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Several Factors Contributing To Starbucks Success Marketing Essay

The above all important factor was their reach; they had around 140 stores around the world that helped them get to many unique customers. These stores were positioned in high traffic, high awareness adjustments such as retail centers and university or college campuses.

Secondly all of the products that was proposed by them enjoyed a essential role in their success. Not merely they retained their customers tastes and needs in concern but also they designed the product mixes based on the size and location of their stores.

Next is the client service. Workers were trained to treat the customers in greatest way. Greeting customers properly, keeping in mind their name and interesting them in dialog are a few examples. This contributes to client satisfaction and customer devotion.

Other factors include the high quality caffeine provided by them. Also in 1992 Schultz made the company open public which helped in starting more stores. Also they did not have to spend on marketing and advertising was done through point of deal materials and local stores marketing. There 3 min service also helped in their success. Finally the experiential branding strategy helped in their success.

Starbucks developed its brand image through its concept of "live coffee" mantra which shown to keep the natural caffeine culture alive and a by creating an experience that weaved to their daily lives.

Value Proposition

Experiential branding strategy was the most important part of value proposition. It possessed three components:

First the espresso itself, it stated to provide the highest quality coffee in the world

Second element was service or customer intimacy that meant to create an uplifting experience every time a customer strolled in.

Thirdly to set-up an ambience that created a feeling of community and a need for folks to come together.

Q2. Why have Starbucks customer satisfaction scores declined? Has the company's service dropped or it is merely calculating the satisfaction the wrong way?

Starbucks team learned that their client satisfaction scores were declining which was very important because satisfaction acquired a direct hyperlink with loyalty. The main problem was that Starbucks was calculating customer satisfaction variables which did not fall in to the customer satisfaction rating measurement. There is a gap between Starbucks scores on key qualities and client satisfaction. This displays that Starbucks is measuring those characteristics that donate to product quality more than service quality. This was evident from the market research which confirmed that people who had been of the view that Starbucks mainly focused to make money or starting new stores were increasing. Also there was no proper marketing group and their customer bottom acquired also increased.

Also delay operating, little product differentiation and less customization resulted in lower satisfaction.

Q3 How has Starbucks evolved since its early days?

ANS. Starbucks has modified because of several reasons. Some of them are:

Starbucks owns 1 / 3 of America's espresso bars that are more than its next five opponents combined.

Number of its coffee shops had increased

It has been known for niche coffee

Its customer basic has also extensively increased

It has innovated in its products and services

Its employees are incredibly satisfied from the company and the turnover rate is most affordable among all competitors

4Q Describe the ideal Starbucks customer from a success standpoint? What would it take to ensure that this customer is highly satisfied? How valuable to Starbucks is an extremely satisfied customer?

ANS. For Starbucks an ideal customer is who is satisfied because he/she will spend more time there and can consume more. Also he/she should come again for even more consumption and refer others to try Starbucks. This can bring about customer loyalty and profitability.

They should focus more on service quality to fulfill customers. Also they have to bring service time right down to three minutes in all stores. Environment and ambience are also very important. Interaction with the clients is also very important. Last but not least they should concentrate on building permanent relations using their customers. The satisfied customer is of much value to Starbucks.

Q5 Should Starbucks make the 40 million ventures in labor in the stores? What's the purpose of this investment? Is it feasible for a mega brand to deliver customer intimacy?

ANS. With the help of the facts produced from the case study we reach the final outcome that Starbucks shouldn't commit 40 m in labor because this will increase its cost with an extend that it'll generate very few profits. It will give attention to its service quality and improve it to meet their customers. To begin with they have to reduce customers longing time. Secondly they can give free coffee to their loyal customers after a specified quantity of visits. This will help in increasing customer intimacy. Also they can give sample caffeine to choose among all of the caffeine given. This can help in getting new customers and making existing customers more faithful.

As it is described in the case programmed machines were installed in some stores, so installing such machines atlanta divorce attorneys store will help in gaining client satisfaction.

The data which is open to them through cards is not being used yet. They are able to use it to bring in new strategies to gratify customers. Also the info should be translated into measurable metrics and can impact both success and client satisfaction.

Product blend should be designed based on the demographics of the clients visiting that store. Environment of the store also takes on a essential role. So it should be environmental friendly. Also it should differentiate its brand from others.

Another essential aspect in satisfying the clients is friendly staff. There should be proper measures to evaluate staff and teach them this will help customers believe that they are appreciated.

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