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A sample profile essay : what is it?

Most probably, you hear about a sample profile essay for the first time. Before we get down to this type of writing work, let’s have a closer look at this.

A perfectly written sample profile essay provides readers with a vivid portrait of a place, person, organization or event. That’s a well-balanced, comprehensive, sensory capture of details, which really help the audience to feel as if they know everything about the subject. A sample profile essay is a kind of descriptive essay. It offers the author more literary freedom compared to a persuasive or expository essay. However, if you’ve made up your mind to get down to your first sample profile essay, it’s up to you to organize your work carefully and plan it thoroughly. Needless to say, the facts should stay straight in your sample profile essay.

You require planning this stuff in advance. Think what you already know about the subject and what you can figure out through your preliminary research. Putt this data together and this will give you a good idea of what you aren’t aware of yet and what needs to be found out at the event or during the interview. You should conduct in-depth background research. Then, if you find out your subject attended a certain college or occupied a particular position, it’s up to you to find more information about this. Perhaps, there’s anything unusual about his or her college or that company’s corporate culture stood out from others. if you discover obvious gaps in your knowledge, don’t forget to make note of them as questions to be answered.

When working on your sample profile essay, you require respecting your subject. Even if your sample profile essay is devoted to someone you don’t like, to put it mildly, anyway as a good writer you should put it aside. The matter is that strong emotions as well as preconceived ideas will most likely blind you. As a result, you’ll overlook crucial details and facts. If you’re interviewing someone, offer your interviewee an idea of the types of questions you’re going to ask. When attending an event, it would be a good thing to make contact with the organizers to obtain preliminary details and figure out what aspects they consider the most crucial and which shouldn’t be missed in sample profile essays.

When writing a sample profile essay, you’re expected to engage your senses. Keep in mind that a sample profile essay is a portrait. That’s not just a banal recitation of facts. Pay special attention to background noise, touch, taste, body language and odors and so on. These are essential sensory details, which can help readers to feel everything as though she or he is sitting on your shoulder. Taking detailed tones is required too. When profiling a particular event, avoid just talking to the people in charge. Instead, you’d better interview those who have a solid point of view regarding the presentation.

Before you start writing your sample profile essay, carefully review your notes. Thus, you’ll get the whole picture. Apart from that, you require including what reporters dub the «nut graf». That’s a paragraph, including the major facts of what, who, when, where and why in the first three paragraphs. You should organize your facts as well as impressions logically and clearly. Make use of specific, detailed descriptions. For instance, specify whether your subject arrived in a yellow battered Buick or in a red Lexus. Inform your audience whether this particular event drew mostly teens or young families. Describe in your profile essay sample how all of them were dressed.

As seen from most profile essay samples, we’re bound to use chronological sequence of the interview or attendance of the event as a sort of framework. Here you can fit background information such as puzzle pieces, thus making a complete scene, which leaves the audience with a thorough understanding. Having completed your writing assignment, you require reading your essay aloud and checking it for poorly constructed sentences, awkward transitions or clichés, which require correcting in a final draft.

General recommendations for your essay:

  • Voice and style: In essay writing style and tone have always gone hand-in-hand. Of course, they’re very difficult to teach as they greatly vary from learner to learner. Style is the way students organize their essays. Voice is determined by sentence style, word choice, punctuation and so on. Certainly, many of these technical points are definite and strict, while the usage and placement is artistic. Voice and style are developed with practice and dedication.
  • Professional word choice: Unfortunately, many students often make use of too informal language for their papers. It’s clear that the language used for social media and texting can’t be appropriate for academic works. Informal words drastically reduce the overall effectiveness of any paper.

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