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Say No To The Habit Of Swearing British Language Essay

Last year, my cousin got into a attack after participating in his friend's get together at a golf club. He received himself really drunk and with no intention he began swearing. A passerby thought those words were discussing him and in response, he attacked my cousin. My cousin had not been badly hurt but he does got a small trim on his forehead. Never would I suppose any such thing could happen.

What could you do In the event that you were in my cousin's shoes ? How might you handle this type of situation ? Might you defend yourself by attacking him back or can you try to back off out of this situation ?

I have learnt that swearing shouldn't be utilized in a open public whether with or without goal as we'd not know what could happen.

Today, I would like to persuade my audience to stop swearing starting from today. My argument contains the factors behind swearing.

Before I get started, we need to understand how swearing has been issues to the contemporary society today.

Swearing is currently a bad habit practiced by most teens. They swear irrespective to the time, place and person. To begin with, swearing leaves a terrible impression on the world of your habit. How so you might ask ? Contemporary society will loose respect for you as it is an indicator of bad attitude, a lack of character, immature, ignorant and a poor example. Also, it certainly makes you unpleasant to be with and at the same time, it endangers your associations with your friends. For instance, you swore as of this friend, she or he took it the wrong manner, and you may finish up being literally or verbally attacked. Furthermore, lead to unnecessary stress on yourself.

Next, I need to explain on what can cause teenagers to practice this frame of mind of swearing.

Have you ever before wondered what causes us to swear ? Predicated on psychologist David McClelland's theory, he recognized power among the needs related to management habit. At the point of teenage hood, we desire the need of ability the most where we can have a sense of control of over things to make us look tougher. For example, when we encounter issues or threat, many times we think that using vulgar terms will give us the power to acquire control over risks or problem greatly. We believe we are able to control them through abusive, competitive and domineering speech.

Other than that, teens are easily influenced by peer pressure by world. A standard example will be the influence by friends and family. We'd have a couple of friends who swears constantly and the thing is that, we feel pressured because most of them that you think seems "cool" swears but not you. Therefore, thinking that swearing makes themselves cooler, teenagers curse to fit in. Based on the review questionnaire that I have conducted, it offers turned out that 80% of teens in Inti Subang Jaya swears. So, it is almost impossible for you to not swear if indeed they continue to hang out with friends who do swear. They don't realize that slowly and gradually, this habit of swearing would steadily become a habit so satisfying, everything you may find hard to eliminate.

Now that we have seen the situation, let's move to the solution.

You must be wondering, how could it be ever possible to stop swearing ? The first step is to make a dedication to yourself, to stop this habit. How do we make a committed action to ourselves you might ask. First, find substations to the words you commonly swear with. Think of words that are less unpleasant that can substitute the swear words you commonly use with. A good example would be, enter the behavior of stating "phew" instead of curse words. You may feel just a little silly at first, but after some time, you'll receive used to it, and no-one will actually question why you said it, since it is a socially appropriate phrase

Other than that, One psychological method you can use is to punish yourself.

You must be pondering, what do After all by punishing yourself ? What I am seeking to say is that, each time you swear, make a committed action by putting profit a swear jar for charity whenever you curse. This actually provides you extra determination to stop.

In final result, most young nowadays do not use profanity to rebel or annoy people. It includes simply became a part of our society very much that has lost It's original so this means. Foul words are actually used as an integral part of speech and is often found in the daily basis. Please bare in mind that Alexander Pope once said that, "To swear is neither courageous, polite nor wise". Finally, I am hoping that you'll understand that swearing is not good and unnecessary. It's best kept for the truly emotional or painful moment instead of over using it at every speech act.

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