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Series Of Hong Kong Mainland Discord Media Essay

In 2012 to 2013, there are a series of Hong Kong-Mainland discord. Hatred towards Chinese is ignited as quarrels between Hong Kong people and Chinese language are seen easily in daily life. Some Hong Kong people state Mainland Chinese language as locust since they think Chinese language sap the resources and welfare in Hong Kong. The uncivil patterns of Chinese such as shouting in public areas area can be easily seen and it deepens the Hong Kong-Mainland conflict. The discord even rises into the political level. Thousands of protesters waving British colonial flags exhibited the view that Hong Kong has their particular background is endemic among Hong Kong people. The upholders feel that Hong Kong shouldn't be governed by Mainland federal and the main one Country Two System should be maintained. While some of the Chinese language feel that Hong Kong is a part of China so China gets the to interfere the Hong Kong government. In facts, its about time for Hong Kong people think about the question about personal identification of themselves and the future of Hong Kong. Marxism and the National Question written by J. V. Stalin discuss about this is of a country and the minorities autonomy or self-determination that have research value in today situation.

Background information of the passage

The passing was written in 1913. At that time, the pass on of paper and of books generally, a certain independence of the press and ethnic institution, and upsurge in the amount of national theatres etc, all definitely helped to enhance "national sentiments". Since there were lots of nationwide activities the Russian Social-Democracy need expressing their view towards this phenomenon.

Is Hong Kong a region?

According to the passage, Hong Kong has the condition to become a region. Stalin thinks that region is not racial or tribal which means different race and tribe can combine with a same country finally. A country can only just be defined as a region when four conditions can be found. The conditions are: created on the basis of a common dialect, territory, economical life, and subconscious make-up manifested in the culture. The theory discussed is important in China as it directed China authorities to acknowledged different country.

In truth, I agree the argument stated by Stalin about the definition of a land. As Created and bred in Hong Kong, I can see a great deal of dissimilarities between Chinese language and Hong Kong people especially when more interactions occurred. I believe the differences explained why there are lots of issues in nowadays. This debate provides evidence if you ask me to aid Hong Kong as a region.

The first condition, common terminology, refers to the spoken language among the citizen rather than the official terms. The spoken terms in Hong Kong called Hong Kong Cantonese is a unified and special words which mixes up with content from English and Japanese and dialect from Min Nan etc. or develop some proverb according to the historical factor. Even through there are similarities between Hong Kong Cantonese and Putonghua, the main point is that there surely is no other spoken terminology can replace the positioning of Hong Kong Cantonese.

Although both American and British speak English, they will vary nation. The real reason for is the second condition, common territory. Only once people live jointly can become a nation. An integral part of Hong Kong people migrated from other place such as China and Southeast Asia. They resolved down in Hong Kong era after technology and in the new territory, they build-up a fresh Hong Kong region.

The third factor is economic cohesion. Hong Kong experienced its monetary life which is different from Mainland China. In the early colonial period, Hong Kong can be an entrepot trade centre in Asia. Until Korea War, the, the entrepot trade in Hong Kong is influenced as the United Country implemented the embargo towards China. The financial transition started. Hong Kong proceeded industrialization and there are several light industry such as textile factories, electric component factories and etc. The monetary transition started again when China instituted the "Open Door Policy". Hong Kong is among the most international financial center as yet even though there are hurdle such as Asian financial meltdown in 1997 and the SARS outbreak in 2003. Besides, the ideology in Hong Kong differs from the Mainland China. Hong Kong government assumed in the free market insurance policy in capitalism. Hong Kong was once identified by Milton Friedman as the world's very best experiment in laissez-faire capitalism while China presumed in their socialist market overall economy. Even though the Hong Kong federal is driving economical integration between Hong Kong and China, there are still a whole lot of dissimilarities between two places such as business regulation, business culture and corporate interpersonal responsibility etc.

The forth factor, a psychological makeup or countrywide personality which is intangible for the observer but cannot be ignored. National personality is a not really a predetermined thing, it change from different condition of life. The special national identity of Hong Kong commenced to build up in the colonial period. The British culture was diffused and invading the positioning of traditional Chinese language culture or combine with the original Chinese language culture. "Lion rock and roll spirit" descried as never give up, hard-working and strength became symbolic of Hong Kong local and significant culture. After 1997, Hong Kong developed their local core value included democracy, rule of legislation. In recent calendar year, there are a series of cultural movements purpose at protecting these beliefs, for example, some scholars are planning Occupying Central to strive for "true general suffrage", as Hong Kong federal disregard Hong Kong's people sense and generating integration between two places (some Hong Kong people claim that Hong Kong is turning red).

What is Hong Kong future?

"The right of self-determination means only the country may organize its life in the way it hopes. It gets the right to organise its life on the basis of autonomy It has the right to enter federal relations with other nations. It has the right to complete secession. Nations are sovereign, and all nations have identical rights. "

Stalin feel that a nation gets the right to secede especially there may be insurance policy of oppression such as restriction of liberty of movements, disfranchisement and repression of vocabulary etc. However, it doesn't mean all countries should secession and self-determination is effective to all countries. Stalin though that the answer of nation is determined by the historical condition in the country itself. Besides, Stalin hook up the destiny of national activity with bourgeois movement while he also declare that "a democratic country giving the possibility to the nation to acquire free development can reduce the national struggle to minimum".

Rather than secession, I assumed the best way to solve the national problems by a democratic federal and it was a more suitable way for Hong Kong people in the past. WHEN I thought a mature democratic government will not allow oppression insurance policy towards the other region or tyranny of almost all. Through democratic federal government, the minority may take advantages and get admiration form other region. While using the Switzerland which includes stated by Stalin as an example, the direct democracy system and higher level of autonomy in the 26 states allow different land enjoy the same position. However, my view evolved after the Catalan independence in last year. Even though there is democracy and autonomy in Catalan, once there are a few policy which erode the advantage of the country, national have difficulties will be ignited because of the oppressing policy before. It reminds me if the Beijing federal keeps ignoring Hong Kong people's needs, for example, the widespread suffrage, or even instituting oppressing coverage, self-determination would be the only way for Hong Kong.

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