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Satisfying Needs And Needs VIA AN Exchange Process Marketing Essay

Marketing - According to Philip kotler marketing as 'gratifying needs and would like via an exchange process' this means that marketing means reselling of goods and services to consumer and satisfying their needs.

Philip kotler

Starbucks is a restaurant company. It really is one of the very most popular coffee retailers in U. S. and other countries. Starbuck sell roasted complete beans in the market and gain earnings. Starbucks has more than caffeine outlets in about 40 countries. The company offer coffee beverages and foods, as well as roasted coffee beans, caffeine accessories, and teas. Starbuck purpose is to be the best brand in every over the world. Starbuck have created a coffee named "Frappucino" for individuals who don't like to possess much coffee. Starbucks is becoming more than your regular coffee shop. People are visiting to enjoy a mid afternoon caffeine throughout the pavements, Starbucks attract regular people to look and also have their daily dosage of coffee. Frappuccino's which is made with real dairy is one of the favorite among Starbuck's customers. They may have a number of flavours, traditional chocolate chip, lovely strawberries and cream, soft vanilla, and chocolaty mocha. It is a glass or two that you can also enjoy in summers with some smashed snow in it. Starbucks is being successful to attract people with their cup of coffee. Starbuck has launched his celebrity buck's card for their existing customer with some packages like every time they order espresso drink they'll get free syrup with milk.

Ethical Sourcing

Starbuck coffees want to lead for their best coffee on earth. Starbucks always have confidence in serving best caffeine with their customer. Buying, roasting, and serving are the highest quality of star bucks. Starbucks also give there coffee to farmers who help clean the environment. The knowledge we got from our farmers are aiding us to use that same information inside our other areas.

Environmental Stewardship

Starbucks is particular about the cleanliness. Coffee can be an agricultural product. Starbucks is susceptible to the consequences of local climate change. We have been remember about the high standard quality product which will help us reduce our environmental impact. And for future generation we live taking activities like building up tree watering the plants saving energy. They are some factor that we should focus on.

Recycling the cups

Starbucks introduced a new disposable cup. Starbucks are introducing disposable cups was the only choice which contain 10% post consumer recycled fibre. other stakeholders are also aiding star bucks to make there mugs recycle and practising Starbucks, cup manufacturers, recyclers, and other stakeholders to jointly identify the steps required to make our cups recyclable in form and in practice. We designed to take a survey test to know what people think about the recycling mugs in markets and it will be considered a good effect on teenagers.

100% recycling in stores

Starbucks white glass has been main area of the coffee house. At the same time, it has become a major matter among our customers how we are recycling the mugs and that to we can put it to use afterward. Star bucks are aiming that they can make it 100% reusable cups within next five years. Starbucks will work upon this works from quite a while. And they assured that they will do whatever they can to make this happen.



Starbucks have a good name in market. celebrity bucks do a great deal of thing to promote their brand like advertising making website and beginning there branches in all over the united states. Starbuck have a good customer care service. Customers never complaint to them about the service which they provide.

Starbucks have an advantage that the have an enormous internet marketing program so everyone can find out about it. And it will also change the website design after few months so people should like it and for that they need to hire a professional manager.

Source: http://ezinearticles. com/?Starbucks-is-a-Great-Company-For-Marketing&id=4396802

Marketing Mix

It is a mixture of 4 elements product, place, price and promotion

Source http://www. ethno2b. com/four_principles_of_the_mark. gif

When Starbucks marketing their products businesses need to make a successful mix of:

Product - to choose the right product for customers.

Place - to find the right location to sell the coffee

Price - to choose affordable price for client satisfaction.

Promotion - ways to promote the brand

Starbucks marketing mix


Starbucks have huge types of food material. it offers some special pastries, espresso and smoothes to gratify customer requirements. Starbucks also launched cappuccino for people who want to have coffee at home. They are able to simple choose the product from market and have the same flavour while sitting at home. THE MOMENT via Ready can be an instant caffeine that colourless tastes from its regular brewed coffee. Star bucks are providing new varieties in tea- a complete Leaf Tazo Tea Lattes and Tazo Tea Infusions which will catch the attention of tea drinkers.


Starbucks products are sensible plus they use good quality materials.

Starbucks retain in brain about the daily people income so in retrospect customer doesn't find they prices expensive. Plus they have a plus point to attract more customers. Price and quality decides the value of the product. Starbucks was expensive and was positioned in accordance with this. They give their best product on the market.


Starbucks is a location where people enjoy coming to, have their coffee, loves to hangout with friends. From my first observation at Starbucks I known that the type of the space is divided into two categories. First there is the simple and quick purchase, in and out with your coffee; and the second reason is the use of Starbucks as an office, interacting with place. Starbucks says customer should be satisfied. Hence, Starbucks takes under consideration for these consumers.


Starbucks have began providing star cash Card to their customer. It is a fresh way to market company product and improve the promotion. Starbucks gives coffee to their coffee fans customer in there office without knowing the size of the espresso.

They provide international teas to customer who wants to have while seated at home. They make tea packets for tea caring customer that may also help in promotion.

Source: http://blogs. indews. com/marketing/starbucks_marketing_mix. php

Market orientation utilized by Starbucks

It is combination of Marketing theory and product concept

Product concept

Star cash quality of the product- star bucks should provide the best quality product to their customers.

Performance and innovation

Marketing concept

consumer needs - need of consumer and company satisfy their needs


Therefore star cash focus on their superior products and their advancements'.

Starbucks Marketing SWOT


It is a very reputed brand.

It have a big varieties of coffee for his or her customer and it star dollars have restaurant in almost all over the world and people do like the flavor of the caffeine.

The corporation has strong ethical values, dedication to the environment, and community activists.


Starbucks is mainly known for their reputations and

The company has a solid presence in the United States of America with an increase of than three quarters of these cafes found in the home market. It is argued that they need to choose a stock portfolio of countries, in order to pass on business risk.


. Star money are very proficient at taking benefits of opportunities.

. When people enter star bucks caffeine we ought to feel appreciated and admiration.


Star bucks will be the one of the most leading caffeine company with a good earnings plus they have 9000 coffee retailers in 40 countries. People use to cop the way they are building up their brand. And there are many opponents all around the globe.

Starbucks is extremely popular on earth and it always unveiling new dairy product on the market. To keep there good reputation they have to change their techniques to serve coffee so customers get impressed. Because there are competition around so they have to get little alert and folks will say at except coffee there is nothing at all as in a normal coffee shops.

Starbucks should do something to reduce its weakness. Starbucks have many stores which can be of there own and no franchise will there be.

Starbucks have the benefit to maintain the atmosphere where people can enjoy. Starbuck can build-up opportunities and weakness that will help them to increase at the planet market

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