thought of what is female and what's masculine, which is the key concept of this point of view.

Possible Solutions for Sexual Stereotyping

Like for any public problems we as a contemporary society are always looking for the solution or the answer to the problem. Despite the fact that we probably won't be able to fully eliminate gender stereotyping we can reduce it by acknowledging it. Despite the fact that our world has taken huge steps towards changing the original sexual stereotypes, we have also created new ones at the same time. We expect all men which may have an increased pitch voice or bridegroom themselves must be homosexual, and that all women who are extremely athletic, and revel in watching sports to soap's must be into other women. Combined with the new erotic stereotypes we've also tried to pay for days gone by, but we remain not improving each one of these erotic stereotypes. We try to hire more female engineers, plus more male nurses, however the simple fact is all we could doing is reversing the male/female roles instead of getting rid of them. (Egendorf, pg 57-105, 1997) So until we stop over compensating, and really understand the problems that gender stereotyping this cultural problem will never disappear.

The theory related to this social problem also has its own possible solution to this issue, which includes promotions that advocate for men, and campaigns that empower women (Dove). Individually I agree with this solution because if we empower people alternatively than bring them down we can attain more as a society and dissolve this and many other communal issues.

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